Courtney Love 'Isn't Involved' In Cobain Film

Despite finding Brett Morgen to direct the film, Love "isn't involved in the project in any capacity" according to the director himself.

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After confirming production of a new film about Kurt Cobain, its director Brett Morgen has revealed that Courtney Love has nothing to do with the project, despite hiring him in the first place.

Love initially made contact with the director in 2007 after seeing his film "The Kid Stays in the Picture", believing he had the right vision and passion to bring Kurt's story to the big screen.

Now Morgen reveals that he agreed to work on the project, but effectively side-stepped Love and went straight to the managers of the Kurt Cobain estate.

"Since [2007], I have been speaking exclusively with Kurt Cobain's estate, who have given me their full cooperation in order to make the film. Courtney isn't currently involved with the project in any capacity," he said (via EW).

Morgen adds that he and the Cobain estate will release more information about the film in the coming weeks. Production will start in the next few months, and they aim to release it in 2014.

Love could be wishing that she hadn't sold so many rights to her late husband's music, but with years of legal fees she may have been left with no choice.

Would you prefer that she was involved in the project, or will it benefit the film to keep the production team separate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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    uhh... i care as a dedicated-long-time nirvana fan that a money-hungry crack ***** isn't going to **** up the biography of one of the most famous guitarists/frontmen of all time
    She's not involved, just making money off it.
    LONG LIVE COURTNEY LOVE! That woman is amazing. I think Kurt Cobain's wife should have a say in this movie. She knew him better than anyone else ever did.
    Bad troll.
    Someone cant like Courtney Love without being a troll?
    Nope. She murdered him.
    The people who say that are very misguided. She has done some bad things in her life no doubt about it but calling her a murderer?? a bit much. Cobain was always suicidal, I'm not judging him for that but it's always been present in his journals and lyrics. I was obviously trolling knowing that everybody hates Courtney Love but I do think Hole was a great band and find Courtney interesting. I don't know her on a personal level so I can't judge her on any other level and neither should anyone else. Whatever all the other celebrities say is just hearsay.
    Look for UG's next article on this, titled "Cobain movie gains support from fans after news that Love is not involved"
    Vicryl 2.0
    and then "Courtney Love will file a lawsuit on the filmmakers for damaging her already damaged reputation"
    that's because it ends with her killing kurt, right? (oh man, i hope so)
    Only a retard would beliee she killed him
    Only a retard would write beliee while calling someone else a retard.
    Well, i bring to you this little fact. He was found loaded up with heroin in his system. How does one pull the trigger of a shotgun, and manage to hold onto it after your brains have been blown out, while doped up on heroin? She killed him, just accept it and move on.
    Well your little fact is weak at best. If you remember correctly he was a junkie. He was loaded on heroin every day of his life. One builds up a tolerance s time goes on. What may kill me or you could be a short fix to a junkie and they are looking for more. Your fact holds no weight. Ever hear of a "functioning drunk" or "functional junkie"
    Should involve christ and dave for input as well... Nothing would piss her off
    4 topics people hate arguing about. 1. Politics 2. Religion 3. Kurt Cobain 4. Metallica Once you have these down, you'll get along with everybody...just fine.
    by 2014 technology would be really good for film, so I would expect like prostetics or atleast something to make it look and or sound like him, I mean why watch a movie nowadays and expect the actor not look like him
    I really wish that there wasn't a movie being made about him. I loved Nirvana but why this now?
    What does this have to do with guitar? Or even MUSIC? This is, like, the fifth Courtney Love - Kurt Cobain movie related news article. Who gives a shit. Is there a subscribtion option, where you can filter out irrelevant news (such as this crap) via a tagging system or something?? If not, maybe that's an idea instead of this CL dick-swallowing.
    "If she floats than she is not A witch like we had thought A down payment on another One at Salem's lot"-Nirvana's Serve the Servants If you don't understand these lyrics which are defending Love then you might be the most thick headed Nirvana fan in the world.
    Isn't She head of His Estate?
    Nope. She's sold/lost a ton of the rights to Kurt and Nirvana over the years. I'm pretty sure Frances still owns quite a bit of likeness rights and stuff like that but Courntey doesn't have shit anymore.
    Haha. What a joke. The single person that was most involved in his life in the later years won't be involved in making the film. Haha you people are such butthurt losers. The "man" (term used loosely) killed himself while married and living with her. She was one of the few people closely involved with him. Not like she should have any input
    hold up. how can you use the term man loosely in this case. He was not a woman dressing up as a man, nor was he transgender, nor was he a hermaphrodite. YOU HAVE NO LOGIC!
    You sir, Are a Disgrace. Get the Fuck Out
    Hole was actually a pretty good band. If you didn't know it was Courtney Love a lot of people would actually like them.
    I agree. Live Through This is a great album. Its kind of a shame that her public persona made people forget about Hole. I'm not going to pretend that she is some great person but I kind of feel that a lot of criticism directed at her is undeserved.
    Exactly, I dont see how people that are fans of the alt/grunge scene can shun that band. Their songs followed the typical grunge/alternative formula, they weren't mindblowing or anything but I've heard worse from that genre of music. I'd rather listen to them than say, Bush, or STP.
    Not trying to shit on STP because I do like them but I'd prefer Hole to far as Bush goes I really dont care for them much.
    People are too afraid to admit that's true. They want to justify their hatred of Courtney Love so they pretend Hole is this god-awful band when really they have some good songs.
    I think that Love is the worst thing that happend to Cobain and to the world. Someone please kill her!
    Should involve christ and dave for input as well... Nothing would piss her off
    "Courtney isnt currently involved with the project in any capacity," That doesn't mean she won't try to use any method she can to gain some sort of bullshit "historical reference" job and profit yet a-****ing-gain from the death of her oh-so-beloved late husband. I'm really not some crazy Nirvana fan boy, I liked most of the Nevermind record but that's about it, I just hate that disgrace of a human that calls herself Courtney Love.
    I think she should at least be somewhat involved for the sake of the writing and what goes on in the film, cause she did marry the man. But if she's involved in that, then Krist, Dave, and ever Pat should be able to contribute to help factualize the events of the movie. A lot of other people should as well, but mainly them.
    Holy sh*t. Someone who remembers Pat was in Nirvana! Everyone always forgets Pat ever existed when it comes to Nirvana. I doubt i'll watch this, but i can't say that i'm upset with Courtney Love not having any involvement, most probably will turn out better for it. Liam
    Doesn't matter if she is involved or not. Think about it guys... this is a film due to be released around the 20th anniversary of kurts death. Things like this are expected, be it a statue, a placard or even a documentary. It's always seems like courtney is the human equivalent of marmite... you either love her or you hate her. >.>
    Ya I doubt she has any money issues in terms of legal formalities. That horrible woman has sold Kurt's various rights time and time again. Heres for hoping that shes found dead in her home with a double barrel near by, maybe Dave or Christ will hire someone.....
    Do the people on UG automatically put a negative vote on a comment if it has anything positive or even non bias to CLove at all?
    Yea shes not involved in it. all she did was give the ok do it and is making the majority of the revenue that comes, thats it.
    Based on legal issues (saying she gives the okay to document it), can she say something about the band in general, without getting the okay from the remaining members of Nirvana, first?
    I mean even though she gave alot of those rights up, or sold the credibilty or what have you. Can she still come back and say, "I have a new story nobody has heard of before," and sell it?