Courtney Love: 'It's Time to Make Amends With Dave Grohl'

"Rock stars do better when they're dead," Courtney adds on an unrelated note.

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Courtney Love has recently stated that the time has finally come to fully bury the hatchet with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

During an interview at Cannes Lions 2014, the singer only briefly addressed the matter, saying, "It's time to make amends."

Love and Grohl have already significantly improved their relationship at this year's Rock Hall ceremony, seemingly ending the long feud with a heartfelt hug.

During the rest of the Cannes chat, Courtney compared the rock music world to the film domain, saying that rockers score more success when they are dead.

"When you are a rock star you can become an a--hole, you can start feuds with people, you can say nasty stuff," she said. "But when you're a movie star, even if you work with the biggest tool in the world, you have to say, 'That guy was a genius, I love him' and you're seething inside.

"Rock stars do better when they're dead," Courtney concluded (via Daily Mail).

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    Next headline: "Courtney Love claims Dave Grohl is Frances' father"
    so dirispictful, y bash courtney, she neva did anyting 2 u
    I hope your avatar is not what I think it is
    I find this picture seriously hilarious. Courtney looking all innocent and happy and cute, and Dave looking like "must... remain... calm... and... not... run... away...".
    she's like any other crazy sk4nk out there... gets pissy, broods forever, thinking ppl are talking sh1t about them(while those ppl could care less at even a thought about them), then years or decades later, makes a big deal about some stupidity that happened a long time ago and wants to be "friends" one cares courtney...just you.
    Conclusion: Courtney Love thinks shes a movie star and Dave Grohl would be better dead. Logic.
    oh yes beacuse the hole reunion didn't work how about doing an album with dave and kris! i have alot of the songs you guys played so lets record one new one and do a tour. or i could be wrong. just get the vibe that she is one of these ex girlfrind types that when she sees you with someone else she'll be nice then burn your ****in house down
    No plz Courtney.. Remember this ****er use the death of Kurt to have a career...
    Kurt should have known better. She only came to him in Chicago after Billy Corgan told her to **** off. Kurt made his own decisions. You can't blame her for ruining him, HE chose to marry the psycho.
    I don't get it- Did Courtney say that Dave Grohl is working on Tool's biggest record?
    with all respect to Dave, there's only one drummer in the room when it comes to Tool