Courtney Love: 'Katy Pery Is Boring and Sad, She's Damaged Goods'

artist: Courtney Love date: 10/24/2013 category: music news
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Courtney Love: 'Katy Pery Is Boring and Sad, She's Damaged Goods'
Courtney Love has been speaking with Interview magazine about her thoughts on Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. The Hole front woman didn’t hold back in her criticisms of the pair, claiming that Cyrus has "a crap stylist" and that Katy Perry is "damaged goods:"

[Cyrus] has a crap stylist; at least Katy Perry lives out her insane fantasies and kids love it. I liked Katy when she was in a black shag and the shy girl on Glen Ballard's arm at events. She was damaged goods by the time she got to Capital [Records]. She really worked for it: it's being a career I find so boring it's sort of sad, but what she wears is cute and in her own universe. Miley provided me with endless laughs at the VMAs. The Harajuku Japanese girl bear suit was cute." It was recently announced that Love's autobiography, "My Story," will be released on December 15th. The synopsis for the book is as follows: "Alternatively criticized and vilified, embraced and idolized, Courtney Love has been polarizing opinion from the moment she stormed her way onto the music scene over twenty years ago. Yet everything we know about her has come from the media or her music; she has never before shared the whole story of her life. From her rocky relationship with her hippy parents and her days spent stripping to make ends meet to the truth behind her drug abuse and recovery, this is a riveting story, too crazy not to be true."
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