Courtney Love: 'Kurt Would Have A Yacht And Three Kids'

artist: Courtney Love date: 04/06/2012 category: music news
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Courtney Love: 'Kurt Would Have A Yacht And Three Kids'
Kurt Cobain died 18 years ago, but Courtney Love still can't stop fantasising about how they'd live together today. So how does Courtney imagine the pair would be living out their marriage if he hadn't died? "We'd probably live on the Upper West f--kin' Side now and have three f--kin' kids," Love said interview with Spin. "We might even have a divorce, like both be on our third marriage. I don't f--kin' know. He might be a playwright." Is anyone else trying to erase the thought of marrying Courtney Love right now? Love continued: "I'd have a 16-year-old son and be his model wife. Given the money that is involved here, we could probably have had a f--kin' yacht. We could have gone open marriage at some point. I don't f--kin' know." So there you have it. Courtney thinks the pair would have one child per failed marriage, one eternally 16-year-old son like some creepy outcast from "Twilight", and the pair would have a yacht which they would amicably share after the continued crumbling and rebuilding of their marriages. If that sounds contradictory, check out this quote from an interview with Love in Vanity Fair the previous year. She said if Kurt came back today, "I'd f--king kill him. I'd f--k him, and then I'd kill him." You know that thing where you think about what you say before you say it? Maybe Courtney is missing hers.
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