Courtney Love Loses Rights To Kurt Cobain Image

artist: Courtney Love date: 05/03/2012 category: music news
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Courtney Love Loses Rights To Kurt Cobain Image
Several news outlets have this morning been reporting that Courtney Love is no longer in charge of Kurt Cobain's image or publicity, reportedly after being loaned a substantial sum from her daughter's trust fund in exchange for the rights. Documents obtained by The Fix have suggested that Love stepped down as acting manager of End of Music LLC (which Spinner notes is the business that generates funds from Cobain's intellectual property) back in 2010 in exchange for $2.75 million from Frances Bean Cobain. Until that loan is repayed, Courtney can earn no money from Kurt Cobain's name or likeness. Nor does she have any control over his music, which is 100% controlled by Primary Wave's Larry Mestel. According to Gigwise, the documents also reveal that Love's threat to sue the makers of "Guitar Hero" over the use of her former husband's likeness back in 2009 could never have materialised. Love signed off on the use of a Cobain avatar in "Guitar Hero 5", making the Nirvana frontman's appearance in the game perfectly legal. It has been suggested that Love required the loan in order to pay for her mounting legal debts. Love's laywers have reportedly been attempting to cut ties with her after a period of non-contact from the singer. Courtney had hired the firm Pryor Cashman to defend her when her former lawyer, Rhonda Holmes, said Love defamed her on Twitter. Last month saw Courtney Love reform with the classic 1990s line-up of her band Hole for a two song performance in New York City. The show was at the afterparty for "Hit So Hard", a documentary about former Hole drummer Patti Schemel and featured Love performing the tracks "Violet" and "Over The Edge" alongside Schemel, Melissa Auf Der Maur and Eric Erlandson.
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