Courtney Love Makes Peace Offer to Dave Grohl?

Singer also seemingly reaches out to Billy Corgan.

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Courtney Love has seemingly reached out to Dave Grohl and Billy Corgan via Twitter, addressing the two frontman about "The Smart Studios Story" documentary.

The singer retweeted Spin Magazine's post regarding the documentary, noting, "Count me in... @SPINmagazine @FooFightersDave @Billy @garbage @foofighters @kickstarter #FUNdraising Bwahaa xc."

As reported, the documentary will focus on the story of legendary studios and is currently gathering funds via Kickstarter. Additional info here.

In related Courtney news, Love shared a video of herself getting ready for court. And surprisingly, lingerie is not an option as far as court appearances go. Check out the clip below, if you want.

Count me in.. @SPINmagazine @FooFightersDave @Billy @garbage @foofighters @kickstarter #FUNdraising Bwahaa xc

— Courtney Love Cobain (@Courtney) March 10, 2014

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    To which Spin Mag, Dave, and Billy tweeted back, "Count us out."
    If she's being serious more power to her. She's turning 50 (if she isn't already) so she probably realises it's a bit pointless to have these feuds
    I give the idea that she most like has her own negative agenda the benefit of the doubt, but who knows...We'll I just got off the phone with the Devil, he said hell hasn't frozen over yet.
    i wish someone would shut this hoe up. why is she even relevant anymore? it's almost like she's taking 100% accountability for Nirvana's genius. Silly cow.
    She'd be a good time in the sack. That's all I got to say.
    Back in the day? Well, hell yeah. Today, it just seems like you'd have to be really drunk and it'd get really sad really fast.
    I would do Courtney Love.
    It seems she's been trying to be a better person lately. It might be too little too late, but it's good that she's making an attempt.
    Shooting her head off would probably fix it all. I'm just suggesting, though, I am not a fan of this Nirvana shit.