Courtney Love on Band Reunions: 'It's Something That Miserable People Do for Money'

"It's like an absolute horror show," the singer says.

Ultimate Guitar

Courtney Love isn't too fond of the band reunions, as she considers them to be mostly about the money, rather than music. During a recent chat with Gothamist, she named the Pixies gathering as a prime example of a reunion gone sour, pledging never to go through with a classic '90s Hole reunion.

"That's not gonna happen ever, and I don't care if that's stupid, it's just not gonna happen," Love said. "It's something that people do for money, and they're miserable. And if you wanna see true misery, watch that Pixies reunion documentary, it's like an absolute horror show, and I can't imagine that I would be any happier, and I don't like to not be happy, so I'd just rather play smaller clubs for now and just do the [singing] 'ahhhhh I'm still alive' kind of tour."

The singer also pointed out that not too many alt rock bands have done well in 2013, naming Queens of the Stone Age and Fall Out Boy among the few she considers successful.

"Alternative rock is scarce, in terms of how I think this year there's been Queens [of the Stone Age], there's been Vampire Weekend, there's one more, and then there's Fall Out Boy - and that's the only four acts that have done well. And so you know, I really can't afford, in my mind, to release new material that's excellent and have it fall on deaf ears because no one knows it's out."

Love continued, saying, "So I'm gonna release that at the beginning of the year, so this tour is just kind of to say that 'Hey, I'm alive!' Sheesh - [singing Pearl Jam in an Eddie Vedder voice] I'm still alive, hey I'm still alive.'"

The latest Hole studio effort, "Nobody's Daughter," dropped back in April 2010 via Mercury Records as the group's fourth record. With 22,000 units shipped in the US within the first week, it peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    Two articles featuring Courtney Love in one day? There really mustn't be anything interesting going on today..
    Yes they do it for the money. Because not everybody has the royalties of Nirvana cashing in every month
    I literally just read somewhere else, that she recently sold lyrics from 'Smells like Teen Spirit' to Jay Z. I bet she feels totally miserable cashing that check in.
    No she did not sell them, she loaned them or allowed JayZ to use a couple of lines from the song. He only asked out of courtesy. Because you can legally use a couple of bars of a song without getting permission. At least that is the way i understood Courtney. I could be mistaken but that is what she said anyway. You know like in rap songs when they sample a couple of lines or bars from an old song and make a whole new song and rap around it. I think it is the same thing here. I am anxious to hear it.
    And some bands have members that are actually OK with getting together with the other members to put on a show! Some people have actually learned how to get along with others haha
    Misleading headline . She didn't say "miserable people do reunions", she said that because of reunions they feel miserable. Big difference in meaning. She's kind of right, Kim Deal wasn't feeling quite well during The Pixies tour.
    link no1
    What? Ultimate-Guitar had a misleading headline? Looks like they threw a curve ball at us compared to the spot on headline titles their news articles usually have...
    I wonder how she feels about letting some rapper like Jay-Z use Nirvana lyrics....oh wait...
    Of course Fall Out Boy are successfull, you'll never admit that you've participated in some overrated sh*t.
    Ultimate-guitar edited her rant: she was talking about rock bands having #1 albums this year. FOB was #1, it's a fact they are successful, even if their music is awful. Justin Bieber's awful too and you can't deny he's successful.
    fall out boy have bad music?!?!personally nvr listened to them but they've always been quite successful so I figured they must be good....i'd like ur opinion y are they bad?
    So because they're successful they must be good? Justin Bieber and Niki Minaj are successful, so you think they're good too?
    yo!wat's wid all these negative votes I got...I didn't say FOB have bad music I asked y the other guy said that...I hve absolutely no opinion on Fall Out Boy...I don't listen to them but that's y I cant say they're bad or good/great
    Really though, they do have some amazing stuff. Just not new stuff. Check this out:
    You probably got down votes for using spelling like "nvr" "ur" and "y". I know its the internet, but we here at UG like to hold ourselves to higher spelling and grammatical standards
    "something that miserable people do for money" -Such as seduce up and coming rockstars and then have them murdered/drive them to suicide and then cash in on their millions of dollars?
    "It's something that people do for money, and they're miserable." Kinda like selling out the memory of your dead husband any chance you get.
    "Queens [of the Stone Age], there's been Vampire Weekend, there's one more, and then there's Fall Out Boy - and that's the only four acts" good, she can still count to 4.
    she'd have to be able to count to 4, Kurt wrote, I mean, Billy Corgan wrote, I mean she wrote all her Hole songs in 4/4.
    And back into nothingness goes Love again, to be never relevant. Just like before. Yoko Ono of Nirvana.
    What the f-?! I mean come-! You can't be ser-! Really?! She's blasting other musicians for trading their integrity for cash?! The irony. Please someone see the irony.
    Why are all of you guys so mean? I am new to this sight and I am shocked at how horrible all these comments are. Courtney is just herself. She is wild and outrageous, that is what everyone loves about her that i know. I guess i am in a different circle of friends. Here in Hollywood, she has alot of friends and is loved by everybody. She is always hanging out with the coolest people, like Dave navarro and the lads. We are just all really good friends, so it is shocking to me. I know she is cookoo for coco puffs but isn't that what makes her so cool and funny? At least give her credit for being entertaining! Believe me there is never a dull or boring moment with this chick! I love you Courtney! xoxoxo Jeanie
    yea but selling your late husbands music to a rapper is not bad... fu-ck up courtnety. if hole were wanted you would be out there. man how much dose this piiss u off
    At least not yet another Tate/Queensryche item. Light at the end of the tunnel.
    Courtney, please stop singing Pearl Jam. Its worse than Jimi Hendrix's scam artist brother trying to play jimis songs