Courtney Love on Bruce Springsteen: 'Saxophones Don't Belong in Rock 'n' Roll'

Meanwhile, the Boss' new track off "American Beauty" is revealed for streaming. Go check if there are any saxophones in it.

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Courtney Love has given her verdict on Bruce Springsteen, saying that "saxophones don't belong in rock'n'roll."

As NME notes, the Hole frontwoman made the comments during her ongoing YouTube series "Courtney Love On..." The video is currently taken down.

"I really like him," she said of Springsteen. "He's a nice guy. Cameron Crowe, an old, very dear friend of mine, took me to the Staples Center for a three-night gig, and I could only last an hour and a half in a three-and-a-half hour show with the Boss.

"I don't think he sits around listening to Hole records, do you?" she adds.

Meanwhile, the Boss' track from his Record Store Day's release, "American Beauty," was revealed on NPR (via Consequence of Sound). The song is called "Hurry Up Sundown." Try guessing whether Courtney loves it or not.

Last week, Love joined her late husband Kurt Cobain's bandmates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic to collect Nirvana's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which was conducted by REM's Michael Stipe.

Joan Jett, St. Vincent, Lorde and Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon all joined the surviving members of the band for a one-off performance of the band's hits. Joan Jett sang "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Kim Gordon performed "Aneurysm," St. Vincent played "Lithium" and Lorde sang "All Apologies."

"I just wish Kurt could have been here," Love said after the event. "Tonight he would have really appreciated it. I just want to give this to our daughter Frances Bean, who couldn’t be here because she was ill."

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    I got two words for you: Baker Street
    Yeah, well saxophones say Courtney Love doesn't belong in Rock n' Roll
    Considering rock and roll has blues roots, I don't know why it shouldn't incorporate saxophones, but Courtney must know something we don't.
    This. Plus, who the heck cares about what this wannabe thinks about saxophones? what news is this?
    ... Bob Seger, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones. Countless other timeless rock musicians/groups. They'd all beg to differ.
    Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones? Rock? Please.
    Rock in the sense of chord structure usage and being derived from blues. Absolutely.
    Rolling Stones Stone = Rock Yeah they're rock
    Ah ok sorry my bad... Rolling Stones are definitly rock.
    The thing is, rock is such a broad term. Everyone from the Stones to the Sex Pistols to Genesis to Prince to Metallica to Led Zeppelin are rock, just different kinds. I wouldn't put a label on rock.
    I'm curious, GALGOPOWER, what are definitive rock bands to you? I wasn't aware anyone didn't consider Floyd and the Stones rock.. Either way, what Courtney is saying is just disrespectful to Clarence Clemons.
    I know it's stupid to argue about geners of music but if you don't consider the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd to be rock bands... You just have no idea what you're talking about.
    i don't get why she singled out saxophones. I mean, why stop there, why not the viola or the oboe? and has she never heard of ska?
    I really dislike when anyone says something along the lines of "_____ doesn't belong in (genre)!". Honestly, what's wrong with expanding and pushing boundaries?
    Drunk and dressed in their best brown baggies and their platform soles.The don't give a damn about any trumpet playing band.It ain't what they call rock and roll. - Dire Straits on Courtney Love
    I'd rather eat glass than sit and listen to a Hole record..
    i think i should follow UG's creator around and comment on every dumb thing he said and fail to mention his succeses and use journalism to make him look a twat
    Have you guys not heard of Shining??
    check out the 2:20 mark
    Shining are great, but I don't think you can accurately put them in any category besides Avant-Garde. They're a true mix of different genres of music.
    One word for Courtney Love: Jungleland
    That was going to be my one word, mic-dropping response Still, Courtney Love gotta keep her name in print, right? At least she lasted an hour and a half - almost halfway through the concert. 
    Any instrument can fit in any song as long as it's used properly. A saxophone propably wouldn't work in Communication Breakdown, or in Paranoid, but I can see Chuck Berry sharing the stage with Miles Davis, for example. That said, it's been done wrong more often than right.
    I guess she never heard of Morphine.
    Totally this! Awesome band, Cure for pain awesome album. What a strange world we live in, when this dude has died and that Courtney still lives on..
    Well, funny you should say that Cortney, you don't belong in rock n roll either
    I understand where she comes from, I dont like the sound of saxophones... of course there are great rock songs that use sax to add fullness and melody to a song but in general I dont like hearing sax in rock songs.
    Wives/girlfriends of rock musicians don't belong in rock n roll and especially not in the news (except ****ing someone famous gets you a platinum record)
    Any instrument can belong in any genre of music, it all depends on how you use it. For example a violin CAN and is used in punk music, hell flogging molly use a frikkin flute sometimes. The point is, if you start getting into the mindset that you CANNOT use this because it doesn't belong, you refuse to acknowledge anything past the preset parameters pioneers already proved works well.
    Courtney Love THINKS Saxophones don't belong in Rock n Roll. No one else cares, and will use them if they want to, without making ridiculous and pointless statements about whether X instrument is allowed in Rock & Roll. Rock & Roll is about playing your damn instrument! Who gives a **** if it's a Saxophone? At least it's not auto tuned overproduced crap. Courtney Love doesn't belong in Rock & Roll if she's trying to dictate what it is.
    Good Point about auto tune And dictate. Like I said above there are no rules in rock. Coutney Love the Rock Gestapo
    Auto tuning to get the auto tuned effect doesn't count as auto tuning. Auto tuning to get the right pitch when you sing, that's not rock & roll, that's false.Put anything in anywhere, just make it real.Heck if anyone came out with an Auto Tuned Album featuring the Triangle, Harpsichord and a duck I'd appreciate it as long as they weren't using the auto tuning, triangle, harpsichord and duck to hide their bad playing/singing. I think there is one rule to rock, and that's to actually rock. Not pretend you are.
    Courtney Love once again proving that her tastes and opinions of music are wildly out of kilter with reality. Some of the greatest old rock n roll was built on a foundation of that raw, raunchy, overblown sax sound. So many of the innovations that happened to the electric guitar in the 60s were because guitarists wanted to emulate saxophone sounds and the longer lines that the instrument can produce. The saxophone was what lifted so much of the early rock n roll tracks out of a doldrum and gave the music an extra burst of life. Or is it that she's trying to prove that she's so "punk rock" that she doesn't believe in any instrument that you can't just pick up and play? The fact that a saxophone has to be, to a certain extent, tamed before it can be played with any degree of skill means that it goes against the whole "DIY" ethos that she believes in does it? So many guitarists on the 21st century rock and metal scene have been to music college and are amazingly proficient on their instruments and are still rock and roll. The technical mastery, soul and pure expressionism of even jazz greats has been cited by people like IGGY POP as being a massive inspiration. Aesthetically not rock n roll? People claim that a guitar looks like a woman and that it's like the guitarist is caressing her... What about the way a sax is held? That embrace, that extra physical contact, the sensuality of the fact that the note is produced from the mouth... If it's physical sexiness that she believe the sax is without, I beg to differ. The soul of so many great, rocking tracks came directly from some great RnB horn players. Not only Clemmons with the E Street Band and what Bobby Keyes did with the Stones. Dick Parry's solos with Pink Floyd, John Earle playing on Thin Lizzy's Dancing in the Moonlight, Nik Turner with Hawkwind- the band that put LEMMY on the map to start his rock n roll career proper... The Clash made use of horn sections, Ian Dury, many great British Punk bands had sax players, The guitarists smashing instruments and ear drums may have given rock it's angry edge, but it's always been the sax which has held up the soul of rock.
    Kourtney is a douche i would rather have my tongue nailed to a wood table every morning at 9 AM than listen to her awful band ....Its your fault Kurt shot himself and you have no opinion in music in the real world at all.....
    meh, I agree. Sax is not for rock, I hate Springstein as much as harmonica.
    well harmonica is used in rock/metal a fair bit, sabbath, megadeth, zack wylde, deep purple, motorhead, clutch, just to mention a few. Also a sax is pretty much a giant harmonica anyway, they sound similar, both use reeds. Sax may not be for metal but it definitely has a place in rock.
    The jazz Man
    Didn't take long.. So now she's done hating on Dave Grohl, she's moved onto another brilliant musician who she could never match up to..