Courtney Love on Nirvana Reunion: 'Dave Grohl Is an A-shole'

artist: Courtney Love date: 08/02/2013 category: music news
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Courtney Love on Nirvana Reunion: 'Dave Grohl Is an A-shole'
Courtney Love recently addressed latest Nirvana performances featuring the Beatles' Paul McCartney fronting the band, revealing nothing but loathing of the entire project. While chatting with Fuse, the singer described the so-called "Sirvana" as "hillarious," diminishing the input of Dave Grohl and bassist Krist Novoselic. "Whatever," Love started. "I mean, my whole thing with them is totally financial. Dave's an a-shole, Kris I'm disappointed in, but I would absolutely not have a problem if there wasn't such a major financial issue with this thing called Nirvana Inc." Courtney continued, "You guys did like one song, and you're using funds that you have no right to. So it's totally illegal and crazy. But someone will fix it someday." The singer then ended the interview, saying, "Sirvana. That is hillarious." McCartney and surviving Nirvana members first hit the stage together at a Hurricane Sandy benefit concert in New York last December, while their latest performance happened last month (July 19) in Seattle. "My band's great but when you augment it with Nirvana, that's greater," Sir Paul said. "When you're playing with guys like that, you realize that they've been to the heights of fame, so they're used to it they're not gonna freak. And they're hell of musicians, so we learned everything really quickly. That's what's great about playing with guys like that."
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