Courtney Love on Nirvana Reunion: 'Dave Grohl Is an A-shole'

The singer bashes McCartney-fronted Nirvana.

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Courtney Love recently addressed latest Nirvana performances featuring the Beatles' Paul McCartney fronting the band, revealing nothing but loathing of the entire project.

While chatting with Fuse, the singer described the so-called "Sirvana" as "hillarious," diminishing the input of Dave Grohl and bassist Krist Novoselic.

"Whatever," Love started. "I mean, my whole thing with them is totally financial. Dave's an a-shole, Kris I'm disappointed in, but I would absolutely not have a problem if there wasn't such a major financial issue with this thing called Nirvana Inc."

Courtney continued, "You guys did like one song, and you're using funds that you have no right to. So it's totally illegal and crazy. But someone will fix it someday."

The singer then ended the interview, saying, "Sirvana. That is hillarious."

McCartney and surviving Nirvana members first hit the stage together at a Hurricane Sandy benefit concert in New York last December, while their latest performance happened last month (July 19) in Seattle.

"My band's great but when you augment it with Nirvana, that's greater," Sir Paul said. "When you're playing with guys like that, you realize that they've been to the heights of fame, so they're used to it they're not gonna freak. And they're hell of musicians, so we learned everything really quickly. That's what's great about playing with guys like that."

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    I think Dave Grohl said it best in Back and Forth- "Fuck you people!" (talking to the ones that have a problem with him creating music)
    "I think Dave Grohl said it best in Back and Forth- "Fuck you people!" (talking to the ones that have a problem with him creating music)" Couldnt agree more. If you dont like it, dont listen. And for those who haven't seen this rockumentary "Foo Fighters - Back and Forth", it is a must see!
    Sometimes I think Courtney is okay, like the whole fiasco when she released her record company royalty statement, other times am like huh, then she bashes a good thing. I mean, they did it for charity, at least recognise that!
    The best part was the "funds they have no right to" like she has any right to anything Nirvana made.
    That all depends on the contract they had, and what happened when Kurt died (ie how the ownership was transferred). Also if you didn't notice, stated clearly was that it was Nirvana incorporated, which means it is a corporation, and if that 2/3 of the band used money without consent of the board or other owners, they can be sued.
    And it's really sad too, because her output with Hole produced 3 fantastic albums.
    Sorry to see people hating on your liking of Hole, they really were good. I guess these fools just do believe that women can make good music without also being subjects of objectification.
    She has to be one of the most bitter, egocentric, wretched piece of trash I've ever seen.. and all that drug-induced brain damage to top it all off..
    Kinda rich coming from someone who changes her own bands line up like its a religous tradition. People need to stop interviewing her, she might be like a wasp, ignoree her and she'll go away and die.
    I just tend to beat the shit out of wasps with a slipper. Maybe that would work too?
    She looks like a man who has had cosmetic surgery to make him look like Cher.
    Which is strange, because Cher herself looks like a man who has had cosmetic surgery to make him look like Cher.
    i want to punch her so bad
    I recently read The Game by Neil Strauss and he actually lives with Courtney Love for a large part of the book and it's changed my perspective on her. Her life is a mess, and she doesn't think before doing stuff. It makes me sad for her. I don't want to punch her, I just feel bad for her that she makes such poor decisions and doesn't think stuff through.
    I understand where you're coming from. Unfortunately, feeling bad for people doesn't help them fix themselves. Love is a lost cause.
    Neither does declaring that you want to punch her in the ovaries. If you can't help a person, at least sympathy implies you are trying to understand what they are going through. Hate is too easy.
    "Love is a lost cause." That's beautifully poignant. Put it in a song sir!
    really, what did Kurt see in this piece of trash?
    Maybe he was drunk or high as f***, and by the time he realized it was too late
    at the time of nirvana she was actually kind of hot and with great t*ts...i guess thats about it
    You are blind or in some state of denial...She was never wake up next to that thing in the morning after the beer goggles clear and you'll be wishin' you were never born....
    I read in a bio that he said he liked her tough attitude and how she wouldn't give up until she was right. To bad he didn't know she would kill him for loyalties and complain about not getting a cut 19 years later...
    Feel bad for the dude...he had fame and all the money in the world and he went for that HOSEMONSTER.....
    You're just jealous that she didn't go for you. All aboard the circlejerk now. Courtneys mind can seem "strange" with some of the things she says, but that's what it is, honesty. Don't get many people who talk straight up without bullshitting their views. What do you mean by money and fame anyway? Why would it matter if you had them or not, you don't "buy" a girl unless you're a total numb-nuts.
    Watch that video some mentioned on who killed Kurt then comment back to me Courtneylover#1 Watch how she tried to manipulate her first bf to becoming a big rockstar with money and when she didn't do that, she just went straight for Kurt's pockets. I mean if you agree or not its too odd how the second Kurt said he was leaving her he "mysteriously" killed him self giving the money to his wife, while infact leaving a will that intitled his daughter to get the royalities the dumb b**ch sold IDK. But in that docu. there was this guy saying he was going to get paid 50,000$ just to kill Kurt then died "mysteriously" in a train accident after the interview.
    @finallife6:I used to dismiss all of the theories as to what happened to Kurt, but the death of Kristen Pfaff the day before she was moving back home--away from Courtney--is too fishy, and left too many questions unanswered. I really hope the truth comes out if there was any foul play. I mean IF, I am not saying there was for sure.
    That's exactly it. I used to think Kurt could have killed himself (and I thought I wouldn't blame the guy being trapped with that b), but then the fact that anyone who would report on the case or had ties to them or the case mysteriously kept dissapearing without a trace that just revealed another side then Kurt killed himself
    @RickyThomson: How old are you? I am sorry to break it to you--men may not literally "buy" girls--but we CERTAINLY pay! In reality, we usually get as good of a lady as we can afford. Once again it may not be literally, but the woman you get has everything to do with who you are; and a big part of that is what you do, what you have, and what you earn! I know. I've been rich and I've been poor. To say women don't care is BS
    If anyone has the time and a burning hate for her you will find this an interesting watch
    A shotgun.
    A shotgun fired by hands that could not possibly hold it, given the amount of heroin in his system? Certainly. (I don't deny that it was the shotgun blast that finished his cranium; simply that it's pretty much entirely out of the realm of possibilities for him to have pulled the trigger.)
    Idk man, I've never had heroin but no one could ever know how much Kurt built up his tolerance. Only he could say he how he could function on certain dosages. For all we know he could have like a 300Ibs fat guy after having 20beers, nicely drunk.
    and pretty everyone now agrees someone with that level of heroin he 'could' operate a shotgun, as people build up tolerances. IF you're talking about that documentry that dude is completely wrong, and if you just goggle could cobain operate shogun with heroin, or whatever, you will be presented with a wealth of evidence. So although he might not have killed himself, it was defo a realistic possibility.
    Thank you! I know people want answers, and no one with a heart wants to think that Kurt was in so much anguish he felt the need to end his life; but, we don't know what he could or couldn't do with a certain blood level of Morphine in his system. You are right. We don't know how high his opiate tolerance was. (Before everyone jumps on me, I know he was doing Heroin. Heroin converts to Morphine and THIQ after it is consumed. That is why Morphine would show in his system, but anyway). When I worked as an RN I saw tiny, 80 pound ladies dying of cancer who took injections of Morphine large enough to kill a couple huge men. One reason why it works so well as a pain med is that you can increase the dose to as much as you need without reaching a maximum dose, as long as their tolerance justifies it. I speak with a little bit of expertise here and it's not because I was an RN. There is a reason why I "was" an RN instead of "still" an RN, and it had something to do with what I was just talking about. Drugs are bad, M'kay
    Drugs are an advancement of science. If you didn't have the stomach to stay in the field (as your juvenile attitude suggests), it may well be better off without you.
    Huh? How is mentioning that opiates cause the development of a tolerance juvenile? Is there something wrong with my facts or you just looking to argue?