Courtney Love on Nirvana's Hall of Fame Induction: 'It'll Be 'Awkward' With Dave Grohl'

The two likely sitting at the same table, Courtney intends to be courteous.

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Courtney Love recently discussed Nirvana's upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, describing the inevitable meeting with Dave Grohl as "awkward." She did however promise to be courteous.

Chatting with Access Hollywood, Love said, "Well we're gonna go to the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame and I think we're all sitting at the same table." Agreeing about the awkwardness, she added, "Yeah, I plan on wearing this dress that's made of tissue paper and I think I'm going to pretend I have a crown on my head and I have to be totally regal. We haven't actually sat at a table for, I don't know, 25 years."

Directly asked on whether she'll say hello to Grohl, the singer added, "Yeah. You know, it's not my hashtag Yoko."

Courtney also discussed Justin Bieber, saying she "never heard a song of his," but also adding that despite trying, she never managed to reach fame at such young age.

Nirvana are scheduled for Hall of Fame induction on April 10 ceremony at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

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    I'd rather Frances Cobain represent Kurt at the ceremony than this annoying troll
    Surely, given their history, the HoF organizers wouldn't deliberately sit them at the same table?
    Back when Eddie Vedder was asked to induct Neil Young they sat him right across the table with all the Ticketmaster reps, despite the bitter conflict between the two parties at the time... :\
    Really?! Those guys are either living in full-fledged ignorance, or they're trying to perfect the art of awkward encounters. Hall Of Fame Organiser 1: "So, I can't help but notice that God won the nomination for induction this year." Hall Of Fame Organiser 2: "Yeah." HOF Organiser 1: "And I also noticed that we've decided to seat Jesus at the same table as the group of Roman soldiers that crucified him." HOF Organiser 2: "Sure, is that a problem?" HOF Organiser 1: "No, I just wanted to compliment you on a great seating arrangement. You nailed it, dude." HOF Organiser 2: "Thanks, man. By the way, I've moved Charles Manson to the same table as Roman Polanski and The Beach Boys." HOF Organiser 1: "Good call."
    I can't see why she should represent Kurt.. i rather see his daughter do it..
    I'd rather see them carry a picture of Kurt up with them than see Courtney do it.
    As long as she doesn't behave like a bellend towards Dave or anyone else, all will be well.
    Psycho Pigeon
    inb4 all the generic fashionable 'i hate courtney love' comments from all the trendies
    It's not like we have to make up reasons to hate her. She's a bitch. It's a pretty easy bandwagon to jump on.
    I don't think it's fashionable to hate Courtney Love, because unlike other things that are trendy to hate, Courtney has proven time and time again that any hate aimed towards her is completely and utterly justifiable.
    Yeah I mean c'mon she killed her husband
    Oh wow you're a natural. You should totally sign up as a forensics expert. Just think how much they could slash from their budget, they wouldn't even need to set-up a crime scene.
    Why does she even have to be there? She seems to forget that Dave Grohl was a member of Nirvana, she isn't. She seems to think she was and is somehow entitled to attend ceremonies and do documentaries like she was.
    I have always felt a little sorry for Courtney love, after what happened with Kurt and all the drugs it's no wonder she's bat shit insane, especially with the media coverage at the time. I feel sorry for Frances being raised in that environment.
    Courtney killed her cat for crying out loud. The fact that Frances is handling it all well and living a fairly normal life is impressive.
    I feel that if Courtney doesn't make it awkward, that everything should go over smoothly. Their induction isn't only honoring the band, but they're also there to honor Kurt Cobain and I say, out of respect for Kurt, that she should leave all of the bullshit behind and just get along with everyone. Even if it's just for that one night. Either way, long live Nirvana!
    So I hate to say this- but I gave Holes "Live Through This" a serious unbiased listen the other day and it's a ****ing killer record once you're able to ignore the fact it's Courtney Love
    One of my favourite albums ever. At the end of the day, people do and say stupid things when the worlds eyes are looking at them. It sucks that people are more interested in judging personalities than judging the work/music/art that they produce. Fact is, Courtney has alot of talent at songwriting and she's got a wickedly unique voice. If people can still listen to Gary Glitter (for crying out loud), no matter how tarnished someone’s image gets, there is no shame in still being able to enjoy the music they made after the artist says or does something stupid. [b]Everyone is an ass.
    You don't really believe she wrote any of that album do you?
    She definitely wrote that album. The lyrics are way more confrontational and direct than Kurt Cobains and the guitar playing is more simple as far as technicality but a lot bigger sounding than any of Kurt Cobains riffs. Not saying Kurt was a great guitarist but he had decent chops to write some legendary riffs. Assuming that you think Kurt Cobain ghostwrote that album like everyone I've met that thinks she didn't write it. If you think someone else wrote it than Kurt than that I can't argue but I doubt it.
    Hey, no-one said she couldn't write a good tune...just the fact she is an absolute c**t is a bit of a smudge.
    Dave has no reason to even acknowledge her. He's the one being inducted and praised. She's just there as a guest. Plus Dave has A LOT more pull in the business and a whole lot of more friends. She won't say a single word to him
    I've just found out that Kurt's daughter, actually controls the publicity rights to the name and image of her late father, Kurt Cobain. Not Courtney. So, I think Frances should go in honour of her father. Not Courtney, she just in it for the fame of her late husband. But that's my opinion.
    Does Courtney love have ANY fans left. Surely all Nirvana fans despise her? And like Dave. Stay Away Courtney!
    Why would anyone despise her if they were a fan of Nirvana? Are you saying that i should throw away every Hole album i own, simply because she as an individual never "liked" Grohl? What has her opinion of someone she simply doesn't like, got to do with our own taste in music???? Really? People love taking sides on everything don't they. It's like life is a giant football match with everyone shouting "my team is better than yours, and your team likes pasta, so i REFUSE TO LIKE PASTA!"
    yea she has fans just look at the blog 5 spots above by know the guy with the HEARING IMPAIRMENT.....
    Mr. Baloonhands
    Figures, she talks all this crap about Dave, Krist, and Pat and when it comes time for her to be a big girl and face Dave, she's all of sudden quiet. Guarantee you after the ceremony she's gonna go right back to talking shit too
    Courtney Love should probably not attend the ceremony. It's nothing to do with her, she's spent years riding on Kurt's coat tails and cashing in his hard earned royalties. His daughter should graciously induct Kurt on his behalf. It was Kurt, Krist and Grohl's band, those two have every right to be there before Love. She played a part in ruining it, and her narcissistic and selfish personality will do nothing but poison the atmosphere.
    She keeps milking this whole Kurt thing. SHE wasn't a part of Nirvana so why should she be there just to cause controversy?
    Courtney Love shouldn't even be invited. She was NEVER in Nirvana and had literally NOTHING to do with the music they made as a band. Which is something she seems to have forgotten.
    Well, Dave was a part of the band, you ****ed (up?) The singer. Guess who has to accomodate who?
    If Grohl doesn't pull some sort of prank on her, I'll be sincerely surprised.
    Dave seems pretty set on ignoring her existence. Honestly, I think the fact that he never tries to get her back says something about him as a person, and probably pisses Love off more than anything he could say or do.
    Yep, the best revenge is living well, and nothing is more devastating than being able to ignore someone completely.
    We get it, you don't like Dave Grohl. Everyone else likes him, so shut up about it.
    I don't get why Courtney love would have anything to do with the ceremony. Maybe besides a short speech on Kurt but that'd be it
    As long as she doesn't try to take over the induction speech. Let the guys who were actually in the band do the talking.
    I feel like this is the only Courtney Love article that UGers will actually like
    It seems if there's a chance to slam something, most UGers will jump at the opportunity. Courtney Love's articles tend to be a favourite.
    Why the **** is this bitch even on the guest list? She had nothin to do with Nirvana's success. I anything, Cobain's daughter should be there out of respect
    For a music site to be using Access Hollywood as a primary source is pretty lame
    worst band ever!!!!!who gives a rat's ass what she thinks, alex lifeson said it best about the hall...blah blah blah blah blah!
    see whats sposed to happen with vermin like this is you just pretend they don't exist, not feed into this kinda garbage. this is sposed to be a guitar site, as players we are above all this kinda trash and drama, it isn't a hip hop site
    I love how Courtney Love hates Dave Grohl. And complains about not wanting him to do anything "Nirvana" related. Because you know, she was totally the one who started that band and deserves to control all things involving them. Dave rules, it is gonna be his night as well as Krist.
    wait! We we're gonna to be inducted?, when Courtney was a Nirvana member? she was Kurt's wife and that's all and i think that Frances or Kim Cobain should go instead.
    Courtney Love is the Sharon Osbourne of the Beatles.
    I guess that makes Dave Grohl the Ringo Star of Black Sabbath.
    Courtney Love is more akin to Yoko Ono though, just saying...
    regardless of what she devolved too, I believe doll parts was pretty influential at the time that puts her leagues above yoko ono
    Wasn't this proven to be a lie about Grohl and her? If so, she's gullible enough to believe her own lies =o plus she looks wasted in the picture.
    If she wasn't such a bitch, you would respect her music etc but if she creates an argument and ruins the celebration I really hope Dave twats her with a ****ing guitar.
    Despite her being an absolute fruiter, I would still have a go on Courtney Love.
    They should have Dave, Krist, Pat, and Courtney perform together. It'd be a shit-show I'd gladly watch.
    Minus Courtney Love it would be a rocking good show and I just thought it was Krist and Dave in Nirvana just who is this Pat guy!?
    HEY, this might be a good thing! if they come to terms, we might be in for a Rock Restaurant