Courtney Love Premieres New Song 'You Know My Name'

"I really hope guitar rock does come back," the singer adds.

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Courtney Love has officially premiered the A-side track of her upcoming single "You Know My Name / Wedding Day" prior to the official May 4 release via Cherry Forever Records.

A chugging punk rock ditty with pop flavoring, the tune revolves around a sturdy power chord-fueled beat and Courtney's snarling voice, ultimately turning into a full-on screeching fiesta near the end, in a good way. Worth the listen, check it out below.

You can also pre-order the single for $3 via iTunes here.

During a recent online fan hangout, Love expressed hope for the guitar-driven sound to make a major comeback, explaining to which extent has modern technology changed the music world.

"I really do hope that guitar rock does come back, because it would be nice for me," she said. "Hell, I'd like it. Women coming back too - think about PJ Harvey and Shirley Manson, there were so many of us, it wasn't that uncommon to be the chick in a band. And now it's really a weird thing - sort of a niche market."

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    theres too much guitar rock around actually. how many times have you seen a rock band without a guitar?
    There is something to this, and the problem I have with the popular/"mainstream"/however you want to call it "guitar rock" is that it has sounded the same for like 40 years now. The same beaten to death chord progressions and song structures over and over, and you don't have to look far to find bands that bring some new ideas to the table, take Radiohead or Deftones for two quite varied examples.
    Major props to Deftones on this one. Very guitar driven music (even on the newer albums featuring more synth). "Saturday Night Wrist" is a really good guitar record with some fresh ideas start to finish.
    I didn't think guitar rock ever went away to be fair.
    Yeah, it's a common statement from musicians where the meaning is it ceased to be a viable way for them to make the sort of money they're used to.
    i dont think hide is making anymore money
    Well at least he isn't drinking himself to death anymore either. Oh wait. Besides, he's making plenty for his brother.
    It's just really underground, I think. Genuine guitar rock bands are playing in basements and house parties. It's just not as viable to the masses right now, which is what I think these aging rockstars are referring to.
    Right, which is why the Black Keys are huge at the moment.
    I don't consider them genuine guitar rock though. It's more generic cheese rock to me, but I get your point. =/
    Exactly! Guitar rock never went away, it's been evolving nicely and there are plenty of bands making amazing guitar rock these days. It's just not as easy for rock bands to get major label contracts and make millions as it was in 70's, 80's and 90's. If you want to hear great guitar rock these days you just need to look a little deeper than the top of the charts... but trust me, it's there.
    Dial G for generic.
    foo fighters songs are generic too yet you all seems to worship them
    Yes Yes and Yes! Fuckin Dave Grohl... I hate this guy... Fuckin opportunist. You must be really really bad to use the death of your friend to earn succes...
    you really expect him to just stop? and he did for a while. alot of people like the guy and he has alot of very true and inspiring words. how did he use kurts death? please explain? are you courtney love's ug account?
    It had to be said. Foo Fighters have got some good songs, I've been trying hard to get into Foo Fighters, but I just can't get all the hype.
    Foo Fighters and Nickelback are on the same level. When you listen to their songs they're mostly simple arena rock, their structure is the same though they pack a lot of energy. But, it's cool to worship Foo Fighters because of Dave Grohl and it's cool to hate Nickelback because it's Nickelback.
    Foo Fighters have energy, though... And Nickelback sounds really, REALLY unpassionate (not sure if that's a word) to me most of the time. Even a very predictable song can defend itself well with emotion and passion, but Nickelback can't do that, which is a shame since I actually like Kroeger's voice, it's just he tends to use it in a really unimpressive way.
    Nah, it's cool to hate Nickelback because they are *******s who went from being half-decent rock band in their beginnings to atrocious, unimaginative and overproduced pop shit. Also, Wasting Light wasn't that simple arena rock, sure, it was anthemic, but it kicked serious ass and was way more complicated than any shit Kroeger has ever put out. Plus, the last album of Nickelback with at the very least passable lyrics and song structure was Silver Side. And it was ****ing mediocre.
    but dave grohl doesn't say qotsa is too simple for him and want's his 'bar higher' and puts out this.
    BUT..there's still a difference between a "generic" song with a great melody and genuine soaring rock anthem passion, and a "generic" song like this annoying high school garage band sounding shit. Most people can tell the difference, I guess you can't
    link no1
    No, they're just generic. Are they good songs? Most of them are, but is there anything special about, well, any of them? No.
    Yes, because if you don't like them thrn they are generic right? I hate etlist douche bags that post on this site. The foo fighters write great songs. Yeah they are straight forward bit so what? What do you listen to that is so special and superior to what other people like? Im genuinely curious. Id love to know.
    He never said he disliked the Foo Fighters, the truth is that really, their music's very generic. That's not a bad thing, in fact, it's what makes them popular, anyone can easily listen to them.
    Is it finally okay to state the obvious? I really hope this doesn't end up getting thumbed down to oblivion.
    Yes, I've listened to the song, and I think it's pretty generic, sorry. Just went in and out of my ears. If you like it, fine. To each their own. Who took a shit in your porridge this morning?
    I think it's pretty good. It's not anything groundbreaking but that bite and energy is there.
    Pikka Bird
    Too much of those "Aiaiaiaiaiaiaia"-flourishes. That shit gets old real fast...
    Like her voice, especially the screams. I also quite like some generic songs, this is probably one. I'm pleasantly surprised to be honest.
    It's a pretty decent song. No Bohemian Rhapsody, but quite OK in my opinion.
    Wow these are like 5 chords, way better than josh homme who can play like 4 notes on his "bass"
    I tried but after four or five listens it is still definitely mediocre at best. I must just be one of those clowns that she doesn't believe.
    I thought it was pretty good, considering. A little generic, except for the aye yi yi, which kind of sucks, but not bad. Kind of sounds like whatserface's band...Brody Dalle...uhhh.....The Distillers.
    what is with the elitist *******s on this site? "it's a guitar website blah blah blah" for god sakes its news and thats fine. just cause you don't like the song don't hate on those who did. its not a epic guitar song its a straight forward courtney love song and it has all the ear marks as such. stop hating for god sakes, if you don't want to read another article on ****ing courtney then don't open the link.
    Please please please stop posting sh!t about Courtney Love, this is a ****ing guitar site you idiots. Nobody likes her here like wtf
    Made it a minute and a half in when I realized that I actually wasn't even listening anymore.
    Who the **** cares. Somebody put this bitch in the grave so her daughter can inherit her father's money.
    Okay I respect her voice and her lyrics, why can't she put them together? Also keep in mind if Kurt Cobain released this song in 1993 everyone would have creamed their pants about how great it was. There is a double standard.
    I detest Courtney Love, but I'll admit the song is catchy. Nothing special by any means, but it's got a decent sound. Honestly, I expected it to be worse. She's still a twat, though.
    Hmmmm Is not bad, I think the only touches the song needs are in the sound, the overall structure is good and enjoyable.
    Is the "the song" she was talking about in that interview? Because if it was she must have been high off her ass.
    think she was referring to new hole songs that were coming out in that interview, but im not even sure anymore