Courtney Love Rants At Reunited Nirvana

Love takes to facebook to talk Nirvana reunion.

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Paul McCartney fronting Nirvana was something that very few people could have predicted. But on the basis of the responses to the pairing from Wednesday night's Hurricane Sandy benefit concert, at which Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, Pat Smear and Paul McCartney joined forces to play a new song.

Pretty much everyone was down with the idea. We say "pretty much everyone", because there was one person out there on the internet who was definitely not digging the return of Nirvana.

Courtney Love took to Facebook to comment on the reunion, which she had previously voiced her displeasure for, in a typically cryptic style. In a series of posts, she made reference to Alice In Chains performing without Layne Staley (who passed away in 2000), Sub-Pop label founder Jonathan Poneman and the TV show Homeland. The full series of posts is presented below:

Love also replied to several comments from fans, including one who told her that he thought the performance "kicked-a--". Love responded by criticizing Krist Novoselic's bass playing:

"scott really? i will repeat, with krists bass playing? Lets be clear hes not exactly known for its brilliance [sic]"

Love stated that she and Kurt "used to get into paul and john fights[sic]", claiming that she was a Paul person. She also noted that she "didn't care" if the band continued to play, so long as "they dont do songs they didnt write (nirvana songs they dont own) [sic]".

In other Nirvana/McCartney news, a website entitled Cut Me Some Slack has appeared in recent days, which features a 17 second snippet of what appears to be the studio version of the track that the group played at the Sandy benefit concert. Along with a YouTube video and a picture of a the final master tape for the song, the following text is displayed:

"Cut Me Some Slack" McCartney. Grohl. Novoselic. Smear.

Performed at the 12/12/12 Concert benefiting Hurricane Sandy victims.

From the album "Sound City - Real to Reel"

Music from and inspired by the film Sound City Movie

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

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    I tried to read her comments and my brain went numb. I'm not sure what she's even saying at several points. If 2/3rd of Nirvana want to play Nirvana I think they have the right to play Nirvana stuff. If Paul wants to play anything, Paul has the right. He's Paul.
    lol i thought the same thing. all her sentences were basically incoherent psychobabble. it had me thinking "go home Courtney, you're nuts".
    My thoughts exactly...I took one look at the first of her comments and my brain checked out. This woman needs her own translator.
    i seem to recall hearing the exact opposite in the case of sublime and even AIC. not sure how nirvana is any different from those situations
    who said that about AIC? the album was awesome and it's great that they still make good music that does AIC's legacy respect.
    i mean to point out that i was fine with sublime and AIC playing shows with a new singer or a stand in, but there were a LOT of people who did not want to see that happen. i dont agree with Love's comments (at least the parts that i could understand), nor do i care whether or not they have paul singing nirvana's songs. i honestly didnt watch the show, nor did i care too. never said AIC new album was bad, not sure if thats how you read my comment, and honestly i was fine with sublime with rome, so misunderstanding...i guess
    she is trash.
    Alan Ciccone
    I wish the world would stop listening to her. Now that would be a good Christmas present There was a time I enjoyed Hole and even Courtney. Can't remember why anymore. I was worried when I heard about the performance, thought it would just be embarrassing but I happily ate my own words. It really was fantastic and the song is good. I can't wait for the studio version.
    She is like a female version of Dave Mustaine
    ok, i know Mustaine has had some "less than great" quotes, but isn't that a little rough? just tell him to rot in Hell rather than go as far as compare him to the succubus queen.
    Yeah, she's right tho This mix is just stupid, and probably the worst thing to happen to Nirvana since Kurt killed himself.
    4 guys jamming for a benefit concert, not calling themselves Nirvana, is the worst thing to happen to the band since the front man killed himself? Just keep repeating that in your mind til it sinks in.
    Jesus ****ing Christ, Courtney Love... Shut the hell up for once!
    For real. She is trashing Nirvana's legacy herself by bitching about every time Dave Grohl mentions the band name..
    "Courtney Love is one of the worlds most talented musicians who's opinions are both valid and correct!" said nobody ever.
    Nobody is valid or correct 100% of the time, but talented she is. I'd rather put on a Hole record than listen to today's trash that is spamming the airwaves.
    nah dunna think so ill stick to justin beiber and carle rae jepson tah
    She needs to take some the money she made from Kurt and take an English class, then a typing class.
    disprespect a n someshit youw ill yourr out here kimit supeona coudl chrinocologal (the best one by far btw) sib oop othrwise disguting spirirtuL ephihany familty fgid s inti mortaage n Did I get them all? Probably not.
    I'm assuming she liked her own comments and the other likes were from her dealers
    I didn't understand a single word of that. Except that she likes Homeland. And I concur. Good show. Other than that, I've had homeless dudes covered in shit talking about the illumnati and how Ted Nugent is a reptile at 4am in a Brooklyn train station on a Tuesday night that make much much more sense than that.
    Someone needs to copy and paste her comments on to google translate - english setting.
    Courtney Love saying Alice in Chains shouldn't go on without Layne is bullshit. If ACDC didn't go on with Brian Johnson, we wouldn't have Back In Black... Black gives way to Blue was an amazing albums, and one of my favorites.
    Except and listen very closely now, IT WASN'T A F'ING NIRVANA REUNION. Yeah I'm looking at you UG and your constant use of this misleading headline. They played no Nirvana songs, McCartney was not in place of Kurt, They never called it Nirvana or announced a Nirvana reunion etc. Just because some members of an old band play together does not mean it is a reunion of that band. Novaselic, Grohl and Smear all played on the last Foo's album is that a Nirvana reunion too? Is Grohl taking Kurt's place as well? Honestly headline spin and sensationalizing should be banned from news by law.
    I bet you she was one of those "Likes" in her comments. And then some ass wipes idk.
    seriously, what the **** was she talking about in those posts? i'd bet good money she's on drugs again, if she was ever clean in the first place
    "scott really? i will repeat, with krists bass playing? Lets be clear hes not exactly known for its brilliance [sic]" Our apologies miss high and mighty, greatest singer/guitarist this world has ever bestowed their eyes upon. Krist may not be anything of a 'master' bassist but a humble musician says so much more than whatever you claim to be.
    Mr. Mashburn
    Ms. Love, If you're going to go on a whiny, childish, and completely ignorant rant; at least do it in English.
    +1 to whoever predicted this to appear following the "Nirvana Reunion" article.
    She's what some people would call a "celebrity", and the average celebrity facebook post gets 10000+ likes. 6 posts and 11 Likes Courtney, go home
    Having just attempted to read what Courtney had to say on the subject, I can safely say that I feel stupider for having tried to decipher it, and would like that few minutes of my life back. If only.
    Can we all agree to not only stop commenting on these articles but also stop looking at them? If you really hate these stupid articles, show UG by ignoring them.
    Let's be clear Courtney, your singing, guitar playing, songwriting or any contributing factor of your person aren't exactly known for their brilliance either are they?
    Not even reading out loud, I was out of breath reading her shite. It's like she tried to put ALL of the commas in one sentence... all of them
    Sure Kurt Cobain was a main part of Nirvana, but just because he is (unfortunately) dead doesn't mean Dave, Krist and Pat cant still play gigs together under the name of Nirvana. Who cares what courtney says, she plays no role in Nirvana anymore (if she ever did).
    Whatever she posted up there, it had nothing to do with reality nevermind the Nirvana reunion. Don't take drugs kids.
    Someone club this bitch like a baby seal, jesus she is so annoying.
    I think she needs to be told that no one cares what she thinks, and the press only cares about her because A) She used to be married to Kurt Cobain and B) They know she will say something stupid
    What is her deal? Wah wah wah, like a Kirk Hammett solo circa 1990-present. I love how Dave and the other members don't even take her seriously.
    I think I may have a solution to the Courtney Love Epidemic. If the articles get less traffic than other articles, the developers of this fine site will be less inclined to write about her. So, let us begin.