Courtney Love Reacts to Being Called the Murderer of Kurt Cobain

"It's hardcore."

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Courtney Love Reacts to Being Called the Murderer of Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love talked about writing her memoir and being accused of murdering Kurt Cobain over the years, telling Joan Juliet Buck (via Alternative Nation):

"I've spent 24 years being called a murderess. It's hardcore.

"I haven't really touched upon him so much yet. He's such an icon that it has to be handled with kid gloves.

"But at the same time, I'm just going to tell the story of what happened, and people can love it or hate it.

"I don't care. I really don't care."

Focusing on the memoir in general, Love said:

"I've been both Hollywood and rock - the rockers don't care. It's all been out there anyway. The feuds. The fighting. The fucking.

"But with the Hollywood stuff, you have to be really careful. I'm not going to omit much, but there are definitely secrets I will keep and not write about.

"Hollywood is very different than the rock 'n' roll world. Hollywood people you just have to be careful about.

"I'm just talking about adventures... in the night... with people."

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    Vicryl 2.0
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    That has happened to me enough that now I just dip them into syrup. Easier to control that way
    OMFG you're a genius! A legend! A poet AND a scholar! In my 35 years on this planet how did I not think of this? I'm not even kidding dude, thanks, you changed my pancake eating life. Not just pancakes either, waffles, french toast, you name it!
    " I'm not going to omit much, but there are definitely secrets I will keep and not write about." like the part where she killed him haha 
    so basically we learned that she doesn't like being called a murderer and hollywood has secrets. really informative
    Of course people make the whole 'too much heroin to pull trigger by self' and 'handwriting changes' points, but if she's innocent, it must have been horrible being accused constantly.
    I sat one of my best friends down two weeks ago and we watched soaked in bleach. He has always disliked nirvana, and is pretty high up in law enforcement in these parts. That movie totally changed his mind. That movie prices that she had kurt killed. Lots and lots and lots of footage. The deniers in this comment section can fuck off. This case needs reopened
    Yes the case definately needs to be reopened. Even members of the seattle police department have said the same thing.
    She's technically not lying, I guess? She didn't murder him herself, but, she certainly did have a hand in his death.
    El Duce was close friends with the lead singer of a Satanic Metal Band named Allen Wrench. In December 1993, El Duce met Courtney Love through a drug dealer and that's when she offered him $50,000 to kill her husband. He didn't have the balls to do it so El Duce put her in contact with Allen Wrench. 3 months later Kurt gets his head blown off! 2 days after this interview with the BBC, El Duce roommate said Allen Wrench showed up to their house very pissed off for naming him in this interview. 10 minutes after he had left the house with Wrench, El Duce was dead when he got struck by a train. I would say I'm 99% sure Allen Wrench pushed him in front of that train and it was no accident.
    Yeah, I've watched those videos.  El Duce had it coming.  That bitch ratted him out for some free beer.
    People need to watch “Soaked in Bleach”. This story is so old n tired of talking about it. But the truth it there’s way too much shit wrong with his death. From the handwriting, to the amount of heroin in his body, to the fact that the bullet casing was on the wrong side of his body, his hand was still fully gripping the gun, and not to mention that courtneys ex was staying in the house at the time of his “death,” and gonna day he didn’t hear the gun? She may not have pulled the trigger, but she is involved with it and/or paid someone.
    THIS. Usually there are not dozens of weird inconsistencies and weird shit if a crime is legit.
    So you're saying there's tons of evidence? Well, how come she has faced no repercussions in the face of this supposed overwhelming evidence? Let me guess? Illuminati? The jews? The lizard-people?  Come on, man. Arm-chair psychologists is one thing, but this arm-chair criminal investigator shit is just downright silly.
    Maybe it was a botched investigation from the start. And yes there is a ton of evidence to point towards a murder. And I'm not saying it was courtney love either. Too many gullible people believe the official story, even though it makes little sense if you do your own research.
    I'm not saying she did it or not, but our criminal justice system is not perfect. Innocent people are jailed for decades and guilty people get off far too often. 
    So a woman loses her husband horribly, who is also the father of her kid, and for that, millions of people berate her and accuse her of his murder. Let's be fair, that's probably one of the most disgusting things imaginable. Let's go scream at widows. Imagine how fucked up that must have been just after the suicide. Fucking horrible, and all these Kurt Cobain conspiracy-people always rub me the wrong way. If you can do that to a widow, and furthermore, her kid with flimsy-to-no evidence, then what else is such a cunt capable of? quite alot i'd imagine. Reprehensible little shits.
    You're sporting a pentagram AND you're defending Courtney?!  Man, you truly are evil.
    Usually I'd totally agree, man, but...there is just so much wrong and strange about Kurt's death. I'm not gonna say she definitely did it...because we'll probably never know for sure...but I'd say there's more than "flimsy-to-no evidence" in this case.
    With the amount of people screaming about this and accusing the poor woman of murder, you'd think that if there were solid evidence, it would actually be proven by now, and she'd be in jail. Yet more than 20 years after the fact, 20 years of people researching it, she's not.
    Wrong and strange about his death? Seemed pretty straightforward to me. He left a suicide note...
    I love how so many people claim that he's been murdered and how there are tons of evidences.... But, how many people have seen the so called crime scene ? There are a couple of photographs circulating and quite frankly there isn't much to see. Too much heroin in his blood ? Well I haven't seen the blood analysis but I suppose many people have seen it right ? No disrespect to Kurt but he was a mess, his wife was a mess, his lifestyle was a mess and so was his death. The Cobain case is a whole pile of mess, it's a miracle his little girl survived all that crap. If police had any doubt about how he died, I'm confident they would be still looking for the so called truth, especially because we're talking about someone as famous as Kurt Cobain.
    So there are secrets she's going to keep, yeah possibly the one on how she hired someone to kill Kurt
    It's weird I always thought the situation regarding Kurt's death was weird but at the same time I don't see why Courtney would have him killed. Apparently he was thinking of divorcing her according to the Soaked In Bleach movie but if that was the case she would have milked him for tonnes of money anyway as she was married to him and they had a kid together. There isn't really a logical reason she'd have him killed
    really though, I have no fucking idea what she's talking about, I have never called her a murderess; Have any of you? I always just used the word murderer, I assumed it was unisex...
    I'm not saying she killed Kurt, but I do believe she got Kurt Loder to kill Kurt, so that he could be the most famous Kurt on MTV again. 
    My dad says Dave Grohl did it. He's benefitted the most from the aftermath of it all, but still isn't the creative genius to get the recognition as an artist Kurt my dad says. Personally, I think it sucks that people accuse Courtney just because they don't like her. They think she's trashy or a bloodsucker, and come up with any possible hole, no pun intended, to squeeze a theory in.
    Dave didn't benefit from Kurt's death at all
    If you follow the theory, Dave went from being behind a drum set to the front man. He was a hired gun, and now he's the mastermind. Courtney didn't get anything she wouldn't have if he stayed alive. Krist backed out of music for a while. Since Kurt's death, Dave has absolutely been the most successful out of anyone around Kurt. If you don't believe the theory, then obviously his success wouldn't seem linked. If you do, you look at the Foo Fighters as watered down Nirvana, maybe he ripped off some of Kurt's demos and work...
    But Dave didn't need Kurt to die for that. He could've quit and started Foo Fighters. And either way, there was no guarantee that he would become successful as a musician in his own right.
    If Kurt were alive, he could prove Dave stole his music. Dave would owe him millions and have his reputation destroyed. People saw Kurt as God up until about 7 years ago, and tons of knockoffs we're making it big into the 2000's. There was a good chance you could be successful with the genuine article. But, like any conspiracy theory, you're trying to come up with explanations for holes in the narrative that don't exist, and create a new narrative full of holes. It's as reasonable as people's belief that Courtney did it.
    I'd like to hear frances' tell all book. imagine that is your "MOM"