Courtney Love Retires Hole

Singer will tour under her own name in June.

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Courtney Love has elected to retire the Hole moniker for her up and coming tour, electing instead to tour under her own name. As NME reports, Love will play seven East Coast dates this June and is planning to release a new single in the near future.

The singer had fueled speculation that she was retiring the Hole name in 2010 when she posted a tweet which simply read "Hole is Dead." In 2012, However, the singer briefly reunited with the band's classic lineup of guitar player Eric Erlandson, bass player Melissa Auf Der Maur and drummer Patty Schemel at the after party of a documentary made about the drummer.

Love recently spoke to Wonderland about her new material, claiming that she would be releasing new singles. However, at the time of writing, these songs have yet to materialize:

"I have two A-sides coming out in mid-April... I had six songs, but I decided to pick the two excellent songs instead of four really good songs and two excellent songs.

"I keep writing about California so I just finally called a song straight up f--king 'California.' Not even Malibu, which I still don't have the keys to the city and I'm really pissed... It's like when Billy Corgan told me he was calling a song 'Tonight, Tonight.' I was like, 'If that song isn't the best f--king song I've ever heard, you will be carted out of town on a cross.' You don't call a song 'Tonight, Tonight' or 'California' unless you know it's major."

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    She should have retired her hole a LONG time ago...
    WTF did she tried to say in the last paragraph?
    Something about not having the keys to Malibu as if she deserves it or something... I don't know, she was probably tripping out when she said it.
    a few people have probably died while spelunking in Courtney's Hole.
    I was ever so hopeful when I saw this article it would refer to the hole she speaks from... I was sadly disappointed :/
    I think it's pretty great that she mentioned Billy Corgan and the song 'Malibu' basically back to back, considering he's credited as a co-writer on the song (and four others on the 'Celebrity Skin' album, including the title track). When the song came out, I wondered why the closing section of it used similar lyrics and a similar chord progression as the Pumpkins song 'Muzzle'. A quick look on the internet made it pretty obvious that it was Billy's song. Looks like naming songs is her only skill besides ****ing famous people.
    You speak the truth. Hole made two good albums one pseudo written by Kurt Cobain and another one pseudo written by Billy Corgan.
    People can bash her all they want, but Live Through This and celebrity Skin are amazing altrock albums.
    I'll be waiting for the Hole when it comes from retirement. Courtney's Hole will be all mine.