Courtney Love Reunites Classic Hole Lineup

artist: Hole date: 04/03/2014 category: music news
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Courtney Love Reunites Classic Hole Lineup
Following a string of hints and rumors, Courtney Love has officially reunited the classic Hole lineup featuring herself, bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur, guitarist Eric Erlandson and Patty Schemel behind the drum kit.

"I started playing with Patty and Melissa and Eric, just to see how that was," Love told the Quietus. "We already played like three or four times in the last week."

The four-piece didn't record together as a unit since 1998 and "Celebrity Skin" effort. The lineup was officially disbanded in 2002.

As for Love, the singer is planning to release new single "Wedding Day" ahead of upcoming UK tour set to kick of on May 11 in London.
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