Courtney Love Rules Out Hole Reunion:'I Don't Want to Get on the Oldies Circuit'

The singer says she wants to make music that is still "relevant."

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Courtney Love has ruled out a future Hole reunion and it looks like that there won't be one.

The singer, who recently released a new solo double A-side single "Wedding Day/You Know My Name," said that while she is working with Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson again, she doesn't want to tour with her old band.

"I don't want to get on the oldies circuit," she told the Philippine Daily Enquirer (via NME). "I don't need to do that for money. I want to put out music that is relevant today."

"[Being] one of the last chicks in a rock 'n' roll band is a weird place to be," she added. "It's tough to put Hole back together and make sure that it's relevant."

Love previously revealed to NME that she has ambitious plans for her late husband's legacy, including a documentary and stage play. Love stated that it has been fans' reactions to the possibility of a stage production involving Cobain's story which has made it now "very likely" to happen.

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    She writes music with the old guitarist = relevant. She brings back the old band to play both the new and the old stuff ≠ not relevant. You see, the way people play the bass and the drums nowadays it's way, WAY different than the way people used to play them back in the 1990's. For some of you younger guys out there, drummers used to play with drum sticks. And bass players used to play bass with their hands. Totally different now. Plus, everytime I think about Courtney's Hole, I think about how the bass player and drummer were so integral to her music back in its heyday. I mean, the way they kept the rythm of the band going song after song was unbelievable and so 90's. So I can completely understand it, if I don't think about it. It must be horrible to think you are one of the only chicks left in a rock n' roll band, when it reality she's not. The loneliness must be killing her. Maybe she can write a song about that.
    NO Hole Reunion?....I think I speak for nearly everyone when I say...THANK GOD!!!!!
    As a fan of Hole, you're right. It's kind of sad when old bands get back together to play shows that aren't half as good as when the band just started out.
    a drummer
    "[Being] one of the last chicks in a rock 'n' roll band is a weird place to be," jesus, always finding a way to make herself sound important Yes, because chick fronted rock groups are so uncommon now...Have you seen the charts lately Courtney? ....I can't stand this woman
    Good for her for once having a respectable opinion.I'm glad she want to progress forward rather than regress to the "good ol' days."
    Why does everyone hate Courtney Love? Really? They think she killed Cobain?
    Eeeeh... not really, in fact that's the last reason you can have for really hating Courtney Love. Let's start: 1. The Nirvana legacy, It isn't a mistery that Krist and Dave had stated they have tons of unreleased and rare material that would love tu put out for the fans... GUESS WHO OPPOSES, cause she has all the Kurt's rights and royalties of Nirvana? Yeah, Miss Love. 2. Her rants against Dave Grohl, Novoselic... She even accused Dave of trying to seduce Frances, and even Frances had to apologize to Dave for her mom's behaviour. 3. She thinks she can still being relevant by making stupid statements about other artists in Twitter. I think those are the main reasons, but if you want to do a more extensive search, im pretty sure you'll find more.
    Oooook. She seems ok. No idea how Kurt could have hooked up with her. How comes she got all of Nirvana rights
    She doesn't have all of Nirvana rights, but has pretty much of them cause Kurt was the main songwriter and composer.
    So, she doesn't want to go on the "Oldies Circuit", but she's fine making her living off of her dead husband who expired years before Hole's greatest hit. I see the logic...