Courtney Love Says She Will Only Reunite Hole to Make 'Relevant' Music With 'Modern Producer'

Lead singer has rehearsed with band's classic line-up.

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Courtney Love has gone back on recent claims that she will not revive the classic line up of Hole, saying that she will as long as the band make "music that's relevant to now" with a "modern producer."

As NME notes, earlier this year Love said that while she is working with Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson again, she doesn't want to tour with her old band and that she specifically did not want to be part of the "oldies circuit."

However, in a new interview with Paper Magazine, she clarifies that this does not mean the band won't get back together at all.

"It's more important for me to act right now than to play rock 'n' roll," said Love. "Me and Melissa [Auf der Maur] and Patty [Schemel] and Eric have rehearsed a few times."

Explaining what the reunion will require, Love continued: "We have to make some music that’s relevant to now, and we'd have to get a modern producer. My relationships with Melissa, Patty, and Eric are all great. At this point in my life, no one is my enemy. Any grudges or issues with that past? I’m done with it."

Love recently said that she hopes filming will start on a mooted Kurt Cobain biopic within the next year and that she won't be deciding who will play her late husband.

Love previously revealed to NME that she has ambitious plans for her late husband's legacy, including a documentary and stage play. Love stated that it has been fans' reactions to the possibility of a stage production involving Cobain's story which has made it now "very likely" to happen.

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    Mud Martian
    So... auto-tune, sampled beats, and a rap section courtesy of [insert currently relevant rapper]?
    "Courtney Love Says She Will Reunite Hole in Another Attempt to Stay 'Relevant'"
    Shes also needs Billy Corgan to be up for it which i doubt it as they dont like each other now.
    Relevant? Hole was NEVER relevant.
    Live Through This and Celebrity Skin were pretty relevant
    Live Through This got sympathy fame (the rumor Kurt wrote some of the songs didn't hurt). Celebrity Skin got fame from Billy Corgan. Courtney Love has always been a coattail riding talent-less hack.
    Nobody wants a hole reunion. the only reason people liked her back in the day was because she was attractive... but now? ehhh..
    So, she'll be doing dubstep?
    Show me an article about CLove NOT mentioning Teh Kurdt? She was never relevant on her own, she's always been Cobain's wife/widow. After he died, her songwriting ability mysteriously diminished by several orders of magnitude. WONDER WHY.
    Bit funny since she hasn't really said or done anything relevant for a while. Good luck though, I'll listen to it!
    I wasn't aware that she ever did anything relevant as she would never have been heard of had she not married fame.....