Courtney Love Seeks Online Help To Forget Disasters

artist: Courtney Love date: 05/04/2012 category: music news

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Courtney Love Seeks Online Help To Forget Disasters
Always in the limelight, Courtney Love has revealed she approached an online company who promised to remove bad press on the star from the internet. No stranger to making wild accusations in public forums - most recently involving her false accusations that former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl, made a move on her daughter Frances Bean Cobain. Forced to apologise on Twitter, where she has previously been sued for tweeting offensive and incorrect tweets. "I'm not a social network genius, as evidenced by being the first and only person ever to have a Twitter lawsuit. At the time that lawsuit happened, I didn't even really fully get what Twitter was for or how it worked," she said. Hearing about an online company that deals with removing compromising photos and articles, Love read more into them approached them so see how they could help her. "I haven't Googled myself in almost two months. No way. I make other people do it. That stuff is just so dark. My online persona is a disaster - that's not me," she said. "You can ask for help from these companies that supposedly remove stuff from the internet for you, but they're hilarious. [One company] was like, waiting for me when I called. They said they were going to charge me $250,000 per one page of results. A quarter-million dollars per page? Are they joking?" "I'm in entertainment, I can take all the sh*t you throw at me to some extent. But $250,000 to alter the c**p out there about you on the Internet is just absurd." Love has instead promised to avoid reading articles on herself and try to censor what she writes on social media websites. Thanks for the report to
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