Courtney Love: These Are My Favorite Nirvana Songs

Hole frontwoman singles out 4 tracks.

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Courtney Love: These Are My Favorite Nirvana Songs

During a recent Instagram Live Stream, Courtney Love was asked by fans to single out her favorite tracks by Nirvana, to which she picked the following tunes (via NME):

Heart-Shaped Box (off 1993's 'In Utero')

Serve the Servants (off 1993's 'In Utero,' the opening track)

Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle (off 1993's 'In Utero')

In Bloom (off 1991's 'Nevermind')

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    Sick of Everyone absolutely hating on Courtney, Love her, Love hole, Kurt killed himself. Get over it!
    Does anyone else think Kurt had great teeth? 
    Kurt had great everything, face, hair, teeth. If he looked like Buzz or Dale from the Melvins, he wouldn't be the icon that he is.
    Never understood why Buzz always bashed Anthony Kiedis being a junkie, when he was friends with Kurt. Love Melvins and Buzz's values, but sometimes he's a reeeaaal douche.
    Courtney's shelves are groaning under the weight of all the 'Mother of the year' awards.    
    Hitler: these are my favourite Russian dishes.  By the way, this 9th has been massive. Suck on that.  
    Why would someone ask her this? -_-
    Maybe cause shes the widow of the Lead Singer/Guitarist?  
    Are you not aware of all of the drama surrounding his suicide and her "involvement" with it and her relations with the band? I'm pretty sure she's done everything she can to get away from nirvana in its entirety.
    like desperately fighting dave over the rights of nirvana.right?
    Yes, but it looks like I've misread all of that drama and she's happy to answer questions about Kurt/Nirvana.
    Vicryl 2.0
    Mark Lanegan jokingly said Courtney hated this cover as this was dedicated to a certain event.
    Seriously UG, some of these spot colour images look like shit.