Coverdale, Hughes And Lord Had Planned Deep Purple Reunion?

artist: Deep Purple date: 09/13/2012 category: music news
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Coverdale, Hughes And Lord Had Planned Deep Purple Reunion?
In an interview with CBS, former Deep Purple bassist Glenn Hughes has revealed how he, David Coverdale and Jon Lord had been planning a reunion of the classic "MKIII" line-up of Deep Purple before Lord's recent passing. As Classic Rock reports, the band had been planning to reunite to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their landmark album "Burn", with or without reclusive guitarist Ritchie Blackmore: "Jon, David and I were trying to get it together. We couldn't get hold of Ritchie Blackmore. We sent carrier pigeons and the Pony Express but nobody at Castle Blackmore answered the door. It wasn't meant to be". Hughes notes that the reunion idea is still on his and Coverdale's mind, even though Lord has passed away: "David and I have talked about it weekly since Jon died how we can do something to keep the flame burning. We don't want to hinder the heritage of the band. Some bands get back together and sound bloody awful". "It's the 40th anniversary of Burn next year. I'm not giving you a hint to something that's going to happen, but you just never know. I wouldn't be surprised if we did something, David and I. Something might pop its head in the next two years". Of course, the reunited "MK III" Deep Purple lineup would have to play under a different name, given that a lineup of Deep Purple featuring "MK II" players Ian Gillan, Roger Glover and Ian Paice alongside Steve Morse and Don Airey is currently touring and recording. That Paice is involved in the current lineup of Purple also raises the question as to who would fill the drum stool in Coverdale and Hughes's proposed group. Metallica's Lars Ulrich could be an option. The drummer had suggested himself for the role when a reunion was being mooted back in 2009, noting: "If they need a drummer, David Coverdale has my number".
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