Cradle Of Filth Banned In China

Group gets an official performance ban from The Cultural Section of the Chinese Government.

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British black metallers Cradle Of Filth have officially been banned from performing in China with their music labeled as "unsuitable to play in mainland China". The ban resulted in cancellation of the Shanghai concert previously scheduled for April 30.

"Unfortunately at this time the The Cultural Section of the Chinese Government have decided that Cradle of Filth are unsuitable to play in Mainland China and so we are currently banned from playing there. Therefore the show on Tue 30 April in Shanghai, China - MAO Live House has had to be moved to Hong Kong. The new venue is Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC) in Hong Kong on April 30th 2013. Hope to see you there!", stated the band via official Facebook page.

The group is currently busy promoting their latest studio album, "The Manticore and Other Horrors", released in October 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records.

With 4,500 copies sold within the first week, the record debuted at No. 96 on The Billboard 200 chart. In an exclusive UG interview, guitarist Paul Allender has stated that the group "decided to change up the direction and go back to what they used to do".

So what do you think about this one? Was the Chinese Government right to ban them, or have they gone a bit too far? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Cradle of Filth should take it as a compliment. China banned them but the rest of world just sorta forgot about them.
    Meh, plenty other countries who would have them play. Well maybe not the Vatican
    I'm a Chinadude in mainland. This obviously provided us another material for jokes. Proved all the music which spoke truth are banned by govt again.
    Bands in this style are unsuitable for ears, period.
    I like Cradle of Filth.... Dani's vocals could get downright irritating, but Cradle of Filth is very interesting.
    China was once a country of great philosophers and inventors who endorsed progress. This country is a shame to what it was.
    That's a bit of a misconception really. China's always been this way and it's probably more open to foreign influences now that it has been in the past. Still I'd be more surprised that Cradle of Filth have any kind of fanbase in mainland China than I would about them being banned.
    China has been responsible for some major inventions in human history as well as having a few philosophers who are very well known throughout the western world. I can understand what you mean by China being somewhat a reclusive country in terms of its' policy, but in the past it managed to produce some great innovations.
    Oh, you know, become a humongous economic powerhouse that exerts an extreme influence on the world economy and the international interest rate. The usual...
    Most of China's philosophers weren't really so respected and revered in their lifetime. It's usually much further down the road in history that their teachings and ideas became more widely revered. The Chinese people have for lack of a better term a herd mentality and innovation isn't really one of their strong points. I suppose the thought process would be, "this is how it's always been done, why would you ever do it any other way?" Individualism and concepts that are tied to it aren't exactly encouraged. In major international cities it's not like that so much but in the vast majority of rural China that's just the way people are and the way that they think. I personally like living in China, if I didn't I wouldn't be here, but there are a lot of misconceptions about it. You can't visit Beijing or Shanghai and base your impressions of China solely on that.
    I had to double glance at the title, i thought it said circle of fifths banned in china for a second
    Ya, music theory as subversive plot... Actually I have a great book called "The Twisted Muse". It's all about the Nazi ministry of culture and how they began banning or encouraging certain types of music when they rose to power in the 1930's. Wagner's operas were considered the pinnacle of Aryan musical accomplishment & attended by high ranking Nazi's every year. On the other hand, Arnold Schoenberg and the Viennese school of serial/atonal composition was considered decadent and banned. Luckily, Schoenberg escaped to the US before being sent to a work/death camp, otherwise we'd never have learned of one of the most fascinating compositional approaches, serial music.
    I love how somewhere in China there was a board of directors sitting at a table listening to and analyzing Cradle of Filth and making an official decision about it.
    I'm against any form of musical censorship; but over the years Cradle of Filth have made me question my position. I mean, look at the current CoF shirt with a naked nun playing with herself and the title "Jesus is a C*&t"? WTF? That's just so far beyond shock it can't be measured. Mainland China isn't missing a thing.
    lol, if you're questioning censorship because someone might be offended, you're not really doing that position any favors whatsoever. Everyone will always be offended by something, and a stupid shirt shouldn't be the catalyst that makes you question that. It's a shirt. Whatever power it has over you is whatever power you give it. I have to laugh at anyone who would suggest or sympathize with banning a band. That's basically you saying that your outlook is more valid than the people who paid to see the show. If you're offended, just don't go, it's that simple. I have to question anyone who thinks it's acceptable for a government to decide for others what is and isn't tolerable, and I find it funny that it's usually religious people who both want to ban things they find offensive, and at the same time complain about their rights to free speech being infringed.
    Dead on. Withholding my objections to the bands music (which are irrelevant to the subject at hand, guys... Stop thinking it's funny to say they suck), they just go too far in their imagery and messages. I can't blame anybody who's offended by that enough to ban a performance.
    Bro that was ages ago, I owned that shirt back in 99. That was when COF were good. Havent really listened to them since they released Midian.
    I stand corrected. Just curious, but what places did you wear that shirt and what kind of reactions did you get?
    Other peoples reactions are irrelevant. People wear band shirts because they like the band. Or I do atleast. That said, the nun thing is not even shocking image. Its just stupid and juvenile attention whoring, serious lack of imagination from the band. And I like some old CoF material so its not that.
    True, but if I'm looking to wear a CoF shirt and choose the "Jesus is a C*&t" design, I'm expecting the 'juvenile attention whoring' card to payback with some shocked reactions. Anything less would be a disappointment.
    But if you choose that kind of shirt BECAUSE you yearn for attention, you may have other issues you really need to worry about... :p
    Ya, and if I alternated between wearing the CoF nun shirt and the Black Flag "Slip It In" nun shirt, I'd bet I was a product of Catholic school
    Jacques Nel
    Couldn't agree more. These bands are attention *****s. This is just a way of seeking attention to sell their albums and if you think about it they are basically sell outs. These guys probably don't even know the gravity of what they're saying. They just think 'hey I'm going to piss some people off'. Basically I don't give a crap. Their famous for the shock factor. They're music sucks.
    4500 copies sold in the first week? Surely they will be making a loss from sales with them probably only taking like 25% of each physical sale between the band.
    While I don't think a government should be able to ban things like this, I do have to say that Cradle of Filth is ridiculously offensive. I'm all for freedom of speech and expression, but they go too far. It's one thing to express yourself, but another entirely to blatantly and intentionally try to offend people, like they often do. That attitude is completely unacceptable in any case, and it really makes me lose some faith in humanity that people would support it
    With all the rape, murder, theft, abuse, corruption, lies, deceit, famine, drugs, exploitation, war, assault and general bad shit going on in the world, surely, offending religious people is up there. Never mind the fact that it's a concert, i.e like minded fans paying to get in. You would think Cradle of Filth were showing up at churches knocking the Bibles out of people's hands. They're playing to a built in crowd, and almost 100% of the time, you're only going to be exposed to them if you choose to be. What a silly thing to lose faith over. If criticizing religion is so unacceptable, I really wish people would do something about it, instead of saying they're "for free speech, but". That sentence is an oxymoron in and of itself. There's places in this world where they know how to handle people who bad mouth religion, politicians or society at large, and you wouldn't want to live there.
    "British black metallers Cradle Of Filth" Jesus it's like I've gone back to '98 when they were both Black Metal and Relevant.
    Please stop asking these stupid obvious questions. We know you want us to comment, but this is really much too stupid.
    You're time, let's just wait for somebody to complain about not having a question!
    I mean we don't even know why they could have gone too far. We don't even know why the chinese banned them (and I suppose we'll never know exactly), so how could we possibly think they have gone too far about anything ?
    Without the questions, how the hell are we supposed to know what to comment about?
    If your that ignorant and dumb that you need a question in order to actually comment on an article, it would be best if you would go back to school and went to see a doctor. Then again, this article is as relevant to this websties readers as a Mosquito is relevant to an astonaut. But then again, UG is American, and since they find it somehow important to infiltrate politics a into what's supposed to be a music-related website, they'll obivously be interested in showing how China is a "bad and naughty" country, because as most should know, American politians have been complaining about Chinese products and how people shouldn't buy them. Guess who's the real dictatorship.
    Psycho Pigeon
    Total state control has never turned out well, don't know why the communists continue to push their failed philosophy. Get government out of our lives!
    When being offended becomes too much to bare, there's always banning things you disagree with. I for one am glad that a government decided that a band was unsuitable for paying customers. How else are Chinese metalheads supposed to know what's right and decent if the government doesn't decide for them?
    People saying they've never heard of these. Jesus H Christ. China is a place i'd hate to live. As a country it has so much potential in terms of wealth with is masses of exports, yet it continues to oppress its people and makes decisions for them.
    Oh really? Tell me more about Benjamin before I click that link and get hacked.
    I mean this is China after all. Actual, leftist, punk music is punishable by death. . . ya know, China actually fits the criterion for fascism now. State capitalism (they haven't been communist in a looooong time), nationalistic, and authoritarian. Still, whatever, not like anybody is missing anything.
    Hey UG, CoF are gothic metal, not black metal. Don't confuse them with good bands like Burzum or Belphegor.
    It might have been equally noteworthy to mention their US tour that was about to start was cancelled because US immigration wouldn't let them in!
    I was once dragged to a Cradle Of Filth show, and to this day I have to say they were the worst band I have ever seen. Still, despite my distaste for the band, I respect their right to come to my town and do what they do. Same with Brokencyde, Insane Clown Posse and other groups people may find objectionable. I think they should have the right to play anywhere they want, and it is up to people to decide for themselves whether or not to see their shows.