Cradle of Filth Part Ways With Guitarist Paul Allender

Dani Filth confirms split in new interview.

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In an interview with Bleedin' Loud (via Loudwire), Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth has confirmed that guitarist Paul Allender has left the band:

"Paul Allender has left - which not everybody is aware of. We weren't planning on it, because it was the kind of thing that has been, kind of, brewing for the last year or so. Not so much on a personal level, but [him] living in America and then him doing his side project and getting kind of lost in that. I know I've got Devilment and, dare I say, Temple of the Black Moon, but it never really came between Cradle. I always found the time to do it.

"We only really had one guitarist for the last two albums. Paul had a very strong opinion about doing that, and we're a two-guitar band. So that may be one of the things that kind of opened the fissure a bit."

Cradle of Filth has been working on a new album without Allender which Dani Filth recently attested would be amongst the band's best works:

"I can say the material is comparable to that of 'Dusk...,' 'Cruelty...' and 'Midian,' albeit with a fresher sound. I can't define it exactly as it incorporates a wide variety of styles and dark emotions as one would come to expect from a Cradle record. One thing is certain though, this next release is going to be pushing the boundaries of what the band can achieve, and with forthcoming live shows peppering the writing process, I know this album is going to be fueled by 101 percent metal fury!"

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    He was probably tired of the crap they where making him play. Their last two albums where sad compared to all of their earlier work. After Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder, CoF just started sounding like some crappy punk band or something. I don't even know how else to explain it.
    now this is shocking... paul was very much integral to what cradle of filth was.... i guess his influence would be surely missed and cradle of filth will be different.. either for worse or for good...
    Epi g-310
    Honestly, I like CoF somewhat. But the guitar work never seemed particularly unique to me, so I can't say I'm heartbroken.
    Sorry but I don't know of any COF memorable riff. This is the truth, there, I said it.
    Hm, they have a lot of more or less memorable riffs. Here are some examples:
    Saying something is the truth doesn't make it true.. I don't even like Cradle of Filth, but stop being annoying. Music is subjective, and I'm sure plenty of people find their music memorable. They are pretty popular, or atleast used to be. Stop being a D.
    your reply has nothing to do with what buddy said? wtf are you even talking about?? He said he doesn't know of any memorable CoF riffs, and that was the truth. He didn't make any claim that there weren't any...just that he doesn't know of any. You're a ****ing idiot!
    The metallic fan boys on this site always crack me up. Good times. Thank you very much for the laugh!
    You expect people to be "subjective" in their opinions on forum DEDICATED to expressing them? Give your head a shake. I am tired of people falling back on that saying whenever they hear something they don't like but have nothing useful to counter it. I completely agree. COF has never done anything that stands out to me. SUBJECTIVE OPINION! (0H NOEZ!!) ...Probably because they make music for fat, ugly mall-goths and other assorted posers.
    The last line ine your comment proves how moronic and out of touch with reality you are. If you're still in high school then I guess I understand. But seriously, that was dumb.
    Now maybe he can play for a band I'd rather listen to. Nothing against CoF, but they were never my thing.
    This sucks to hear. I met the band a few years ago, and Paul stood out as the nicest person there. No smugness or anything, just a really cool dude. I wish him all the best.