Cradle of Filth Reacts to Kanye West Wearing Their 'FUCK YOUR GOD' Shirt

The one with a nun threesome in the front.

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Cradle of Filth Reacts to Kanye West Wearing Their 'FUCK YOUR GOD' Shirt

Cradle of Filth have posted a brief comment on Kanye West wearing one of their shirts, the one with a nun threesome in front and words 'FUCK YOUR GOD' in the back, saying:

"Kanye West. Cradle Of Filth fan. Fortunately not a collaborator."

The trend of non-metal famous people wearing metal shirts has been going on or quite a while. Whether or not people still care about it remains to be seen.

Needless to say, this was not the first time that Kanye, or his wife Kim were spotted wearing metal band T-shirts, which caused numerous controversial reactions. Even Kendall Jenner was seen around in a Slayer tee, which made a Slayer guitarist Gary Holt respond by wearing a t-shirt onstage with the text saying "Kill The Kardashians".

Last December, when Kanye was seen wearing Testament t-shirt. Alex Skolnick reacted negatively.

The band's post is available below.

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    Jesus Christ. What does it matter if somebody wears a certain t-shirt or listens to a certain band? Labeling people as 'posers' is even more ridiculous than a person wearing a t-shirt of a band he/she doesn't listen to. T-shirts are fashion. If you don't want people to wear the t-shirt because they think it's a nice t-shirt, don't make them en masse and spread them freely. Who cares if he wears a t-shirt while he may or may not listen to Cradle, enjoy the band yourself and stop caring about others' spare time activities so much. 
    I don't understand it. If someone super famous like Kanye wore one of my band's shirts I'd be stoked! Like, "fuck me running he's wearing one of our shirts!" I'd thank him for wearing it. I just don't get it.
    That's because he probably doesn't even listen to Cradle of Filth (I can't imagine Kanye West being a metal fan), so he wears it only for fashion - means he's being a poser
    He's still giving them free publicity. Like, suck me sideways if Cradle of Filth doesn't get new fans because he wore that.
    Believe it or not, some people aren't in it for the fame/money/publicity, particularly fringe metal like CoF. Metal has never been a focal point. Even in its biggest heyday (70s and 80s) there were still other genres that outshined metal ,fanbase wise. So I highly doubt CoF or pretty much any metal band (except mainstream bands like a7x bfmv etc.) give 2 shits about more fans/money etc. Also who in the fuck wants to be around a bunch of fake fans who only like them because their favorite rapper or the town whore wore one of their shirts. That isn't a fan. that is the exact thing that most metal musicians and fans hate. You're essentially saying its ok to sell your soul if you're making fans and getting notoriety, and believe it or not many people aren't as pathetic as you... apparently.
    Sure, maybe CoF isn't in it because they want a swimming pool in their house. There aren't much greater feelings than being able to make the music you want without compromise. This means avoiding letting people tell what to write or what's good and bad, or making the music you think will make you more popular. However, it surely feels great when you make that music, and someone tells you he or she's a big fan. Compliments are great, and getting them doesn't necessarily mean you're a poser. It just means someone likes your shit. You're doing something you love, and it turns out someone else really loves what you're doing too. I'm sure CoF don't get angry when someone tells them they dig their music. Anyhoo, Kanye West wearing a CoF shirt will likely get someone to look up a song. And maybe a fraction of those people end up genuinely liking what they hear. What's so wrong about that? They can still make whatever the f kind of music they want, only now a bunch more people give them an honest listen. Great! Maybe the band will make some money out of this. Extra people buying tickets to shows or something. Does that make them sell outs? Hell no! They're still doing what they've always done, only now they're a little further away from flipping burgers. Sure, maybe CoF isn't in it because they want a swimming pool in their house, but some asshole wearing a shirt just helped them avoid bankruptcy, enabling them to keep doing what love doing most. How are you not happy for the band?
    No you're right man. I'm gonna spend 6+ months out of the year away from home and possible steady pay because I want to sell my music for next to nothing and have nothing to show for it. Metal fans in many instances are just elitists who want to pick who enjoys the music they like. That's what we call entitlement kids and is akin to two 13 year old girls saying one can't be friends with a girl that one of them hates. 
    I'll just end this whole fiasco. 1. Just because they're Kanye's fans do not mean they're CoF fans. Apparently you have never heard of a poser. ie. someone who likes and or does something just to seem cool. Again that isn't a real fan, and no one but someone looking for a cash grab would be interested in someone who cares little to nothing about their art. This is pretty simple here... I'm not understanding how you haven't grasped this. 2.Kanye is the epitome of what most metalheads hate. So again there is nothing positive he brings to the table by being a fan, unless as I said before you're looking for a cash grab, which they're not. 3.No one said they were sellouts... They clearly dislike kanye and everything he stands for etc. so they would be the opposite... are you even in the same conversation at this point? A sell out is someone who gives up their integrity for fortune and fame, which is essentially what you're wanting them to do.  4. CoF are far from "flipping burgers" and rather numb nuts wore their shirt or not is irrelevant over all to their profits. Again all this creates is a group of morons who only listen n go to their shows, so they can tell there friends " yeah I went and seen cof. I'm so cool because it's sometihng kanye likes" It's pathetic and based on interviews is a real nuisance to the bands it happens to.
    YAH MAN that ticket sale is a real fucking nuisance. I don't know maybe its just because I haven't gone on the road yet with my band, but as an aspiring professional act we certainly don't want to make peanuts being away from our families for 6 weeks then expect to cut a track or two and then go back out on the road. I'm not looking at being rich from it right away or if ever but I can't not support my kids, or lose my car or whatever else. BRING ON THE FAKE FANS.
    "Fake fans"... Lol. Does it matter who inspires you listen to a certain band? If you genuinely enjoy it, who cares about why exactly you started listening to a certain band? If your friend tells you to check some band out and you become a fan, does that also make you a "fake fan"? I mean, you would only like the band because your friend likes it too. Also, who cares about what T-shirt someone decides to wear? It's not like CoF paid Kanye to wear that shirt so how does it have anything to do with "selling out"? Also, I don't think the band should really care why somebody started listening to the band. "I don't want to play this song to you because you like my band for the wrong reason"... Sounds pretty stupid. If they enjoy it, let them enjoy it. There's no such thing as a "fake fan". If somebody is into a certain song, no matter who suggested them to check it out, they should have the right to enjoy it as much as any "true fan" should. It just takes nothing away from CoF, so I don't understand why they would care. I just don't understand people who are so anti-fame. If one doesn't like fame, what's the point with recording albums and playing concerts? I mean, isn't one of the reasons to release an album to sell it? And isn't one of the reasons to play concerts to have an audience that wants to listen to your music? This of course doesn't mean you should sell your soul to a record company. But I don't see anything negative about getting new fans. If more people want to listen to your music (and you don't need to make any compromises), how is that a bad thing?
    They aren't inspired to listen to the music because they like the music though, that is the entire point and you're clearly missing that since you keep going back to the same bullshit. They're generally doing it to seem cool to their friends because their idol likes them. I mean there are literally 100s if not 1000s of youtube videos that people have done "experiments" over subjects like this that coincide with my statement. They say they like a band yet can't name a single song or anything about said band except the bands name and all because they heard so and so liked the band.  While some may enjoy the music for the music many do not and that is the problem as well as the definition of a "fake fan".  I know it must be hard to believe but artists tend to take their art seriously. They want people to respect the art, for the art that it is. Not because said "fans" idol likes it. Because that isn't true appreciation for the art in question. No one here is talking about "anti-fame" I don't know where you're getting that nonsense. we're pointing out the fact that the musicians want to gain their fame/notoriety based off their art, not because some twat wears their shirt to be trendy. As I already stated about 10 times now it has nothing to do with the people who enjoy the music for the music. It's the morons who say they like said band without ever actually listening to said band etc. your question about recording albums/touring is beyond stupid and doesn't even correlate to the argument... Artists tend to want their art seen/heard.They also tend to make a career out of their art, which all requires money. It's fine to make money but when you sacrifice the quality/integrity of your art in the name of money/fame, you're a sell out. Art is an expression of ones self it isn't nor has it ever been about being rich.
    Damn, maybe people like multiple types of music? Must be a crime or something to appreciate others music.
    If the band does not want people to wear their shirts, do not sell shirts as merchandise Cool to see metal bands show off their ignorance
    I wouldn't say i give a fuck, but; if, from what i see and hear about some users and some artists, if racism is indeed so ridiculously endemic and coded in extreme metal lyrics and fashion, i do support Kanye. I'm in my early 30's, and back when in the 90's, there was this cultural mix, this i like rap, i like rock, i like metal thing, and if extreme metal wants to carry the flag of prejudice, and specially if has always meant to, then it's identity must be (as it is already being) appropriated by non racist people, and the core of it's criminal, psychological, and philosophical agenda, dismantled, rearranged and rebuilt.