Crazy Town Ex-Guitarist Dies

Yesterday, Pre)thing lead guitarist, Crazy Town ex-guiatarist, singer and songwriter Rust Epique died of a heart attack in his home in Las Vegas. He was only 35.

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Yesterday, Pre)thing lead guitarist, singer and songwriter Rust Epique died of a heart attack in his home in Las Vegas. He was only 35 years old. In addition to playing with Pre)thing (formerly known as Rustandthesuperheroes), Epique was a former member of Crazy Town. Epique signed to V2 in 2002, much to the excitement of the label's top brass, who at the time called Rustandthesuperheroes "perhaps the most groundbreaking artist to grace music in the last 30 years."

V2 president Andy Gershon had the following to say about Epique's sudden passing: "This is a sad day for all of us at V2. Rust will be sorely missed. Not only was he an incredibly talented musician, but a friend to us all. We are saddened by this loss and our hearts go out to his friends and family."

Haven't heard of Pre)thing? Well, you were about to the band just released their first single to American radio (where it was amongst the most added new songs in its first week) and were preparing to release their first album, 22nd Century Lifestyle, in just a few weeks through V2 Records. Now, sadly, tragedy has struck the band, putting an end to their bright future.

It's not known yet if V2 will go ahead and release 22nd Century Lifestyle as planned. The album was to hit stores on April 6.

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    Man that sucks. he was a great guitarist. RIP *what ever happened to crazytown? they've seemed to have disappeared right off the earth. i was a big fan of them but now i cant find any info on them
    he wasnt a bad guitarist, infact it was pretty good...35 yrs thinkin drugs but hey, could be wrong. Either way R.I.P.
    Rest In Peace Epique , Hope theres plenty of bitches for u were ever the hell u r now.....
    RIP friend...Ur prolly jamming with henrix right now.. YAA!! ...Y do bad things happen to good people?... I still remmeber Dave Willaims (Drowning Pool)passing away..*sigh* RIP
    What's wrong with the world....people are havin' heart attacks at 35. RIP
    I would not be surprised if this just a Joke... since @ UG they always tell you someone die.. and then they say it was a lie.. where the *** you get the news from??? let's get real
    Crazy Town was just a joke, but he was a good guitarist, RIP
    I used to like crazy town, but now I don't listen to that kind of music anymore. But I still have respect for the band! RIP Epique...
    Fozz and Valhalla show some respect you arragant little twats a man has died and all you can o is joke about it. that is sick
    too bad..may he become famous in heaven,if not here in hell...the guy was an ok guitarist,not too great, but...well,ok, we might as well discuss him when we get up there
    I don't know the guy.. But it's pretty much a bummer for him to die just 3 weeks before releasing his first album... But that might've been a good thing (Only God knows).... Well, rest in peace, and my sympathies for his family and friends...
    crap poor guy...obviously cant comment on A. who the *** he is and B. what he was like and C. what kinda music he made and D. whether hes respectable but meh