Crowd Flips Off Linkin Park While Playing New Material, Chester Reacts

Live at Hellfest, one of Europe's biggest metal festivals.

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Crowd Flips Off Linkin Park While Playing New Material, Chester Reacts

Linkin Park's latest material wasn't exactly met with positive vibes at this year's Hellfest - one of Europe's biggest metal events - prompting Chester Bennington to share a few tweets.

The singer said:

"Hellfest was fun. Had a blast watching people mosh to 'In the End' and then flip me off when we played 'Heavy.' I blew them kisses.

"After I blew kisses to the guys flipping me off. They smiled and gave me heart hands back.

"I welcomed the huge crowd of condemned souls to HELLFEST in my metal voice then we played 'Invisible.' The look of shock on people's faces.

"All kidding aside... the crowd was great and handled our set pretty well. Our French fans are awesome.

"Does anyone else find it funny that the same people calling us sellouts are suggesting that we change our set to conform to HELLFEST?"

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    Hearing that in the middle of a rock/metal festival would be such a boner killer.
    I was at the Nova Rock festival in Austria a couple of days ago and the same thing happened there. They played many new(er) songs but the response of the people was a simple WTF. When they played their old material everybody started jumping, singing and stuff... all in all it was a shitty show with shitty dynamics.
    Been there too. When they started the encore with "heavy", well, that was the most WTF moment of the festival IMO.
    EDITED was gonna comment something but missunderstood your point, sorry about that, igonore me. *blows kisses*
    Such a boner killer that most of the crowd was singing along to the lyrics....    riiighhht.  
     "Does anyone else find it funny that the same people calling us sellouts are suggesting that we change our set to conform to HELLFEST?" 
    Oh shut it already... There are lots of bands who change up their setlists to appeal to the target audience of a festival..
    Exactly! 'Conforming' and putting together a setlist to please a paying audience are two different things.
    It is a metal festival. People go there for metal music. Maybe Chester needs to go to a grocery store wanting groceries and find out that they only sell used cars. Maybe he will then figure out what people go to metal festivals for. And it isn't for pop music.
    What a lame analogy
    How about getting lucky with a hot chick and find out it's a guy? Or would you like that? My analogy is accurate. Go for one thing and get something totally different. Have a better analogy or just being a troll?
    Exactly. Like Muse at Download. I highly doubt there own shows are that guitar heavy with fire and shit.
     "Does anyone else find it funny that the same people calling us sellouts are suggesting that we change our set to conform to HELLFEST?"  Not really, festival sets in general should be a greatest hits affair. My friend was there and said the set was leaning pretty heavy on the new material, which is absolutely not the kind of thing a Hellfest crowd is into.  When Muse headlined Download they played an assortment of their "heaviest" material, the fact that LP can't do that simply because they're so pretentiously in defense of their new album is quite sad.
    As someone who never really liked Linkin park, I cant really speak on the quality of their new material. However, The bigger question is what the Hell happened to Hell Fest that their line up went from straight brutality... to this? for fucks sake the name speaks for itself  "hey guys what are you doing tonight? oh nothing just going to Hell fest to hear some pop music" said no one ever!
    Are you kidding? My lady friend sent me a couple of pics of Devin Townsend, Emperor, Opeth, Deep Purple, ect. This year's lineup is fantastic barring a couple of bands.
    Their line up these past few years has always been top notch! Maybe they booked Linkin Park before they knew about their new Album. I don't know and really I do not care. Linkin Park played a Rock am Ring 2012 and I just didn't go to their show. Rather watched Motorhead, great show and now I'm glad to be able to say I've seen them live, which I'd probably not say if I had seen Linkin Park that night.
    And he still doesn't realise the new stuff is shit regardless of its genre!? How up himself can he be!? He can probably see the back of his teeth!
    ArtieFufkin · Jun 19, 2017 04:24 PM
    At this juncture it seems they have two choices; abandon the old fans to embrace the new ones, or continue to attempt to convert old fans to the new stuff and field criticism in situations like this one. The new material is so vastly different in tone to their previous work that they can no longer straddle the fence.
    "After I blew kisses to the guys flipping me off. They smiled and gave me heart hands back.". Most metal commen I've ever read
    When your song "Heavy" tanks at "Hellfest".  Time to re-evaluate.
    Oh come on. Flipping off a band is a shit move. You can dislike a band/song all you want, but don't flip them off. I mean what will that accomplish anyway?  Believe me, a dead/bored crowd speaks more volume to the band about their performance than 10000 middle fingers ever will.
    Or just not go to their show. That will show the band AND the festival organizers.
    You know a similar thing happened to Robert Plant in the early 80's. Zeppelin broke up after Bonham drank himself to death and Page was all smacked out, and he put out not one, but three amazingly un-Zeppelin like, at times poppy albums, and his fans hated it, expecting rock in the style they were used to hearing. I thought it was a genius move, to not repeat the past and attempt to reinvent his particular wheel. The difference here being Robert Plant has talent.
    The difference there was that it was Robert Plant on his own, it wasn't Led Zeppelin making un-Zeppelin music, it was just Plant doing his own thing. This is Linkin Park, not Chester Bennington, not Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park, and while I understand the need to change or "evolve" musically and that as these people grow older they become "softer", this wasn't just changing their original sound, it was about renouncing everything they were and make something completely different and we can't even say that they made something better or even more popular, the only reason they are given two shits about is because of the popularity of their first albums, nobody would care about these guys were it for their new music. Also, it seems these guys are just a bunch of posers, considering how different their last albums have been, which is even more disappointing as an older (maybe even former) fan.
    Totally agree, but Plant faced a similar backlash, with less mainstream music. But back then, if someone like Plant didnt sell a million copies of an album, it was a huge failure. Linkin Park sold out in the worst possible manner just to move units and make a buck, as pop and country is the only thing that sells today, physical copies wise I believe.
    I'm getting really tired of this guy. I wish they could own up to the recent change being garbage. I understand that they couldn't stay in the hybrid theory mindset forever, and I can appreciate m2m and even ats. They had some solid songs. The Hunting Party was fantastic. Going in a pop direction could have been fine because they've always been pretty poppy. But rather than go in the direction of breaking the habit they regurgitated top 40 in their 40s. 
    Yeah reminds me a lot of the recent videos of Suicide Silence where they read YT comments and then go: "Yeah well if you dislike our new material you just don't get it, fuck you, you're not a real fan! duhhh"
    I guess the Wednesday question for most diverse band would go to LP?
    What's the point of diversity if you're shit at the other stuff you try out? 
    Damn man, this is the band that was once upon a time my first step towards listening to metal. Seeing them in this state... it's tough. Need to rewatch some Rock am Ring 2004 footage.
    Flipping people off and giving them "heart hands" and is pretty damn lame and immature.
    Good god just let the guy play his crappy pop songs, I'd rather that than read him whining about it every other day.
    God forbid you'd wanna hear metal at a Metal festival. This would be as stupid as Aaron Lewis being like "Nope! We're gonna play my material from Staind" as a country festival in Nashville, then acting all surprised when the crowd isn't into it.
    Give me a fuckin break. The crowd was singing along to the lyrics...   a couple lame asses in the crowd all pissed off because they switched it up a little. Grow the fuck up and have some respect. Flipping off a band that is singing and playing their heart out for you is a piece of shit move. #LittleBitches
    I don't want them to change their setlist to fit into rock/metal shows. I just don't want to see linkin park at any rock/metal shows. Keep them in the shitty pop/rock band lineups with the rest of the Beliebers.
    Gotta do what you gotta do. I remember there was a Big 4 show in Europe where Metallica replaced Nothing Else Matters with Fight Fire With Fire (I think it was Germany). Sometimes you gotta be smart and play to appease tje crowd, since they're your bread and butter
    They can have all the money and album sales in the world. In the End, there new music is garbage. I wish I could say It wasn't.
    There's so much salt here. The new album is great, it's not metal, but that's ok. 
    None of their stuff is really metal and they banked an entire career on it. They could have released a great jazz album or the next Thriller and people would give them credit for it. Instead they wrote turgid pop music that's about as sterile as an Apple store and just as likely to be the soundtrack playing in one.
    did they asked for hellfest to open 2 circle pits during heavy just like during maximus festival in brazil?
    "Why is everything sooo heav-OPEN THAT FUCKING PIT UP!!!"
    no it wasn't so brutal like that, i guess he didn't want to be sold out to the metalheads LOL
    How many more signs will it take for LP to realise that the material they have just released is dogshit? How many more?
    Linkin Park has always sounded like two rabid cats banging each other inside of a potato sack
    Just goes to show what terrible taste a lot of metal fans have, Linkin Park are no shittier now than they have ever been, which is to say, they are very shit.
    Here's the thing, Chester, "Hellfest" is a METAL festival, meaning that 99% of the audience probably don't wanna hear whiny trap pop like your "Invisible". Don't complain when your attempts to market sellout garbage to the wrong target audience backflip.