Cult Of Luna: Enter Tonteknik Studios

artist: Cult of Luna date: 02/28/2008 category: music news
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Swedish art-rock behemoth Cult Of Luna have entered Tonteknik Studios in their home town of Umea, Sweden, to record their fifth full length album. The band have 8 songs ready to commit to tape, having spent the preceding weeks fine tuning the material that will look to build further on the success of Somewhere Along the Highway. Although the band are yet confirm the title, the album will see the band attempt to adapt their sound, welcoming a harsher and more primal element to their already complex approach. Guitarist/vocalist Johannes Persson comments cryptically: As we close the doors of the Tonteknik studio and travel into unchartered musical ground, only one thing is sure; what will come out will have been born from pain and violence. Cult Of Luna's new album is scheduled for a June release. Tour dates are below: 03/19 - Oslo, Norway @ Inferno Metal Festival 03/20 - Oslo, Norway @ Inferno Metal Festival 04/19 - Tilburg, Holland @ Roadburn Festival 06/22 - Brittany, France @ Hellfest Thanks for the info to
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