Daft Punk, Eminem and Linkin Park Ranked Among Most Pirated Artists of 2013

Piracy stats for 2013 revealed.

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Bruno Mars has been revealed as the most pirated artist of 2013.

The ranking, published by Billboard (via Musicmetric) has revealed that Mars finished the year with 5.8 million illegal downloads.

He was followed by Rihanna with 5.2 million, and Daft Punk with 4.2 million. The numbers represent albums and tracks downloaded using BitTorrent. Reportedly, the typical breakdown of BitTorrent traffic for musicians is 70% albums and 30% tracks.

Here's the full rating of the most pirated artists of 2013:

1 Bruno Mars (5 783 556)
2 Rihanna (5 414 166)
3 Daft Punk (4 212 361)
4 Justin Timberlake (3 930 185)
5 Flo Rida (3 470 825)
6 Kanye West (3 199 969)
7 Eminem (3 176 122)
8 Jay Z (3 171 358)
9 Drake (3 139 408)
10 Pitbull (3 138 308)
11 One Direction (2 920 445)
12 Maroon 5 (2 857 652)
13 Zedd (2 828 764)
14 Nicki Minaj (2 681 177)
15 Adele (2 594 275)
16 Avicii (2 562 151)
17 David Guetta (2 441 235)
18 Linkin Park (2 352 385)
19 Pharrell Williams (2 336 996)
20 Katy Perry (2 318 740)

While internet piracy is still present, BitTorrent piracy is reportedly in decline.

Musicmetric EVP Daniel Savage notes that "the increased availability of music via streaming is a contributing factor."

What do you think about piracy? Do you pirate music, or do you think that it is harming the industry? Let us know in the comments.

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    That awkward moment when you look at this list and realize that you don't wanna live on this planet anymore.
    Jacques Nel
    That awkward moment when you realize Linkin Park is not really a rock band anymore
    Memory In Death
    What do you think they are then? They've always been Rock, and always been blending different styles, and actually have the guts to do it, unlike a lot of bands. You're probably one of those Hybrid Theory fanboys who can't stand change. Stop whining, it's been almost 7 years. 7. Fucking. Years. Get over it.
    Jacques Nel
    That escalated quickly Dude, get over yourself please. I actually like most of Linkin Park's stuff, even the new stuff. In fact they are the reason I got into music. All I'm saying is Linkin Park is moving more and more away from their rock roots and blending in more and more electric and techno sounds to the point where they are not as enjoyable to old school rock enthusiasts as they may be to fans of pop culture. Stop taking everything so seriously, before you burst a blood vessel.
    Memory In Death
    Ah, I get that. My bad. Though I'm stoked for what they're putting out next. Apparently, in a recent Q/A session, Rob said that live drums had more of a role this time. So that leaves me wondering...
    Jacques Nel
    I'm personally giving the new remix album a skip. I'll see what happens thereafter though. I personally hope for more guitar work to return to the sound. I don't mind if it's not another Hybrid Theory, would just like to have some more guitar-centered tracks. However, if that's not the case I like the direction Living Things took, if they improve on that I'd take it as a win.
    I'm with you there, I've legally obtained and enjoyed all 5 studio albums so far. Reanimation as well. Recharged was garbage though, could have been so much better. But I don't think that's an indicator of where they're going with album #6, I'm excited for more. Rock, electronic, I don't care what it is or what you want to call it, I think they've still got it. Can't wait
    They were barely rock roots to begin with though. Drum machines, samples, heavy processing, synthesizers everywhere. Their heavier albums reminded me more of Nine Inch Nails than a standard guitar/bass/drums band, ATS probably being their outlier album.
    Jacques Nel
    Well yes, but what made me like them was the heavy guitar sounds. Especially with the dropped tunings. I don't care whether it was easy to play and not complicated, it kicked ass.
    Memory In Death
    Perfect example of how the fans of the mainstream stuff have no respect for artists at all. Not sure how many of them even deserve respect. ( In my humble opinion - LP, Daft Punk, a couple of others. I know I'm gonna get downvoted for this, but to hell with that). The only reason a lot of people on here and other Music forums hate Linkin Park are because they represent a mainstream act, and everyone keeps comparing whatever they put out with their first album.
    Jacques Nel
    To be clear, before another user bites my head off, I actually like Linkin Park. Just about all their music. I think the hate stems from the idea that they are chasing grammy awards instead of staying true to who they are and what they originated as. I've always been of the opinion that there is a bit of a power struggle within that band as Mike and Joe Hahn seem to favor electric sounds and more of that DJ feel to tracks than the other guys but as they basically started the band I think they usually have the final say. That's just my opinion. However, I'm over all the "we feel betrayed by Linkin Park for not making another 10 Hybrid Theory albums" now. I can live with everything they've made. If I don't like something I don't get it, I don't listen to it.
    Well said finally. It starts to feel like everyone who "hates" Linkin Park and shouts about it everywhere are forced to listen to them every minute in their lives.
    In a perfect world, they would have downloaded this because it's not worth buying and instead bought all the good albums of 2013 instead. As I said, in a perfect world...
    That's exactly what I was going to say. I'm happy so many people don't take those artists seriously enough to buy. Lots of underground artists have dedicated fans who will go out to the record store (or iTunes..) and support their favourite musicians. That being said, I really enjoyed Daft Punk and Eminem's new record. I haven't heard most of them on the list, but most pop is crap and shouldn't be purchased
    the thing with pop is, they arnt selling music, theyre selling an image. Ive heard some pretty ****ed up stories from a buddy of mine who got to partying with flo-Rida one day and he told my friend that he really hates his tatooes, said his label made him get them, so they could sell him as whatever they wanted. I dont think ive ever heard something so sad before. Cant imagine what some of those other 'artists' have had to do.
    I've haerd of pretty much all of these people. But who's Zedd and Avicii??
    Don't know about Avicii, but Zedd makes electronic music. And he's also a pretty good producer. Probably not UG's cup of tea, but I like some of his stuff. /shrug EDIT: just googled it, Avicii is the guy who made "Wake Me Up". Enough reason for me to hate him.
    notice the mainstream idiot fans illegally download their music and the people who have great sense and taste in music buy their songs and albums
    I'm surprised One Direction is on there...I wouldn't think the fan base of teenage girls would be downloading torrents....must be some male One Direction fans around here somewhere.
    This must be how they picked the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl this year.
    One of the most watched events on television picks from the most viewed and well known artists. Surprise surprise!
    Jacques Nel
    To UG, regarding your question...who do you expect to answer "Do you pirate music?" honestly? I will neeeeever pirate music. I'm a good person
    Pirate? No, I'm merely an honest privateer, moving goods of a sensitive nature whilst exercising the utmost discretion.
    Where did those numbers came from? Some ones ass, and it wasn't mine this time...
    Oh well, at least nobody I really like is getting heavily stolen from
    At least these people aren't stupid enough to actually pay to listen to these artists.
    I have to say if I am givin the chance to hear my favorite band before the album release I will download it. Who Wouldnt? Following that I do have a large collection of cd's that are still wrapped up cause I didnt have to open them lol But I did buy them. I support my people. I know what its like to make money with music its not all there
    Most of these artist don't deserve the money anyway but i wanna see how many songs were pirated and bought of the classics (zepp, sabbath etc..)
    Who would pirate most of these "artists" anyway.... lol i pirated Random Access Memories. Not happy about it, but i got it before it came out (big fan)