Damon Albarn: 'Blur Recorded 15 New Songs'

artist: Blur date: 02/27/2014 category: music news

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Damon Albarn: 'Blur Recorded 15 New Songs'
Blur frontman Damon Albarn recently confirmed that despite not being too active, Blur have recorded 15 new songs. However, this is still not enough for the release of a new album.

Chatting with NME, Damon noted, "We recorded 15 songs, but just because you record 15 ideas doesn't mean you've got an album." Responding to the interviewer's comment that 15 songs isn't exactly a small amount of material, Albarn added:

"Maybe for some bands it is, but for us it's probably just like the first quarter of a record, 'cause you edit it a lot and you make sure you get the best stuff in the end."

Discussing Blur in general, the frontman pointed out that although he enjoys working with the band very much, every member of the group is currently preoccupied with other projects, putting the album release on an indefinite hold.

"I love making music with those guys, but I don't know, I mean, honestly, if all of us collectively feel like, 'This is the best thing we could possibly be doing collectively now,' we'd do it again. But until that happens, we won't do it again."

In a separate Rolling Stone chat, Damon previously stated that Blur won't be finishing a new album in the near future. "I just haven't got the time," he said. "We put in a good shift last year and played a lot of gigs around the world. Everyone's off doing other stuff at the moment."

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