Damon Albarn Clarifies His Comments About Heroin Use

Singer says he doesn't see discussing use of illegal drug as being a mistake.

Ultimate Guitar

Damon Albarn has clarified recent comments he made about using heroin, NME reports.

As reported earlier this month, Albarn revealed that he found the illegal drug to be "very creative," having taken the substance during his relationship with Elastica's Justine Frischmann.

Speaking about the comments in a new interview with Time Out, Albarn elaborates and clarifies what he meant, saying that he does not regret opening up about his drug use. "I don't totally see it as a mistake. That's the point. It was part of me growing up. Look, I didn't go out and look for it," he says.

"I turned up at my house and there it was, made on the table. What should I have done? Leave my life and reject it or stay in my own house with my girlfriend and somehow assimilate it into my life?"

Albarn recently spoke to NME, dispelling rumours that Blur have played their final shows, saying they would be "mad" to never perform together again.

As previously reported, elsewhere in the interview Albarn revealed that him making an album with Noel Gallagher is a "distinct possibility" in future while also stating that he could release a new Gorillaz album "next week."

Damon Albarn will release his debut solo album "Everyday Robots" on April 28.

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    'yes that would have been the smart thing to do rather than becoming a junkie' grow up
    really? i need to grow up because all the cool grown up kids do hard drugs. like cool grown ups if that's the case i'd rather be an immature kid all my life than having a ****ing needle sticking out of my arm
    You need to grow up because you still think people take drugs just to look cool. The only person claiming that cool people take hard drugs is you. Users become users for different reasons and under different circumstances. It has NOTHING to do with being cool in 90% of cases. That is why you need to grow up.
    I actually agree! I don't get why people are condoning heroin use, because heroin kills! It's what killed Layne Stayley! Bottom line is: the guy should have threw it all away. The guy either needs to stop or get help! it'll take his life eventually!
    Depression coupled with his drug addiction is what killed Layne Staley. The man was severely depressed.
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    "what should i have done? leave my life and reject it" yes that would have been the smart thing to do rather than becoming a junkie
    Pikka Bird
    I'm not sure he (or even Alex James) ever quite hit the status of "junkie". It's interesting to see how much backlash we see every time anybody admits to having taken "hard" drugs without condemning them in the same breath and being all apologetic and full of regret. "Tried it, liked it" isn't good enough for most people.
    Why do so many people assume that all heroin users are complete junkie f*ckups? I bet you wouldn't have a problem if he was talking about alcohol rather than H.
    The lesson? "If you see heroin use it" Yeah you're a great role model Albarn.. Glad you're not super famous the world would be even stupider.
    Agreed. He's definitely condoning the use of drugs here. And just because he didn't turn out to be an addict doesn't mean others will do the same thing. Drugs affect different people in different ways...so this guy really needs to keep that in mind before saying this load of crap.
    thank god someone gets the ****ing message i'm sick of this left-wing bullshit of IT'S TOTALLY FINE TO SLEEP WITH EVERYONE AND DO AS MUCH DRUGS AS YOU LIKE BECAUSE THAT'S FREEEEDOM AND THE BAN WON'T BRING ME DOWN! well if getting s.t.i's and becoming a junkie is freedom i'd rather be opressed
    Please give an example of; a) Somebody saying "It's fine to sleep with everyone" b) Somebody saying "Everyone do as much drugs as you like" c) You making a valid argument using the power of thought Then maybe I will feel bad about downvoting your comment.
    In the words of the late great Hunter S. Thompson, "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." It works for some people because some people can exercise more self control than others. Damon happens to be one of those people. No where does he say that everyone one should use it. If that's what you are gathering from this, then your are, for lack of a better term, a thick skulled idiot. He's simply stating that it allowed him *personally* to create music in a more creative manner. God forbid the man offers some insight into his growing up and career.
    That's about the dumbest post I've ever read. And that's saying a lot. Anyway, no one's forcing you to live in a free country. You're free to leave. Hey, how about that?
    He has never said that people should take heroin, he's just saying he wrote a lot of his music under the influence of it. Fuck people are thick these days, you just want to hate something