Damon Albarn: 'I Could Put a Gorillaz Record Out Next Week'

Blur frontman and solo performer says an album will :definitely" happen in the future.

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Damon Albarn has said that he could release a new Gorillaz album "next week."

In this week's NME Albarn says a new Gorillaz album will "definitely happen in the future."

"I can definitely see another Gorillaz-esque record at some point, yeah," says Albarn. "That will almost definitely happen. I could put a Gorillaz record out next week; I've got enough stuff I haven't finished."

Speaking about his relationship with artist Jamie Hewlett, Albarn says the pair's well publicised fall-out has helped their relationship in the long term. "There are points in every relationship where they fall out with people that they're close to and then they reconcile, hopefully, and actually, you know the relationship's probably in a healthier place as a result of that," he said.

As previously reported, elsewhere in the interview Albarn reveals that him making an album with Noel Gallagher is a "distinct possibility" in future.

Damon Albarn will release his debut solo album "Everyday Robots" on April 28. The latest Gorillaz album "The Fall" was released in 2011. It followed the "Plastic Beach," which was released in 2010.

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    If it's like the first three and not like The Fall, I'll sell my soul for any new Gorillaz stuff.