Damon Albarn Premieres Brian Eno Collaboration 'Heavy Seas of Love' Video

artist: Damon Albarn date: 04/23/2014 category: general music news

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Damon Albarn Premieres Brian Eno Collaboration 'Heavy Seas of Love' Video
Blur / Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn has officially premiered video for "Heavy Seas of Love" single, a Brian Eno collaboration from Damon's upcoming solo debut "Everyday Robots."

The song also features the Leytonstone City Mission Choir, while the video was entirely shot on Albarn's iPad, giving it a unique stamp to go along with the tune's laid-back groove.

As far as the album goes, the effort is due on April 28 via Parlophone Records. Not only that, but it's also streaming in full, so head over to iTunes and give it a listen.

Prior to "Heavy Seas of Love," the record was first introduced with the title track video back in January and "Lonely Press Play" single in late February. Damon really picked it up a notch this month, releasing "Hollow Ponds," "Mr. Tembo" and "Heavy Seas of Love" basically within a week.

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