Damon Albarn Reveals Failed Supergroup

artist: Damon Albarn date: 03/26/2012 category: music news
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Damon Albarn Reveals Failed Supergroup
Damon Albarn has revealed for the first time that he began recording an album with David Bowie and late Parliment singer Ray Davis - but it was scrapped after one day. The prolific Blur frontman is famous for his frequent collaborations with major artists, with recent ventures including Rocketjuice And The Moon with RHCP's Flea, DRC Music for Oxfam with a coalition of UK producers, and a stage opera, Dr Dee. "I do genuinely like working with people but at the same time I don't expect it to work, and there have been a lot of people who a lot of things don't happen," said Damon (via Gigwise). "I mean, for about 24 hours, many years ago, I was making a record with David Bowie and Ray Davies. But that only lasted 24 hours." Albarn didn't explain what brought the unusual collaboration to a close. He continued to say that Blur's gig at London's Hyde Park this summer, alongside The Specials and New Order as part of the Olympics, could be their last. "I don't really do anything with Blur any more - there's this concert this year but its not a full time thing at all," he said. "Maybe this tune's a last little coda to the whole story."
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