Damon Albarn Reveals Plans for New Gorillaz Record

artist: Gorillaz date: 08/04/2014 category: music news
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Damon Albarn Reveals Plans for New Gorillaz Record
Damon Albarn has revealed plans for a new Gorillaz record after he finishes work on a musical.

The virtual band, which was created by Albarn and Jamie Hewlitt, went on indefinite hiatus in 2012, with Albarn telling the Guardian that the pair had fallen out and that future Gorillaz material was "unlikely."

Recently however, both Albarn and Hewlitt have hinted that the band is not over, and that new music is in the pipelines.

In a new interview with NME (via Gigwise), Albarn said: "I'm doing a musical, and then I might do another Gorillaz record, then I might do another solo record. I have so many songs ... But I don't know if I'll use any of them."

The latest Gorillaz single was 2012's "Do Ya Thing," featuring Andre 3000 of Outkast and ex-LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy. Last year Albarn presented "Whirlwind" - an instrumental piece, previously recorded for 2010's "Plastic Beach."

As for the musical, Albarn has revealed that it's "based on a very beloved kids' book, but with a very modern take on it."

So, will we meet 2-D, Noodle, Russell and Murdoc again?

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