Damon Albarn to Receive NME Award for Innovation

The Blur frontman will receive the accolade at the NME Awards 2014 with Austin, Texas.

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Damon Albarn will be honoured with the NME Award for Innovation at this year's NME Awards with Austin, Texas.

The Blur frontman will pick up the prize in person at the Awards, which will take place on Wednesday, February 26 at the O2 Academy, Brixton.

The award recognises the singer, songwriter, producer and composer as one of the UK's most influential and consistently groundbreaking musicians. The NME Award For Innovation not only recognises Albarn's past, but equally celebrates him as one of the world's leading music heavyweights in 2014.

NME editor Mike Williams says: "Damon's enduring popularity is a testament to his unrivalled talent. He is somebody who is always pushing things forward, always operating in his own sphere and forever innovating via experimentation and collaboration. Britain rarely produces songwriters of Damon's calibre, which is why he's been so popular with NME's readers for the past two decades. I don't see that popularity waning any time soon, just as I don't see his ability to write life-affirming, jaw-dropping songs disappearing either. We're lucky to have him, and it's an absolute honour for us to be giving Damon the NME Award For Innovation."

"He just makes you want to be what he expects you to be. He's consistent, and he's got a nice way of being persistent," Bobby Womack says.

Others paying tribute to Albarn include Richard Russell, Massive Attack, Jude Law and De La Soul amongst others.

"He's got the Midas touch," says former Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things man Carl Barât, paying tribute to Albarn in this week's NME. "I don't think I've ever heard anything of his that I've not liked, and some of his things I've loved. He's got a reputation for being difficult and hard, and I've witnessed that first hand, but I'll say he's got heart in equal measure. I think Damon's one of the greats."

Damon Albarn will release his debut solo album "Everyday Robots" on April 28.

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    "...at this year's NME Awards with Austin, Texas." º_º Can somebody explain wtf that means, please?
    Yeah didn't they say that in yesterday's Blondie article too? what's happening in Austin Texas that's so important it needs to be slipped into articles?
    Austin touted themselves as The Live Music Capital of the World when I lived there between 1995-2003, I would wager they still are. The musicians I know that are still gigging in ATX have been telling me a lot of folks from California (amongst other states) have been coming there and doing gigs for free, it's really killing the vets there that used to get paid by these bars & venues (worse if you're a cover band)... so needless to say that's pissed off a lot of Austinites. But Yep, they stay busy there with live music. My favorite spots were Austin Music Hall & Emo's, Antone's always had terrible parking, people could jack your shit quick.
    So, I'm an Austinite, and I hate to burst your bubble...but Antone's moved location, Emos moved location, and the Music Hall sucks now. Moody Theater, the place where they film the Austin City Limits TV show, it the best place in town now. As a resident of Austin, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS "WITH AUSTIN, TEXAS" BULLSHIT???
    Didn't burst my bubble, sunshine. Why do you think I got the **** outta dodge? Who wants to deal with MOPAC & 35 in the morning, anyway?
    Sewage Rat
    'Britain rarely produces songwriters of Damon's calibre' i.e. 'Britain does not have good songwriters'??? that is just a ridiculous statement
    They have brilliant song writers, but Albarn is up there with Thom Yorke, Paul McCartney etc.
    Sewage Rat
    That's what I meant. I love Damon, but to say Britain does not have good songwriters is wrong. Britain has the best songwriters of any country I'd say.