Dan Donegan Says Disturbed Will Return

Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan tells Billboard.com that he hasn't ruled out the possibility of the band ending their hiatus.

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Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan spoke to Billboard.com about the open-ended hiatus that the band announced while it was headlining this summer's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, reports Blabbermouth.net.

"We just decided not to have a game plan that's the first time in our career we've done that," Donegan explained. "We've always said, 'After this tour, let's do this...,' always something planning ahead. This is just the first time we're not having those discussions. We said, 'Let's finish this tour and go home.' We'll see where that takes us."

Disturbed frontman David Draiman recently said that all four members of the group have other creative endeavors they'd like to pursue, with both he and Donegan interested in producing other acts. The guitarist, however, told Billboard.com, "We're not stopping to pursue other things at least I'm not. We're kind of looking to just go away for a bit, give the fans a little bit of a break, give ourselves a bit of a break. There's not some great game plan or design to all of this."

As to when the group will come together again, Donegan told Billboard.com, "I don't know if it will be six months or six years or whatever. I really don't. It's kind of scary to me to think, 'What if we don't return?' That part of it bothers me."

He added, "My hopes are if we're away from it long enough we're gonna want it that much more. I like to think that as much as we've done together and how good the chemistry has been in the band, there's going to come a time hopefully sooner than later that we're gonna turn around and say, 'Man, I fuckin' miss this. I want to get back there.' I'll be surprised if that doesn't happen, really."

Disturbed's first-ever collection of B-sides and rarities, "The Lost Children", will be released on November 8. The set includes a previously unreleased track, "Mine", and "3", which was as a benefit track for the West Memphis Three.

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    You guys are freakin' nuts - Disturbed kicks total ass. Most people complain when a band "evolves" away from what they do best, and those bands most times hurt their careers by departing from what got them there. Disturbed has decidedly NOT departed from what's made them great, and I for one am glad and continue loving their sound, energy, and just pure "bad-ass-ness". Hope they return soon!
    Dan, i really wish you would take your talent somewhere else, you're playing is sick and the band itself had a great sound, but Dave is the worst vocalist i have ever heard, his voice is atrocious and turns me off of disturbed, if someone would go through every disturbed cd for me and take out all the vocals and just leave the instruments. i would surely buy it. Dave stop being a pretentious hack that thinks his opinion on life is more valid than anyone elses.
    I stopped listening to Disturbed when they made the same song 12 times on their last 3 or 4 cds.
    Ive unwillingly seen their live show multiple times over the past couple of years and its been the same crappy, lackluster show each time. Also not to mention their music was only cool back in 7th grade.
    the really funny thing is that i like them more now...I am into bands like meshuggah, tesseract, periphery, behemoth, Textures...but i love Disturbed!