Dangerous Toys Reunited At Bat Fest

Dangerous Toys have reunited to perform at the second annual Bat Fest in Austin, Texas.

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Dangerous Toys just recently got back togher on September 3rd to perform at the second annual Bat Fest ? a celebration of crafts, music, food and flying mammals ? in Austin, Texas.

"We get together once or twice a year," Dangerous Toys singer Jason McMaster told Austin360.com. "It's more successful when it's more sporadic. We get up and play all the hits, and everyone in the crowd is singing and smiling. It's like the last 19 years never existed."

Before Seattle rained its grunge on the decade of decadence, Dangerous Toys shared radio and MTV rotation with Guns N' Roses, Mtley Cre, Skid Row and other skin-tight rockers with cotton-candy hair and hula-hoop earrings.

"As far as MTV, I remember being in my apartment with some friends having some drinks, and we knew our 'Teas'n, Pleas'n' video was going to debut," McMaster said. "We're hanging out, and the (Austin/Los Angeles band) Junkyard video for 'Hollywood' came on, followed by 'Teas'n, Pleas'n'. We were, like, 'Check that out, a double shot of Texas rock 'n' roll!' MTV probably didn't even know they were putting high school chums back-to-back on the show. That was a magical moment."

The lid closed on the Dangerous Toys in 1994 after the band lost its big-time deal with Columbia Records and two more albums squeaked out on lesser labels.

"Fame is fleeting, but it was great," McMaster said. "When someone comes up to you at the grocery store and wants you to sign something, you can't tell that person you're not famous because you don't think you're famous. A rock fan is a rock fan.

"We got a couple gold albums (signifying sales of more than 500,000 copies), but gold albums are like bowling trophies you win for making someone else a whole lot of money," he says. "People go, 'Dude, where's your Maserati and your mansion on the lake?' And I go, 'You don't get it. The record company got the Maserati and the mansion.' "

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    Wow! I was jsut thinking about them the other day. I remember when "Teasin' Pleasin'" came out. Ah, memories.
    I was at Bat Fest. Man It was awsome! Rhino bucket was there too. After the show, I got to talk to the guitarist Scott Dalhover. I shook his hand, got with two pictures of him with me and my brother. I even got a pick from him. He said "I got guitar straps older than you guys."
    They played: Teasin' Pleasin Scared Bones in The Gutter Take Me Drunk Sportin' A Woody Queen Of The Nile Outlaw Ten Boots That Dog Gunfighter Gimme No Lip Sugar, Leather, and the Nail Pissed Share The Kill (I think, I don't own their last two albums) I think that's all. They tried to end with Teasin Pleasin, but the guy next to me started chanting "Stay! Stay!" so I joined him. Then everybody else started chanting. It was cool. So, then they did Scared. Pissed