Dave Davies Offers Message of Support to AC/DC's Malcolm Young

Kinks guitarist reaches out to ill AC/DC member.

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Kinks guitarist Dave Davies has offered a message of support to AC/DC's Malcolm Young after it was announced that he was taking a break from the band due to ill health.

AsĀ HenneMusic reports, it has been rumored that Young suffered a stroke. Davis, who recovered from a stroke in 2004, has taken to Facebook to offer the guitarist tips on how to move forward and deal with the condition:

"Malcolm Young - never give up - and remember all the important 'tricks' you learnt and keep going over and over them in your mind, Always exercise your hands and fingers - picking coins from the floor- picking up pins from a flat surface - constantly touch the tips of your fingers with the thumb and try to do it faster and faster - image playing your best solos ever in your mind before you go to sleep-daily - Dave Davies."

While it was alleged that AC/DC might break up due to Malcolm's health issues, the band has subsequently stated that they will continue without the guitarist, who is "taking a break." AC/DC is set to enter the studio next month to begin work on their next studio album.

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    image playing your best solos ever in your mind :|
    Malcolm originally played some solos too. And he probably could have played some insane stuff but he wanted to focus on rhytm guitar.
    I think the issue here is the word "image" instead of "imagine".
    ..Which is how it's spelt in the actual post? It also makes perfect sense, I've heard people use 'image' in that context before. :/
    Yeah, Angus has said that Mal could actually solo just as well as him, and you can hear it on the song "Show Business" where they trade off soloing.