Dave Davies to Play First Show in 13 Years

artist: The Kinks date: 02/28/2014 category: general music news

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Dave Davies to Play First Show in 13 Years
Kinks guitarist Dave Davies has confirmed his first show in 13 years, Classic Rock reports.

He'll play at the Barbican in London on April 11, with tickets going on sale at 10am tomorrow (February 28).

The concert is described as Davies's own way of marking "the fiftieth anniversary of his revolutionary guitar sound, which launched 'You Really Got Me.'"

The Kinks are due to release an anniversary box set this year - and the prospect of a reunion of surviving members Davies, brother Ray and drummer Mick Avery has been described as "as close as it's ever been" by the frontman.

Guitarist Dave recently reported: "I said to Ray it would be a great shame if we don't do something. I don't think our love has diminished; I think the stage play has played itself out a bit. It's time reality took over and started directing the last years of whatever it is."

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