Dave Grohl: 'Foo Fighters To Begin Work On New Album This Week'

Frontman says he is heading back to America to begin work on new record.

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Dave Grohl has revealed that he is heading back to America to start work on a new Foo Fighters album today (February 21).

The frontman has been in the UK this week promoting his new movie "Sound City" and also played a gig with his new supergroup, the Sound City Players, at London's Kentish Town Forum on Tuesday (February 19). Speaking at the Brit Awards last night, Grohl revealed that he is now on his way home and will start work on the next Foo Fighters album, NME reports.

Following Grohl's numerous side-projects and claims made by the frontman during their headline set at Leeds Festival in 2012 many Foo Fighters fans were prepared to spend a long time waiting for the band's next album.

However, speaking to host James Corden during the ceremony, Grohl stated:

"I return to Los Angeles tomorrow to start work on a Foo Fighters record," Grohl revealed during a chat with host James Corden.

However, it does not appear that the album will be on stereos any time soon with Grohl's only word on a release date being "eventually".

Grohl previously hinted at his "awesome plans" for the next Foo Fighters album, stating:

"We have a plan, we know exactly what's coming next and I have the music for the next record and we're going to start working on it once we finish doing all this stuff. We have really awesome, big plans for the next album and I'm really excited about it."

Foo Fighters released their last album "Wasting Light" in 2011.

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    Awesome. Wasting Light was incredible. No doubt they'll deliver the goods again!
    Wasting Light is my favorite from them, and normally that's not the case with new releases, but it was amazing.
    We must be hearing different music. This shit is terrible.
    You're just sad cause there isn't any fresh pot. Someone get this idiot a fresh pot. His opinion on great music has turned to shit!
    post a link to your favorite Foo Fighters song. I want to learn. I want to accept. I want to listen. Help me out.
    I was being serious.
    Its called youtube go find it yourself, its not hard.
    It kinda is.
    metallica have made their share of shit records. i listen to some of their stuff and just think.....i coul have done better. but, foo fighters are insanely overrated. everything sounds the same
    Everlong Walk White Limo Bride Burning My Hero Monkey Wrench Learn To Fly Times Like These Rope Best Of You Pretender .... Enough yet?
    Look up 'all my life' and think heavily of increasing musical taste. Pick up a guitar, slap yourself, and jam!
    You're also an idiot as well. Because 'cause' doesn't mean 'because'. Some people don't like Foo Fighters, get over it.
    Haha you're seriously going to try to call me out on that? Well, dude, "cause" was being used as an abbreviated colloquial form of "because", but I know that is not the formally-accepted usage of it (due to Grammar-Nazi's like yourself). At the least I should have thrown in the ' before the c to show the difference in "cause" and "'cause". Maybe that way, just maybe, you wouldn't have gotten your little panties in a bunch.
    And calling the guy an idiot due to his opinion is acceptable? You should really stop making hypocritical comments. I'm not a 'Grammar Nazi'. I just hate seeing the likes of you destroying the English language, someone I know does the same, he keeps typing 'cause' instead of 'because'. It's ****ing annoying. By the way, I don't have my 'panties' in a bunch. Bloody Americans.
    Look guys, this man right here is never gonna learn. By posting back to him we are giving him attention he doesn't deserve. sykest70 - I am sorry you are not musically eared. Please rinse and repeat tracks until you have taste/rigor mortis. Good day!
    Fuck I still haven't even got the last one... DAMMIT GROHL SLOW THE FUCK DOWN
    His music making speed really is putting every other musician to shame
    I think it was Jack White said musicians ought to put out an album a year. Grohl's up there as pretty damn prolific.
    I saw this last night and I was so excited. Wasting Light was incredible, and I can't wait to hear a Foo Fighters album recorded on Sound City's Neve 8028 console.
    New QOTSA, new Black Sabbath, now new Foo Fighters. This year has the potential to be epic
    Don't see why everyone's saying they're overrated, obviously they're doing something good to gain this much popularity. Go back to your hipster underground coffee shops. That being said, I'm excited for their album but even more excited for live touring. Last show I went to was ****ing glorious. Longest concert of my life and I didn't want it to stop there.
    How bout Justin Bieber? is his sheer musicianship the cause of his popularity? Or how bout the fact that Brittany Spears has sold more records than NIRVANA. and we know that she saved rock and roll and caused a cultural revolution. Sarcasm aside, popularity does not = quality. Lots of bands who are complete shit, are insanely popular.
    21st of August, Dave promised in a gig in Belfast to be back soon and he'll start recording soon. I was pissed when I heard about the hiatus but seems like he keeps his word. Hope it's as good as Wasting Light
    I was there. Damn good show if you discount that mediocre support act (not trucker diablo or the Black Keys, the other one).
    The Cribs and The Minutes, they weren't too bad. But it was epic, Dave Grohl is such a legend.
    As much as I love Dave Grohl, I really really wish the Foo Fighters would just stop. I just want Dave on drums all the time. Crooked Vultures, I'm looking at you!
    Yeah Foo Fighters have been writing pukeworthy music for a long time. But TCV is the best new rock band in a long long time.
    You would think with today's recording and producing technology, most bands would be able to be as productive as Grohl and Co. (That's right, I'm looking at you Tool! haha) Hell, bands like Zeppelin and the Beatles could crank out an album a year while they were practically inventing recording techniques as they went.
    Is it just me, or has there been a lot of awsome news on UG lately?
    No there has just been alot of Dave Grohl news lately.
    And QOTSA, Atoms for peace, Alice in chains, Black sabbath, Led Zep, and a little bit of Jack White.....And Sound city of course... So yeah, there's been quite a bit of awsome Dave Grohl news - but there is also other guys who are keeping unwanted news from the door (ex. Anything related with the names "Courtney", "Axl", and "Nugent")
    Yeah, what's with all the Dave Grohl, Dave Mustaine, David Bowie, David Gilmour AND Dave Lombardo? Seriously, wtf?
    Looking forward to it. About 60% of Wasting Light was epic -- the other 40% is still a class above just about everything else that's out there on that borderline between hard rock and metal. BTW - Imagine how much better the world would be if we could get Maynard J Keenan to create music at Grohl's pace? (I need more than Puscifer... I just do)
    The 2 that disliked this news must be fans of Beiber and probably stupid hipsters. I love the Foo Fighters. Saw them at The Palace in Auburn Hills and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen!
    you guys just love sucking dave grohls dick every chance you get, don't ya?
    You direct a movie, start a support band for that movie, while on a world tour for one of the biggest bands in the world. Take a 2 day break and start recording another album. Not taking into account the work he's doing with QOTSA and Them Crooked Vultures.
    Wasting Light kicked ass. It will always have a place in my CD collection. I hope whatever they do next builds on that.
    Quik Axe Player
    I hope they use the Neve that he bought from Sound City. I know they did Wasting Light on analog. Hell bring Butch Vig back again too!
    F-ck yes!! Although I wouldn't expect to hear it until late this year or early next year.
    I think Grohl and Chad Smith are secretly in a contest for most over-schieving drummer
    Dark Canuck
    I kinda wished they would stay away a bit longer, they're one of those bands that radio overplaying the shit out of their singles has ruined them for me. I'm more excited about the next Big Wreck album.
    I want him to release POCKETWATCH on CD and the LAUNDRY ROOM DEMOS from when he was in NIRVANA. That music is aching to be released, and better than anything he has written in the Foo Fighters for a long, long time. Hate away, but its true.
    Wasting Light was one of their best records in ages IMO (except Walk, which was meh). Another album in the same level will keep me satisfied.
    Lets hope that this album goes.....Grohl in the first week of sales..... suck my dick
    @ skykest70 You must be a shitty musician or a retarded fan... either way, **** off... Dave Grohl is a genius, and even more shocking, a DECENT human being...