Dave Grohl: 'Grunge Never Went Away'

The former Nirvana drummer says the grunge genre is alive and well. Do you agree?

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Dave Grohl says grunge music is alive and well, contrary to what many music fans may think.

He made the comment during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), which is effectively a Q&A session on a public forum. He was promoting the new Sound City documentary, which appeared at the Sundance Film Festival and discusses the life and should of original analog recordings.

When asked if he thinks grunge will ever make a comeback, Grohl said:

"If you mean loud a-s guitars, loud a-s drums, and screaming a-s vocals? That never went away ding dong."

During the AMA, he also said that he wouldn't be touring with Queens Of The Stone Age despite recording drums for their long-awaited new album.

Meanwhile, UK Grohl fans have the opportunity to see his Sound City film at select cinemas on February 18. You can see a full list of participating theaters on the Vue site.

Grohl will attend the UK premiere in person in London.

Do you think grunge is alive and well, or does Grohl simply mean the spirit of live 90s rock lives on? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    oh that's nice.. building an article around one line on reddit..
    UG: "Hmm, it's not like the Grammys were on or anything. Let's make an article based on a sentence!"
    they also made 1 about the grammy's though, so your argument is a little invalid.
    I see that now haha, I guess my comment doesn't make sense anymore. Still, the Grammys were on Sunday.
    not it got watered down and became bands like creed, nickelback, shinedown, 3 doors down etc.
    "discusses the life and should of original analog recordings." In the quiet words of the virgin Mary, come again?
    UG news writers are 5 years old, and I'm still waiting for a single article that's well written, so don't even bother on trying to understand what they write.
    UG writer: "We need an article for UG today, screw it, take a sentence from one of last week's articles and see if we can get away with it"
    He didn't actually say that grunge never went away; he said that "loud a-s guitars, loud a-s drums, and screaming a-s vocals?" never went away. He's basically saying that the spirit of grunge never went away.
    i think "grunge" is a bullshit term to begin with. A lot of it was basically hard rock, closer to 70's Aerosmith, Nazareth, and similar bands than punk or alternative. Hard rock never dies, because it's so varied and versatile. It can have metal, ballads, blues, and strange "Floydian" songs on the same album. This stuff gets too analyzed.
    "If you mean loud a-s guitars, loud a-s drums, and screaming a-s vocals? That never went away ding dong." I guess Cannibal Corpse and Metallica are grunge.
    Second Rate
    I was thinking the same thing. Loud ass guitars, loud ass drums, and screaming ass vocals are not the sole province of grunge. The thing that makes grunge grunge is the cry baby lyrics. And that never went away, it is still there... it's just drenched in clean guitars with too many effects these days.
    Grunge never went away. It just went back underground... much like punk-rock. All the talent went back to small bars and clubs much like how it started. Media loses interest in things after a few years and treats music as a "fad", which is why genres that are new at the time seem to die down. Just look at punk rock. People say it died a long time ago, but the fact is it's more alive than ever. You just won't find it on your Television Set.
    Or course it never went away.. we have freakin classical music still, people running around playing polka music.. grunge just doesn't go away
    "Grunge" never did go away. It was the next step for rock n' roll. It was packaged and promoted a certain way that made it popular in the mainstream during the late 80's to mid 90's... but just because something isn't popular anymore doesn't mean it went away. Everything goes in cycles. Eventually people will get sick of the boring, overproduced, soulless music that's popular right now and real music will be popular again. Then it won't be popular, again. Then it will...
    Implying crap hasn't always been popular. but nostalgia makes everything look like gold, so
    Grunge came from such a sad place emotionally. Layne Staley could sing those lyrics and it meant something. Cobain too. But then you have the a$$ clowns in Candlebox and Bush trying to sing the same lyrics, and it just couldn't continue like that. The industry term "Grunge" isn't used anymore but that spirit sure as hell didn't go anywhere -- you just have to figure out which ones really mean it and which ones are pu$$ies who just write those lyrics to sound deep.
    Bullshit article. What Dave Grohl's saying is that "grunge" never meant anything more to him than just loud rock music, i.e. he's dismissing the idea of grunge as a separate genre... Come on guys, you are supposed to be the journalists! You should try harder than this.
    doesn't anyone realize Dave Grohl is the most sarcastic person on the planet? I don't think he meant much by it
    'Grunge' was just a media-assigned label anyway wasn't it? The only bands that ever called THEMSELVES grunge were the second-wave imitators who heard that this was what the new scene was called in the media. It's just ****ing rock, man.
    Goth JR
    Grunge died when I stopped listening to it far as I'm concerned. If I come across a good grungy band I like, then it's made a comeback.
    Let me fix another headline for you, UG... "Trollbait: Start Another Pointless Discussion/Flaming" There you go. Also, pretty sad that he won't be touring with QotSA.
    1 Sentence by Dave Grohl > 90% of the band's nominated for Grammy's this year's entire discographies
    As some have already mentioned, the grunge thing was a bunch of bands with very little in common lumped together because people love a fad. Most of it was also terrible.
    i think this is just a desperate last minute article. Grunge is very alive for the fans who listen to it. Sure its not as popular as it was before but its not gonna go away just because pop and dance/electronic music is taking over. If you want to find Grunge you have to some digging haha
    Mike Quall
    grunge will be alive and well when everyone i know is wearing flannel shirts and holy jeans
    Violent Soho, Japandroids, Cloud Nothings, The Smith Street Band...Grunge is making its return to the top.
    Foo fighters are the furthest thing from grunge.
    Hardly the furthest thing, I'm sure Reggae is further from being grunge, not to mention the first Foo Fighters album is pretty grungy.
    I love Dave, but he said the same thing about making Rock music in his rockumentary Back and Forth, almost the exact same thing so to me this is just a generalization. Grunge isn't gone as the music is still out their, but certainly isn't any fresh stuff.