Dave Grohl Honored By Hometown

artist: Dave Grohl date: 07/04/2012 category: music news
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Dave Grohl Honored By Hometown
Dave Grohl's hometown of Warren, Ohio has already named a street after him (Dave Grohl Alley) and now they're set to honor the head Foo Fighter once again. The Youngstown Vindicator reports a new Grohl tribute is set to be unveiled this weekend: 900-pound drumsticks created out of huge poplar logs. Joe O'Grady, a Warren policeman and President of the downtown promotional organization Main Street Warren, said the drumsticks will be shown to the public in between two acts of the River Rock at the Amp concert series at the downtown Warren Amphitheater this Saturday night. The unveiling will take place around 7:30 or 8 p.m. The drumsticks, thought to be the largest in the world, will remain at the amphitheater until the last concert in September and then will be moved to Dave Grohl Alley just south of Courthouse Square. Grohl was born in Warren but raised in Virginia. "Most of my family is from Niles and the Youngstown and the Warren area," he said, when he came to Warren to help dedicate the alley in 2009. The final touches made to the drumsticks in the last couple weeks were feathers etched into the drumsticks to look like the tattoos on Grohl's arms. Thanks for the report to HenneMusic.com.
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