Dave Grohl: 'I Never Felt Secure in Nirvana'

artist: Nirvana date: 09/20/2013 category: music news
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Dave Grohl: 'I Never Felt Secure in Nirvana'
While discussing the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's final record, "In Utero," Dave Grohl made an interesting statement that the stability of his position in the group was something he never felt. When asked by Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1 on whether he "felt secure on the drum stool" after releasing monumental album "Nevermind," Grohl replied: "Oh I never did. I was the fifth drummer; you know that, right? [laughs] They had so many drummers and I've never been in a band with people that I didn't really know. All the bands that I've been in were friends that I skateboarded with or went to punk rock shows with or whatever." Dave continued, "And so joining Nirvana - I jumped in there cold. I flew up on the wind and joined the band. And within eight months or nine months we were on television, it was weird to me. It was a really bizarre experience because I don't think any of us expected that to happen. So when it did happen, the most important thing was that we didn't lose ourselves and 'In Utero' was sort of that response." Grohl then focused on the group's priorities at the time, noting that although the record company likely wanted Nirvana to make a "Nevermind" sequel with even more pop aspects, maintaining integrity was what mattered the most to Kurt Cobain and co. "'Nevermind' was a real album - that was the three of us working really hard and crafting those songs to make that perfect three-and-a-half, four-minute pop rock song album. That's what it was. We weren't trying to make a sonic huge record, we wanted to make the Beatles meet the Ramones," he added. "'In Utero' was kind of the opposite of that," Dave explained. "'In Utero' was a lot darker and a lot more raw and it was more about capturing the sound of three of us in a room, playing songs that were just like emotional vomit." "In Utero" reissue will hit the shelves in an expanded format on September 24, featuring an unearthed song "Forgotten Tune" among the bonus content.
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