Dave Grohl: Meg White 'One Of The Best Drummers Ever'

artist: Dave Grohl date: 01/29/2013 category: music news
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Dave Grohl: Meg White 'One Of The Best Drummers Ever'
Dave Grohl has sung the praises of Meg White, calling her one of his favorite drummers of all time. He names The White Stripes drummer alongside Patrick Carnay of The Black Keys and Chris Tomson from Vampire Weekend, saying they deserve to be put in the drumming ranks alongside Keith Moon and John Bonham. "The drummers that have changed the world have all had really definite personality, and that personality comes from all of their imperfections. You listen to John Bonham, and his feel was not metronomic, but it was legendary. Keith Moon played like he was on fire. He was a wild drummer. He was sloppy and he was f--kin' frenetic and manic, but that's The Who. Stewart Copeland, his tempo would f--kin' blast off like the space shuttle, but that's The Police," Grohl told Rolling Stone. "Nowadays, I think it could be hard for a kid to find a favourite drummer, because a lot of that personality is being robbed from these musicians for the sake of perfection, and it's kind of a drag. "It's nice to hear drummers like Meg White one of my favorite f--king drummers of all time. Like, nobody f--king plays the drums like that. Or the guy from The Black Keys. Watch that guy play the drums it's crazy. The dude from Vampire Weekend. Like, if any of those people went to the Berklee School of Music they'd never be accepted, because they're not considered technically proficient. But their music has totally changed the world." Meanwhile, Dave's video he directed for Soundgarden has been revealed after a faulty video posted yesterday. Watch "By Crooked Steps" here:
Who is your favorite modern drummer? Do you agree that Meg White is one of the all-time great drummers? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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