Dave Grohl: Meg White 'One Of The Best Drummers Ever'

He ranks The White Stripes drummer alongside John Bonham and Keith Moon while discussing how other musicians lack personality.

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Dave Grohl has sung the praises of Meg White, calling her one of his favorite drummers of all time.

He names The White Stripes drummer alongside Patrick Carnay of The Black Keys and Chris Tomson from Vampire Weekend, saying they deserve to be put in the drumming ranks alongside Keith Moon and John Bonham.

"The drummers that have changed the world have all had really definite personality, and that personality comes from all of their imperfections. You listen to John Bonham, and his feel was not metronomic, but it was legendary. Keith Moon played like he was on fire. He was a wild drummer. He was sloppy and he was f--kin' frenetic and manic, but that's The Who. Stewart Copeland, his tempo would f--kin' blast off like the space shuttle, but that's The Police," Grohl told Rolling Stone.

"Nowadays, I think it could be hard for a kid to find a favourite drummer, because a lot of that personality is being robbed from these musicians for the sake of perfection, and it's kind of a drag.

"It's nice to hear drummers like Meg White one of my favorite f--king drummers of all time. Like, nobody f--king plays the drums like that. Or the guy from The Black Keys. Watch that guy play the drums it's crazy. The dude from Vampire Weekend. Like, if any of those people went to the Berklee School of Music they'd never be accepted, because they're not considered technically proficient. But their music has totally changed the world."

Meanwhile, Dave's video he directed for Soundgarden has been revealed after a faulty video posted yesterday. Watch "By Crooked Steps" here:

Who is your favorite modern drummer? Do you agree that Meg White is one of the all-time great drummers? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Just to say, this title is COMPLETELY misleading. He never uttered those words according to the article. He said FAVOURITE which is a lot different to BEST. Gotta agree with what he said regardless, she brought it back to bare-ass basics.
    Yes she did. But only because she couldn't do any better. Not "because it suits the WS vibe" FFS. I like a lot of WS tracks, but that's not thanks to the drum parts. I have nothing against Meg White, but dishonest hypocrites that lie to themselves just to please and agree with everyone else reaally p$ss me off.
    Brann Dailor is the best
    guy is an absolute beast. I've been drumming for like 7 years and I still can't touch Capillarian Crest
    That song is insane. Workout for everybody on some of the Mastodon stuff
    oh hell yeah Brann Dailor plays epic ass beats like all the time those ****ing fills on Blood and Thunder are rockin
    Sheep Shagger
    I'd bet that if Dave didn't say anything about Meg's drumming, most of you claiming that she is a great drummer -- wouldn't be saying that.
    It's funny how many people say that Meg is good because she 'serves the song' or something, but when it comes to Lars everyone says he's shit. I'm not a drummer but I can safely say Lars is better than Meg.
    I agree but the point Dave was making was how if you get bogged down in technicalities you can lose something special. Lars' drumming has always held Metallica back, so in that case being technically better hasn't worked out.
    Um...what? Lars' drumming has always suited their songs, while still being interesting. Yes, he needs to work on having his toms mixed better at times. But that's the only complaint.
    I respectfully disagree. He's written some great drumbeats (One, for example) but a lot of the time I think there's something lacking that another drummer could have brought to the table. Just my opinion though.
    Nah, Lars sounds right with Metallica, when Joey and Dave Lombardo played with them there was something missing even though those 2 are technically better.
    I disagree, If someone like Mike Portnoy was in Metallica I think it would sound awful, just my opinion.
    Lars drumming suits most songs. Some songs could be far more energetic, and are held back by the lack of fast/technical beats. Just my opinion.
    Of course it suits most songs; he mostly plays the one standard beat
    People who make this argument show they have never listened to anything beyond "Enter Sandman." Lars has utilized ALOT of different drum beats and techniques. You can hate him as a person or criticize his sloppiness over the years but to say he is unoriginal is just plain stupid.
    I'd rather he played a simpler beat but didn't lose the tempo. Every time he does double kick stuff live he speeds up or slows down, no control.
    Really? Watch all Nightmare long in Nimes, the part after the solo he nails the double bass parts
    I have watched Nimes and I am utterly confident that the double bass drumming is doctored in that video. He never plays it that good, he didn't do it on that tour or the tours before and after it. And he didn't sound like he was doing very well in fan footage of that concert. The bass drumming is "faked" in. Especially Dyers Eve - that was just silly. Cool concert though. I should be clear, I'm not just some blind Lars "hater". I just don't appreciate a multi millionaire drummer...not practicing
    Don't be so quick to assume. Lars got me into drumming. I think he's a fantastic person. AJFA is one of my top albums for drumming. Unfortunately I stand by what I said. A lot of his playing nowadays is just that one beat, maybe attempt some double bass if he's feeling it. And a snare drum fill. His finer points, like on AJFA, I found very original and creative. But lately? No originality at all for me, sorry
    There's not a lot any drummer can do today to be original in all fairness.
    Yeah but Meg doesn't play on trash cans.
    Mixing issue, not a drumming issue.
    not necessarily, Lars did modify his drumset for St. Anger. If 'modifying' is the right word....
    Like I "modified" my guitar yesterday by putting all the strings out of tune? Like that?
    Fuck that, I just removed all of the strings from my guitar and replaced them with Nerd Ropes.
    Meg's a very limited drummer, but it worked for the white stripes sound. Lars Ulrich is limited because he's shit and cant keep time, not to mention being about as creative as a black hole.
    meg is an awesome drummer
    No, she's not, she's terrible. Try to convince me with 3 valid points. "She's cute" or "has big tits" are not valid points. Get real you hypocritical fanboys, if she was that "awesome" she would still be drumming in another band after the WS split. Stop lying to yourselves and have the guts to voice your honest and personal opinions.
    She's horrible. Plays the same simple beat for every song. Give a little kid a drum set and he or she will play exactly like Meg.
    Second Rate
    People who put down on Lars so much likely haven't had much exposure to thrash metal outside of the big 4. For the most part, thrash metal is fast, loud, and sloppy. There are plenty of guys out there that are/were far worse than Lars. Hell, people heap praise on Igor Cavelara, but his performance on the first 3 Sepultura albums is downright painful to listen to.
    He has never said that Meg White was "One of he Best Drummers". Misleading title.
    Sheep Shagger posted I'd bet that if Dave didn't say anything about Meg's drumming, most of you claiming that she is a great drummer -- wouldn't be saying that. couldint agree more.