Dave Grohl: 'New Foo Fighters Album Will Be a Love Letter to History of American Music'

Record coming this fall, will be documented in Grohl's HBO TV series.

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As previously reported, Foo Fighters are officially set to release their new studio album this fall and have also detailed the unprecedented way of recording used during the record's creation.

Recently describing the upcoming effort, frontman Dave Grohl dubbed the release "a love letter to the history of American music," Independent reports.

When it comes to recording techniques, the band tracked the album in eight cities across the US, having local legends such as Cheap Trick or Joe Walsh of the Eagles sit in during each of the sessions.

Furthermore, the album will be the focal point of Grohl's very own HBO TV series, set for premiere during the winter schedule, also marking the band's 20th anniversary.

As the official statement reads, the lyrics on the album were written "in an unprecedented experimental style."

"Dave held off on putting down words until the last day of each session, so as to be inspired by the experiences, interviews and personalities that became part of the process," the release reads.

The list of cities the band visited during their recording journey includes Chicago, Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, Washington DC and New York. The latest Foo Fighters studio release, "Wasting Light," saw its release in April 2011 via RCA Records.

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    They said 8 sessions, not 8 tracks. For all this hype, I sure hope I'm right and it's more than 8 tracks. Side Note: The thought of them recording in space was way cooler...
    There's another article that said "One song was recorded in each city." Perhaps it was just poor wording, and they meant at least one full song was recorded in each city, or something to that effect, but it kinda sounds like it might be 8 tracks. Who knows, though
    Pretty pumped for this. I'm already a fan of Dave's lyric-writing, but this makes me even more excited to hear what's in store!
    I'm willing to bet it's gonna be the same formulaic, radio rock they always release.
    Everything is fairly formulaic, even obscure music follows an often tried and tested recipe. The Foo fighters aren’t by a long shot my favourite music but it is honest and fun music and I’m looking forward to the album release.
    All this hype and only 8 songs?
    Sometimes less is more. There are some truly incredible 8 track albums out there. Zeppelin IV? King of Limbs? Wish You Were Here? The Stooges? Come on Pilgrim? I'd rather have 8 great tracks than 16 mediocre ones.
    "A love letter to the history of American music"....sans of course, of anything REMOTELY resembling an actual GUITAR SOLO.....
    Rope has a solo. And its been proven that not every song has to have a solo in it to be good either.