Dave Grohl: 'New Nirvana Will F--king Happen'

Frontman talks future of rock, while Foo Fighters get ranked as No. 1 artist in Billboard Alternative chart history.

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Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl discussed the success of his original band Nirvana, saying that there's a band out there who will repeat such major rock impact once again.

"We meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people," he told the Guardian. "That's one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they'll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons."

Grohl explained further, "We were real and visceral, f--ked-up and ugly. That was what people were craving. And that will never go away," he said. "There's a band in a garage right now writing songs for an album that will do the same thing 'Nevermind' did some 20 years ago. We don't know who and where, but it will f--king happen again. All it takes is for that storm to break."

Meanwhile, the Foos were officially named No. 1 artist in the history of Billboard Alternative chart, claiming the top ahead of Red Hot Chili Peppers at No. 2, Linkin Park at No. 3 and Green Day at No. 4. Nirvana claimed spot No. 19, you can check out the full Top 10 below or head over to Billboard for the entire Top 50.

In related news, Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear recently commented that Nirvana should get back to performing without late frontman Kurt Cobain. "Why the f--k wouldn't we play Nirvana songs?!" he said. "That's my attitude. I get it, y'know, but I don't know ... for me it's like, 'Why wouldn't we?'"

Top 10 Artists in Billboard Alternative Chart History:

01. Foo Fighters 02. Red Hot Chili Peppers 03. Linkin Park 04. Green Day 05. U2 06. R.E.M. 07. Incubus 08. Pearl Jam 09. The Offspring 10. Bush

Do you agree with Dave on this one? Could there be another Nirvana in a garage somewhere just waiting to be unleashed? Let us know in the comments.

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    Once again, thanks for the misleading title UG!
    Well technically, there's nothing wrong with the title, it does have a clear hook, but it's not actually bending Dave's words
    ever though that UC, maybe, are doing it on purpose xD?
    Of course they are, they know more people will click on the article if they think it's Dave talking about a Nirvana "reunion" than they would if they knew he was talking about a hypothetical new band. I think they need the ad revenue to continue to host tabs on the site, or something like that. I don't understand the specifics but at least we're getting something in return for being misled which is more than can be said for most tabloid journalism which misleads you to manipulate you. When you read a headline you should always take it with a grain of salt and not jump to conclusions.
    Of course some band will break out eventually. Everything is cyclical. What was cool 10 years ago sucks now. What sucked 20 years ago is cool now (f@#kin hipsters). Everything repeats itself and eventually something new will break out and reigorvate all of us.... (idk what it will be but i can t wait for it to happen)
    Also.... I am seriously so tired of hearing about Dave ghrol I can't even put it into words. I respect him. And all his accomplishments. He a. amazing musician. But instead of rehashing the same bs I'd rather see some new artist in the limelight. someone that will introduce me to something new instead of repeat the same thing I've already heard for the last 20 years
    Dave Grohl is a good "frotnman".
    and a musician.
    *Drummer Not really great at much else.
    Y'know, besides singing and playing guitar... And just because he isn't technical doesn't mean he's not a great guitarist as well. If you believe that, you have some maturing to do as a musician.
    He really uses some crazy chords and progressions and rhythms compared to other radio-friendly guitarists. That's what I appreciate about him.
    or he might, you know, (crazy idea) just disagree with the previous speakers?
    im not the biggest foo fighters/nirvana fan.. but please.. Shut the F*ck up....
    Amen. These marks like his offkey croaking, but every note he strums, every generic modern rock song he writes, is one less song he could be drumming on, magnificent, transcendent drumming. You know what the last thing the drummer said before he was kicked out of the band right? "Hey guys, I had a few songs I thought we could work on". NEVER let your drummer acquire an acoustic guitar. NEVER.
    I've never been more put off by a misleading article than this. After the Pat Smear article on them playing Nirvana stuff together... Damn UG, nice bait.
    I believe that a "new Nirvana" already exists, the mainstream media is just too stupid to grasp it.
    This is hardly an argument in the internet era. If something good comes around, it's just bound to find its way to the crowd, with or without mainstream media
    dave grohl really needs to listen to wavves, they even wrote a song about him
    Thrice Capades
    Technically quoting something that Dave Grohl didn't say is illegal. Even if it's a small twist like: 'New Nirvana Will F--king Happen' vs. 'We don't know who and where, but it will f--king happen again.' So...UG...from a man who takes a lot of interest in plagiarism, bait & switch reporting, citation and credibility...maybe get your shit together?
    He means there is another band out there that will do what Nirvana did, hence "new Nirvana".
    What is this in the quotes in the title? He didn't say that. Do you really need to lie to your readers?
    He did say it, they just kinda decided leave out a few words and add a bit of their own: "We don't know who and where, but it will f--king happen again."
    So.... then he didn't say it...
    They paraphrased him. So, he basically did say it. The title is still misleading. But it makes sense in context of the article.
    Lmao... This wasn't paraphrasing. "New Nirvana will happen" ≠ "New bands will have the same impact and popularity as Nirvana"
    Not really but "New Nirvana Will F--king Happen" does equal "There's a band in a garage right now writing songs for an album that will do the same thing 'Nevermind' did some 20 years ago. We don't know who and where, but it will f--king happen again" in a nutshell
    Not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet, but this title is extremely misleading. Especially after that Pat article.
    Naive to think that Nirvana would even bother coming back when Cobain is 6ft under. That's like KFC chicken without the skin, you are missing the best bit.
    I am hoping that there is some form of a new rock era. this current era of music so pretentious, it just has to happen doesn't it?
    This current era of music is not pretentious....its just plain untalented.....
    And you're plain hilariously ignorant.
    I think what he's trying to say is that Pop music is untalented in the terms of using instruments, because no one does anymore. There's no Rock in Pop right now, like there used to be.
    True, there are great bands out there. Music just isn't that hard at the moment, it's all soft and drowned in reverb. There are bands like DIIV that make their shows heavy tho, but the crowd is totally baked so don't expect anything fun to happen.
    "There's a band in a garage right now writing songs for an album that will do the same thing 'Nevermind' did some 20 years ago." Fraid not Dave! The internet has given us access to so much music, so easily that we (the consumer) have become accustomed to having mass variety right now - we can easily move onto the next thing. it's also allowed many great artists to reach out to people. I imagine Nirvana weren't the only band of their kind - but they were in the right place, at the right time. With the internet, we have a new Nirvana every week. We've just become very spoilt. The age of the rockstar is dead. We will never see another Nirvana/Metallica/ Led Zeppelin. And I am ok with this.
    Well said and I agree...until your last sentence. Personally I would love a time as exciting as the very early 90s to happen again. I am sure that living in Seattle added to the fun for me, but we had great new music to listen to. Grunge was all over TV, radio and was killing Glam. Hard rock was dangerous again. It reminded me of when Van Halen's first album came out, and I got to watch the glorious killing of Disco and the start of the Guitar God era. I am hoping something new, exciting, and of course, good will exploded onto the scene again and kill Autotune, restart album oriented music, Justin who? and Lady Gaga will only be remembered for her best work: Being an extra on The Sopranos. Yes, I am a dreamer!
    I've learned to always read the full article before sharing UG headlines on social media sites.
    Terrible List. R.E.M. is freaking amazing. Bush, Incubus, Linkin Park, and Green Day suck Ding Dong. And, the Chili Peppers are not alternative. In fact, Just about everyone on this list are not "Alternative"
    Now, now kids - we shouldn't be pointing out the painful lack of proofreading in this, and almost every other article, the appalling lack of genuine journalism in this, and almost every other article, or even the heroic levels of laziness of copy-and-pasting other people's press releases, but rejoice in the fact that no matter what else is happening in the world, you can always rely on a Dave Grohl "article" at least once a week.
    Misleading, but it's what all the other news sites do yet I'm not against it. I mean if Queen, Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and a whole spectrum of other bands can go on without the signature line-up, why not Nirvana too?
    Good point! I mean I know slash is far from the best guitarist in the world, but he was Guns signature sound, how could they ever go out without him, yet there they are.
    Seriously, I have never heard Bush's music? Are they not British? Cos they've certainly never made an impact in Europe so I'm shocked to see them on that list with the biggest acts of the last 20 years...
    They've never really made an impact anywhere, to be quite honest.
    Their debut album was a pretty huge hit. Everything after that, not so much, but Sixteen Stone definitely had an impact.
    'Alternative chart history'? They are ALL MAINSTREAM BANDS! Does 'alternative' mean something different nowadays? Like 'indie' used to mean independent but now it means 'any pretentious atonal garbage that's unexplainably popular'?
    A little disrespectful to put Nirvana at no. 19 for the Billboard Alternative history. There wouldn't be a Billboard Alternative chart if Nirvana didn't make alternative mainstream.
    That really depends on your definition of "altervative" since it really is pretty vague.
    Dave needs to realise... If he couldn't front the Foo Fighters for whatever reason, and the rest of the band decided to play shows without him billed as the Foo Fighters. Well, that isn't the Foo Fighters. If Billy Corgan was sick/incapitated, dead, can the rest of the Smashing Pumpkins tour under that moniker? Is U2 really U2 without Bono? I understand the sincerity of wanting to play those songs again and give them to an audience that never had the chance to hear em the first time out, but some things are better left buried. A show in honour of a frontman is one thing, but playing on their behalf when the have no say is something else entirely and very unfitting of grown men and artists.
    This article didn't even say anything! It was purely so UG could bring in a load of views via the title.
    Am I the only person who knew what the headline meant? I personally think the "new Nirvana" has taken the form of several bands rather than just one. Garage Rock revival is kind of the direction Rock is going to go in, or folk rock. In that case, The Black Keys or Mumford and Sons would be the "new Nirvana." You could even make the case for the White Stripes...Seven Nation Army is certainly he biggest thing to happen to rock music since 2000.
    You know, as much as UG is famous for misleading titles, you guys can stop mentioning it. Do you really think that UG is the only site that does this? If so, you're fairly naive.
    Of course there will be bands that have as much impact as Nirvana did. I'd personally say Slipknot already did that back in the day. Nirvana were just The Beatles of the 90s, and I say that with utter love for Nirvana and much hatred for The Beatles.
    "JUST the Beatles of the 90s"? You said that with "much hatred" for the Beatles. Did the Beatles astrally project themselves into the future and rip-off Kurt's ideas or something?
    'Billboard Alternative', I'd love to see the definition of what alternative music is, U2, R.E.M, they are as Top40 as you can get and no mention of bands like Sonic Youth, The Pixies.
    "saying that there's a band out there who will repeat such major rock impact once again." there already is, they're called Pearl Jam.
    Nirvana wrote three critically loved albums Pearl Jam wrote Ten and then faded into obscurity only known by diehard fans I clearly see your comparison. Not saying that I don't like Pearl Jam's newer material, I do, but it's a bold statement to compare those two. Like apples to oranges.
    That's one of many reasons why Kurt blew his head off. He couldn't handle the competition that Pearl Jam was giving them..... Hell I even liked Soundgarden more than I liked Nirvana.
    I doubt it Dave. The industry has chamged, everything is so packaged and slick, a time trabelling Kurt Cobain wouldn't get signed these days.
    After the article with Pat Smear yesterday I thought he was talking reunion, well from the headline anyway.Would the headline: Grohl, "The next Nirvana is playing in a garage somewhere..." been THAT difficult to ****ing write? Ambiguity is an indication of illiteracy, and we see it here all the time.
    Get me all excited....and then dash away my hopes and dreams. Thank you UG. Thank you.
    Why can't Death Metal suddenly break out on the radio? It's been 30 something years over-due.
    because it became cheesy and vapid before it was ever given a chance to be on the radio.. something that typically happens to a genre after it's done into the ground long after it was on the radio.
    Because a majority of the population can't handle it.
    I've been waiting for the rest of the world to catch on for about 10+ yrs, so here it is, http://www.google.ca/url?q=http://thegrimtower.com/review-denderah-ad-hoc/&sa=U&ei=hpWtVPX7FdGrogTYyIJI&ved=0CAsQFjAA&sig2=9Gusy0J-pO8H4nxnhImrOg&usg=AFQjCNHzXMR5Df5nQWNcVNnpwnYTjoCeMA Denderah – Ad Hoc (2009) – It’s kind of a funny story. While reviewing the latest record for Canadian comedic experimental doom/death metallers Doomeastvan, I ran across a gentleman by the name of Kwin Cymons. Apparently he had done some work in Doomeastvan, even though he seems to be more on the grunge side of things. He’s also one of the craziest individuals I’ve ever spoken to (Never seen a man write so much text… and I thought I was bad!) but there’s no doubting that Denderah is certainly one of Canada’s best kept secrets. What Ad Hoc contains, is a grunge revolution. This record has the ability to bring grunge back into the mainstream and offers one of the most compelling performances that I’ve heard from the genre since the days of Nirvana. Yes, there’s a lot of Nirvana worship on this record and hardcore fans will think that this is the second coming of Kurt Cobain. But the difference is, this record sounds like the kind of album that Kurt might have made around this time had the band never broken up and the world never heard of the Foo Fighters (but let’s be honest, it would have happened eventually). It’s got a harder edge, especially with some of the more frantic vocal appendages utilized on tracks like “Sweetness 30″ even though there still lie some ballads in the vein of “Adamnegated 3:23″ and the powerful “Logic 38” which throws me right back to the nineties. Ad Hoc feels like a lost grunge record, which is a terrible thing considering that it’s been completed and released in limited quantities since its original competition date. I’m not even sure if it has ever been reviewed before now. But I can say with all honesty that the record sounds positively perfect in terms of production and I do believe that somewhere, someone is clamoring for a record of this nature. Truth be told, there are still some grunge fans out there and despite the fact that Alice In Chains manage to keep the spirit alive, (Smashing Pumpkins haven’t played grunge in years and the latest Soundgarden was hardly a grunge effort) there just aren’t enough grunge albums out there anymore. Perhaps it’s a bad thing that we dove so headfirst into metal that we really forgot about a lot of other rock related musical genres. Ad Hoc is a short album, but it’s definitely a strong one and it shows the artist at his best. Kwin sent me a lot of his other work and demos and the like, but I’ll definitely have to say that this release is by far the best I’ve heard from him so far. It’s actually got a lot of punch while still keeping in the vein of rock music and I think that’s the true spirit of grunge. I’m not even sure who he could market this to as far as labels, but I know that right now is the best time to do it with the internet being such a free an open marketplace for artists to get their work out for to the fans and public at large. There’s no doubt that grunge fans need to hear this record and I actually like it more than some of Nirvana’s material (like In Utero for example, which I could never get into). I’m not sure where you can get your hands on this album, but all I know is that the band needs to release it so that people can actually give it a listen. Apparently the artists have several more tracks just sitting around for future albums, so if this review sparks the mixing and mastering of those new records, then I’m all for it. I think Denderah could be a household name for a forgotten genre like this and it might be the shot of adrenaline that the grunge movement needs right now. Nu-Metal is making a comeback, so why not grunge too? Denderah considers themselves to be the spiritual successor to Nirvana and with an album like Hadhoc; I’m apt to believe it. Please get this one out to the masses! They’ll buy it. (12 Tracks, 360) http://www.google.ca/url?q=
    Kwin cymons Kurt cobain Dendera Nirvana Youtube/google search Denderah homicide Denderah residual schemes Denderah adam negated Denderah **** hollywood Denderah blue ruin Denderah in vitro/king of the wierdos Denderah sweetness Etc etc If you're truly interested google Denderah lyrics