Dave Grohl: 'New Nirvana Will F--king Happen'

Frontman talks future of rock, while Foo Fighters get ranked as No. 1 artist in Billboard Alternative chart history.

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Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl discussed the success of his original band Nirvana, saying that there's a band out there who will repeat such major rock impact once again.

"We meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people," he told the Guardian. "That's one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they'll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons."

Grohl explained further, "We were real and visceral, f--ked-up and ugly. That was what people were craving. And that will never go away," he said. "There's a band in a garage right now writing songs for an album that will do the same thing 'Nevermind' did some 20 years ago. We don't know who and where, but it will f--king happen again. All it takes is for that storm to break."

Meanwhile, the Foos were officially named No. 1 artist in the history of Billboard Alternative chart, claiming the top ahead of Red Hot Chili Peppers at No. 2, Linkin Park at No. 3 and Green Day at No. 4. Nirvana claimed spot No. 19, you can check out the full Top 10 below or head over to Billboard for the entire Top 50.

In related news, Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear recently commented that Nirvana should get back to performing without late frontman Kurt Cobain. "Why the f--k wouldn't we play Nirvana songs?!" he said. "That's my attitude. I get it, y'know, but I don't know ... for me it's like, 'Why wouldn't we?'"

Top 10 Artists in Billboard Alternative Chart History:

01. Foo Fighters 02. Red Hot Chili Peppers 03. Linkin Park 04. Green Day 05. U2 06. R.E.M. 07. Incubus 08. Pearl Jam 09. The Offspring 10. Bush

Do you agree with Dave on this one? Could there be another Nirvana in a garage somewhere just waiting to be unleashed? Let us know in the comments.

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    Once again, thanks for the misleading title UG!
    Well technically, there's nothing wrong with the title, it does have a clear hook, but it's not actually bending Dave's words
    ever though that UC, maybe, are doing it on purpose xD?
    Of course they are, they know more people will click on the article if they think it's Dave talking about a Nirvana "reunion" than they would if they knew he was talking about a hypothetical new band. I think they need the ad revenue to continue to host tabs on the site, or something like that. I don't understand the specifics but at least we're getting something in return for being misled which is more than can be said for most tabloid journalism which misleads you to manipulate you. When you read a headline you should always take it with a grain of salt and not jump to conclusions.
    Of course some band will break out eventually. Everything is cyclical. What was cool 10 years ago sucks now. What sucked 20 years ago is cool now (f@#kin hipsters). Everything repeats itself and eventually something new will break out and reigorvate all of us.... (idk what it will be but i can t wait for it to happen)
    Also.... I am seriously so tired of hearing about Dave ghrol I can't even put it into words. I respect him. And all his accomplishments. He a. amazing musician. But instead of rehashing the same bs I'd rather see some new artist in the limelight. someone that will introduce me to something new instead of repeat the same thing I've already heard for the last 20 years
    Dave Grohl is a good "frotnman".
    and a musician.
    *Drummer Not really great at much else.
    Y'know, besides singing and playing guitar... And just because he isn't technical doesn't mean he's not a great guitarist as well. If you believe that, you have some maturing to do as a musician.
    He really uses some crazy chords and progressions and rhythms compared to other radio-friendly guitarists. That's what I appreciate about him.
    or he might, you know, (crazy idea) just disagree with the previous speakers?
    im not the biggest foo fighters/nirvana fan.. but please.. Shut the F*ck up....
    Amen. These marks like his offkey croaking, but every note he strums, every generic modern rock song he writes, is one less song he could be drumming on, magnificent, transcendent drumming. You know what the last thing the drummer said before he was kicked out of the band right? "Hey guys, I had a few songs I thought we could work on". NEVER let your drummer acquire an acoustic guitar. NEVER.
    I've never been more put off by a misleading article than this. After the Pat Smear article on them playing Nirvana stuff together... Damn UG, nice bait.
    I believe that a "new Nirvana" already exists, the mainstream media is just too stupid to grasp it.
    This is hardly an argument in the internet era. If something good comes around, it's just bound to find its way to the crowd, with or without mainstream media
    dave grohl really needs to listen to wavves, they even wrote a song about him
    Thrice Capades
    Technically quoting something that Dave Grohl didn't say is illegal. Even if it's a small twist like: 'New Nirvana Will F--king Happen' vs. 'We don't know who and where, but it will f--king happen again.' So...UG...from a man who takes a lot of interest in plagiarism, bait & switch reporting, citation and credibility...maybe get your shit together?
    He means there is another band out there that will do what Nirvana did, hence "new Nirvana".
    What is this in the quotes in the title? He didn't say that. Do you really need to lie to your readers?
    He did say it, they just kinda decided leave out a few words and add a bit of their own: "We don't know who and where, but it will f--king happen again."
    So.... then he didn't say it...
    They paraphrased him. So, he basically did say it. The title is still misleading. But it makes sense in context of the article.
    Lmao... This wasn't paraphrasing. "New Nirvana will happen" ≠ "New bands will have the same impact and popularity as Nirvana"
    Not really but "New Nirvana Will F--king Happen" does equal "There's a band in a garage right now writing songs for an album that will do the same thing 'Nevermind' did some 20 years ago. We don't know who and where, but it will f--king happen again" in a nutshell
    Naive to think that Nirvana would even bother coming back when Cobain is 6ft under. That's like KFC chicken without the skin, you are missing the best bit.
    Not sure if anyone's mentioned it yet, but this title is extremely misleading. Especially after that Pat article.
    I am hoping that there is some form of a new rock era. this current era of music so pretentious, it just has to happen doesn't it?
    This current era of music is not pretentious....its just plain untalented.....
    And you're plain hilariously ignorant.
    I think what he's trying to say is that Pop music is untalented in the terms of using instruments, because no one does anymore. There's no Rock in Pop right now, like there used to be.
    True, there are great bands out there. Music just isn't that hard at the moment, it's all soft and drowned in reverb. There are bands like DIIV that make their shows heavy tho, but the crowd is totally baked so don't expect anything fun to happen.