Dave Grohl on Performing With Rush: 'Tonight Was One of the Most Special Nights of My Life'

Progressive legends were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last night at a ceremony in Los Angeles.

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Rush were the runaway stars at the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony last night. And one of the show's highlights found the trio onstage with Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters, who performed the intro of "2112"'s classic "Overture" with the newly inducted band. Both Grohl and Hawkins even dressed in vintage Rush outfits Grohl as Alex Lifeson and Hawkins as Neil Peart complete with wigs. The third member of the temporary tribute band - the one dressed like Geddy Lee was Grammy Award-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz, who's worked with both Rush and Foo Fighters in the past.

Lately Dave Grohl reflected his performance with Rush, saying (via Rolling Stone): "Tonight was one of the most special nights of my life."

Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, who also performed alongside Rush, said: "They are as advertised they are as down to earth and easy-going as any band. They deserve to be in the nice guy hall of fame as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Rush have also won their ninth Juno Award in their home nation of Canada, after 2012 record "Clockwork Angels" was named Rock Album of the Year.

The annual Juno Awards ceremony is regarded as the "Canadian Grammys." The nominating panel, made up of members of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, first recognised Geddy Lee and co in 1975.

Rush were also up for Group of the Year, but lost out to Marianas Trench.

Legendary Heart were also inducted at this year's Hall of Fame ceremony. Soundgarden's Chris Cornell, who presented the band, paid tribute to Ann and Nancy Wilson, saying (via Classic Rock Magazine): "Before them, no one thought that rock stars could come from Seattle. Heart was important to us, not just as musicians, but as proof that Seattle could produce something beautiful and rocking."

Nancy Wilson commented: "It's tremendously beautiful to be in this eagle's nest of tremendous music. Our music is about the enduring power of love. We came from an era where women normally did not rock and we weren't supposed to be leaders. These days women are ferocious leaders, from the boardrooms to the bedrooms."

Also inducted were Randy Newman, Public Enemy, Donna Summer, Albert King, Quincy Jones and producer/industry insider Lou Adler.

You can watch Nick Raskulinecz and Foo Fighters' Grohl and Hawkins performing at the ceremony in the video below.

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    It's official. Dave has now jammed with everyone.
    Well, we've yet to see a collaboration with Courtney Love...
    I think his foot should collaborate with Courtney's face...
    The most interesting is noone calling him a sellout.
    just cause he sells things dont make him a sell out, he just loves music even if no cash involved thats not selling out but ****in transformers now thats a sell out mr stinkin park....
    Oh, what am I saying... He's Rock'n'Roll Hope and Savior blah-blah-blah... *sarcasm*
    Well everybody has to either do that or call him a sellout. There seems to be no in-between with Dave.
    matteo cubano
    Compared to some other recent alleged "saviors" of rock and roll, I'd say even if you hate him you can agree that he's a much better candidate for the title.
    Dave doesn't claim or push to be that guy though... He just tries to make music and be Dave and he's ****ing awesome at it
    "Rush were also up for Group of the Year, but lost out to Marianas Trench." MY BLOOD! MY BLOOD IS BOILING AND I THINK I'M GOING TO HURT SOMEONE OVER THIS HORRIBLE INJUSTICE!
    theyre a good catchy pop punk/alt rock band but c'mon Rush losing to them is ridiculous
    my ex used to like them. probably still does. she took a bus for 3 hours to see Nickelback. that should tell you enough about Marianas Trench.
    "Rush were also up for Group of the Year, but lost out to Marianas Trench." ...what?
    Rush released a new album, Lifeson was awarded best Canadian Guitarist and they got in the R&RHoF. Did Marianas Trench ressurect Jesus or something to beat them out?
    You know, I LOVE Dave Grohl to death, but for a guy that's been playing guitar for 20+ years, I kinda wish he would work on his soloing a bit.
    Haha Grohl still can't solo to well huh.... >_
    Disagreed cordially with you, besides I rather see him play a solo not so well then to watch you play one good.
    This was really cool. Taylor Hawkin's imitation of Neil Peart drumming was hilarious.
    I don't know what it is.. I respect Rush a ton (most of all Lifeson) but 2112 is the only album of theirs I can get into... They deserve to be in the Hall though... did their own thing and stood by it.. kinda like a 70's Breaking Benjamin. Just kidding.
    "Before them, no one thought that rock stars could come from Seattle. Heart was important to us, not just as musicians, but as proof that Seattle could produce something beautiful and rocking." Jimi Hendrix was from Seattle and certainly he preceeded Heart. I'm not quite sure why people would think that Seattle couldn't have musicians come from there.
    Funny: I think I remember Timmy C commenting that everybody in Audioslave (including Chris) was into Rush, except for Tom So either me or Tim are mistaken or Tom just changed his mind about them (or perhaps he didn't want to hurt their feelings when they asked him to perform at the ceremony, lawl) Edit: looked it up and it's a bit more nuanced -> everybody liked Rush but Tom's made a few remarks that suggest he doesn't idolize 'em as much as, say, The Clash. Timmy, however is the biggest Rush fan of 'em all. Would've been cool to see him jam with the guys as well
    Who was that guitarist that is obviously not even in the same league as Alex. Guitar lessons dude.
    2112 is not an easy song to cover, but they nailed it!
    Man . . . tough crowd. Maybe "naled it" was an over statement. It was enjoyable to watch . . . that better?
    Proper respects paid to THE progband of our time. Even if yes, Grohl could have prepared that solo-bit a little better, yet the overall performance was fun. ... But one does not simply stop the song right there. Now I MUST spin my dear 2112 record on max volume before I continue my life. Long live Rush.
    We've yet to see the fallout from this, every single person on that stage was WELL within the 1 Grohl danger area. Anyone within 1 newsagent of a rock magazine should take special care for the next year until the residual hype waveform has reduced to 1 sentence/issue. I am selling clip-on Grohlmeters for this purpose.
    gut cassidy
    respect for dave, but he's like a good song that the radio killed by playing it too often
    That's cool they used the chimpanzee from the "Time Machine"video on drums.