Dave Grohl Performed With Ghost Wearing a Costume

Foo Fighters frontman joined the band onstage wearing a recognizable Nameless Ghoul cloak.

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One of the Ghost's Nameless Ghouls revealed that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl actually joined the Swedish six-piece onstage during one of the band's performances.

While chatting with Jack Osbourne of Fuse TV, the Ghoul was asked on whether Grohl has ever performed with the group wearing a mask. "As a matter of fact, he has," the musician replied, without wanting to reveal any specific details. "But underneath that cloak, it was Dave Grohl," he stressed.

Ghoul also discussed the satanic aspect of Ghost shows, saying that the fans are "very willing to pretend that they are [into Satan] for an hour and a half. And that's the point. At the end of the day, we're an entertainment group."

While on the subject of religion, the mysterious musician also addressed the opposition of religious organizations against the band, calling them smart enough not to be too crass in their approach.

"I think that a lot of Christian society nowadays - they know better than to publicly yell out that 'this band is dangerous,' because they know that will just gather more people to be interested in it."

As far as Dave Grohl is considered, the group previously collaborated with Foo Fighters singer/guitarist on an ABBA cover earlier this year.

The latest Ghost studio effort, "Infestissumam," dropped back in April via Loma Vista as the group's sophomore release. With 14,000 units shipped in the US within the first week, it landed at No. 28 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    For all we know, Ringo could be the drummer in Ghost, so why it's kinda unsurprising to see someone well-known playing with them.
    Just one more reason that Dave Grohl is one of if not the best human being we as a people have to offer.
    With all due respect to Dave Grohl as a musician and human being, but this Grohl worship on this site is getting ridiculous. Yeah he seems like a cool guy but nobody even knows him enough to tell if he's "onf of the best human beings we as a people have to offer".
    They guy is on his own level. If that bugs you, well, that isn't gonna change anything. The only person I've ever read about who doesn't gush about the guy as a musician and human being is Queen Thunderc*** herself. Not gonna take her word for it.
    I don't get why Ghost are such a big deal. Musically they're average and the outfits and image I don't care for.
    I just want to point out that the video is titled "Ghost Talk Full-Frontal Nudity". That is all.
    this is one of the big reasons why i respect Ghost. for such a "shocking" and "controversial" band, theyre always polite and respectful to the people to the people they meet
    Axl velez
    Common UG, the ponit of this interview is that weird band, not Dave Grohl.
    Who care about Dave Grohl right now when there's a Ghost video filled with tits to go watch!? Oh, and a dick, but just stop before then
    Nero Galon
    The picture of Dave in the costume smiling cracked me up a lot for some reason XD
    Am I the only one who keeps getting "Grohl" and "Ghoul" mixed up while reading this? haha
    im not mental
    I'm just going to pretend it was him underneath the costume when I saw them in Tucson back in April.
    Hopefully he was able to make Ghost actually . . . . enjoyable to listen to
    Could they just let him sing? Permanently, I mean? Was intrigued when I heard soem tracks but then saw them live as support for Maiden everyone had big "?" on their heads. Papa Emeritus can't sing live.
    Yeah no. I like Dave's singing and all but Papa Emeritus could sing circles around Dave. (and here come the down votes right...about....)