Dave Grohl Praises Lorde for 'Royals' in World of 'Stripper Pop'

'Royals' star making world a better place for kids, as Foo Fighters frontman says.

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Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has revealed himself as a huge fan of Lorde, claiming that in a world of "stripper pop," her distinctive pop sounds like nothing short of a "revolution."

The rock icon, who teamed up with the teen star at Nirvana's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month, has even gone so far as to say he believes Lorde could make the world a better place for his children to grow up in, which is quite the statement to make.

"When I first heard 'Royals' it was sandwiched between all of that other stripper pop," he says, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. "I was so f--king relieved. I thought, 'Hey, this might be another revolution.'

"When I met her I said, 'When I first heard your song on the radio and my kids sang along I felt like there was hope for my kids to grow up in an environment which is more than just superficial.'"

He added: "My two daughters, Violet and Harper, who are eight and five years old, started singing along. I was so happy and relieved that my two girls were singing a popular song on the radio that had some substance and depth, which I considered to be healthy for them as kids. I know that sounds kind of parent-ish."

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    Whilst pop, by definition has always been designed to appeal to the masses it is refreshing to actually hear someone release a song that hasn't got a video filled with nudity or over-produced choreography, flash cars and delusions of wealth and grandeur, no sexism or blatant sexuality. Whilst I'm hardly rushing out to buy Lorde's material it's one of the few thing that crops up on commercial radio that doesn't make me want to kick the speakers out or bleach my eyes when on a music TV network.
    I've been of this opinion for a while too. It's so hard to find pop songs for my students in thier music lessons that arn't all about drinking, money and sex.
    It's not *that* hard. Gotye? Kimbra? Chvrches? Dido?
    They do exist, but the ratio of radio play time (which is how people used to find new music) between the "stripper pop" and "pop with substance" is waaaaay off. Even with things like youtube now or other music sites, we're just constantly bombarded with with Miley Cyrus is licking next and what D-bag thing Beiber did...
    Kimbra - another New Zealander. I see a pattern here. A good pattern.
    John Mayer. He always tries to keep his music "pop friendly" while digging deep into the musicality.
    My twin girl cousins, who are toddlers, love their Katy Perry songs, but it's hard to have them listen to it on the computer without making sure that the music video on YouTube isn't sexual or having her practically naked. What are they supposed to listen to?
    A couple of months ago, I attended a Friday night dance party at my son's elementary school, and they played 'Last Friday Night'. I was just waiting for my boy to ask, "Dad, what's a menage a trois?"
    Better music? There's a lot more than just Katy Perry and pop music.
    There is always good music (of any genre) if you know where to look. Radio stations are mostly shite.
    Pure Heroine is actually a really good pop record. Dave knows what he's talking about.
    There's a reason why this "stripper pop" is dominating the scene, and quite frankly always will, and that's because it's fun and exciting to people because it gives them an escape from their regular everday lives. Lorde's music is sentimental and deep but eventually the masses will get bored with that and retort back to their songs about money, sex and drugs. People are more fascinated by these things. That's why it's all over the media.
    "The masses" is such a douchey thing to say. People will like what they like, no need to worry about it. Let people be.
    no need to worry about it? really? have you seen the direction the world is going in? you dont think theres a bit of a problem with what the "masses" are obsessed with? Look, rock is no perfect genre either, but it seems all the "masses" care about is money and sex these days. Wheres the substance? the same place the "masses" empathy, kindness and hope went i guess...I love a good party hard song too but its all these people are about. This world's system is the worst its ever been. I look around and it's indeed worrying.
    I can see how the obsession of money and materialistic stuff can lead to something bad but I don't see the problem in becoming more accepting of sex. It's a natural thing. Sheltering people from sex and teaching abstinence is actually the worst way to go about it.
    I get what Vanklef is saying, we shouldn't be so obsessed by it (even if most of us love sex and would love to be economically independent), the problem lies in that we live shallow lifes where the really important subjects are getting less and less focus in the mainstream media, as long as Lil Waynes' and Nicki Minajes' are allowed to roam in excess! And that is why you should listen to Inglorious days!
    "Stripper Pop" - I've never heard a more accurate description for most of today's pop music, I REALLY hope it catches on! I agree with him for the most part. It's not that Lorde's music is particularly great but it's brilliant compared to most of the, well, stripper pop that's out there.
    "Dave Grohl praises Lorde..." almost thought Dave was going Christian on us for a second there. Haha
    Word. Lorde is a breathe of fresh air for pop music, finally some music that will come on the radio that I don't have to turn off. I've been listening to her new album quite a lot and it's very solid, maybe the only drawbacks being that her lyrics definitely come from a 17 year old girl, but that just means she'll get better with age.
    More of this savior of pop bullshit ...
    She is literally doing the same thing that local indie pop artists have been doing for years in Australia and New Zealand. I don't see why she deserves all this praise.
    because she's grabbed global attention... it's easier to get a lot of praise when you have a bigger following to be based on
    Danjo's Guitar
    What boreden said, but also the fact that she's so commercially successful means that she has the opportunity to be way more influential than some indie band no ones heard of. That doesn't mean the indie bands are good, but Lorde just has a better platform to inspire some change. Of course whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen.
    true, but it is sort of the same with the sex pistals and the New York underground punk scene, also Nirvana.
    Every pop star who is slightly different than what they're expected to be gets this praise. Pop has its moments, but if you're looking for music with 'substance' or whatever, it's probably logical not to start your search with that genre.
    This is the truth. Before Lorde it was Lady Gaga who was hailed as a genius musician by her peers. Before that it was Adele... before that...I forgot... And that wasn't even two years ago. Even if pop has some substance, it's still meaningless and forgettable because the audience is fickle and will jump on every bandwagon. The last time pop music had any lasting quality was 30 years ago.
    Do you really think the people who are listening to only pop are actually involved in a search for new music?
    I hate Royals so goddamned much. It's played constantly at my workplace and i really can't stand it anymore. Good thing Lorde is most likely just gonna be a one hit wonder.
    He should be praising her record company. They're the ones who've propped her up. Nobody ever rises as fast as she did without a whole team of dedicated record company people behind them. I can't stand her voice and honestly feel like she's overrated. Good for Grohl though, I'm sure his validation will help sell 2 more albums of hers, since everyone is all about exalting the guy because he has the ability to say things about other things. I mean, just look at all the ass kissers in this comments section alone.
    I don't know why rock and metal people care so much about a genre that they don't even listen to. Who cares if they sing about drugs, sex and alcohol, it isn't just music that's doing it... :|
    Because, in theory , if some crazy good artist that could universally become a sensation off of legitimate and credible morals and integrity appeared popular in the music industry, similarly to how Nirvana affected it in the early 90s, we could see a big boom in the industry, and hopefully bring it closer back to its former glory. Of course, you can't fight piracy and file-sharing, but this is all in theory .
    Danjo's Guitar
    I did not know Nirvana was supposed to be my moral compass. I'm pretty sure the affect of piracy on an artists overall success is pretty negligible. In fact if anything it means more people are listening to artists because they don't just have to choose the ones they can afford to buy music from.
    I'm pretty sure that piracy is living hell for new artist that can't sell records in the millions
    That's a myth. Piracy helps you be heard. You don't get significantly more money from iTunes purchases or CD sales.
    That's also a POSSIBILITY. It's not the case for everyone. Some people get positive exposure. Some get leachers.
    Usually piracy hurts bigger bands much more than smaller bands. That's the reason why a lot of smaller bands get much more exposure when they sell their album as name your price instead of a set price.
    Also what's considered 'pop' is reflective of pop culture and society at the time. There was a time when the Beatles were pop. Imagine if an artistically and culturally significant pop act like that existed today? Where teen fangirls and hippie stoners equally liked a pop music act (albeit maybe for different reasons, but still with some overlap). I think that's one of the reasons why rock and metal fans care so much. Most of pop music today lacks the integrity it once had. It still has its moments though.
    Might be because pop is pretty much the only genre you CANNOT avoid being exposed to at least from time to time, you're literally bombarded by it from every direction.
    Awesome he Likes LORDI! Wait whos this ugly looking female chick. and why did she rip of LORDIs name. OH god she sounds awful and looks way to young. Oh god i just listen to one of her songs, make her stop. WTF is this garbage.So she uses someone elses name. changes I to a E and that's ok?
    Dave Grohl isn't metal and neither is lorde. Go listen to some real br00tal metal, fools.
    Well. . . this is a little dissonant. . . Grohl saying, [hey, awesome female musician], but then calling other female musicians "strippers" one, as if that makes them lesser persons, and two, discounting women's work. . . which is successful for a reason, which is that it's fun. What are you doing Dave?
    He's not looking down on music made by women, he's looking down on pop music in general.
    What exactly defines "stripper pop"? Because I'd bet a lot of money that there's a stripper somewhere in the world pole dancing to Royals right now.
    She's different guys.....she better then all other pop. Give her a break. I think that's Dave's point.....don't over think this shit