Dave Grohl Promises Them Crooked Vultures Return

Supergroup will be back.

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Dave "busiest man in rock" Grohl might be on hiatus from Foo Fighters, but that doesn't mean that he's taking it easy.

His documentary "Sound City" is due for release next year and he is putting down drums for the new Queens Of The Stone Age album. And as if that isn't enough, he's now hinting at a return for Them Crooked Vultures, the band he formed with QOTSA main man Josh Homme and Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones.

Grohl has stated that playing with JPJ was one of the highlights of his life:

"It was one of the highlights of my life when John Paul said, 'Now I've been in two great bands.' That was a huge deal for me."

Discussing a reunion he says: "We've talked about it I know that someday we'll get back together and do stuff, because we love playing with each other." Meanwhile, Josh Homme has issued a cryptic statement about the new QOTSA record in a letter sent to Mojo. The album will feature returning bassist Nick Oliveri and NIN main man Trent Reznor alongside Grohl.

"A stitch in time will save you 9. But... there's no way we could have prepared for the journey up the river that is this album. In our grand plan we envisioned our lives and recordings running like clockwerk [sic]. However, the reality has been manic and unpredictable.

"These songs aren't recollections of times we had. They are depictions of what we are going through in real time. It means even a bad event can turn into an unforgettable song. At least for us, ha.

"The record sound [sic] like running in a dream inside a codeine cabaret. I hope you understand what that means, cause we don't.

"Sounds like a load of pretentious sh-t! What? Gotta go, the therapist says our time is up..."

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    Anything that puts Homme and Grohl together is amazing in my book. JPJ is the icing on the mazing cake.
    He's the icing, the cherries and the sprinkles on that goddam cake! The number of instruments that JPJ gets through during a set, good lord... One of the most humble, gracious and multi-talented living legends out there today.
    Oh I certainly don't mean to downplay JPJ, I just love Grohl and Homme working together so much. JPJ is often very understated and under praised in the music world and that is a shame.
    Grohl has stated that playing with JPJ was one of the highlights of his life: "It was one of the highlights of my life [...]"
    well who said UG did misleading journalism?
    Mr. Page please do a world tour with them crooked vultures as a supporting band and JPJ and jason bonham as your backing band troughout the tour your loyal fan from a country that is mostly left out of big tour plans(croatia) P.S. at least come somwhere close, budapest, vienna, veronna, belgrade I just had to write this down somewhere
    "Like running in a dream inside a codeine cabaret". This is why I love these guys. When most bands are asked to describe their new record, they say something like, "Duhhh..... It's a lot heavier than our last album..."
    I saw these guys at Download festival 2010. They were so boring. The individual guys are great, but the songs made together are just not strong enough.
    Sensual Lettuce
    Well isn't that strange? Because I saw them at Download 2010 and they were ****ing incredible, one of the best bands of the weekend.
    I've never seen them, but I'm not a fan of Them Crooked Vultures. Would so much rather see the Foos come back next year.
    Yeah, the Foos are one of my favorite bands, but I've never really cared for anything else Dave has been a part of. Not even Nirvana. And now all the Dave Grohl fanboys are gonna come attack me.
    GREAT!!! now if we could work on Buckethead, Morello, Claypool and Herb
    Wonder who is the most hard-working between dave grohl and jack white
    Dave Grohl = (Full-time) Foo Fighters, TCV (Part-time) QOTSA and Tenacious D Jack White = (Full-time) The Dead Weather, Solo, The Raconteurs
    Tonight I raise my glass alongside those with a higher understanding of rock to a future of long awaited masterpieces in music. QOTSA and TCV, keep on rocking and i'll be a happy man.
    Hoping for some more hard bluesy rock like last time. Their first album was incredible! Such a good combination.
    "The record sound [sic] like running in a dream inside a codeine cabaret. I hope you understand what that means, cause we don't." i laughed so hard at this. btw anyone else think this should of been QOTSA news not TCV, seeing as the only new NEWS there was homme's letter to mojo.
    I will see them next time. Doesnt matter where, I'll get the ticket and travel across Atlantic if need be.