Dave Grohl Rejoins Queens Of The Stone Age

Drummer back with Josh Homme for new album.

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When Dave Grohl announced that Foo Fighters were going on hiatus at the end of their latests tour, there was much speculation as to what side project he might be working on next. Now, as Classic Rock Reports, Grohl has taken up drumming duties with Queens Of The Stone Age, replacing Joey Castillo, who recently parted ways with the band.

As Homme tells the BBC, things have now come full circle with Grohl. The drummer played on the band's breakthrough 2002 album "Songs For The Deaf", as well as performing with Homme and Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones in Them Crooked Vultures. "We parted ways with our drummer, Joey, who I love dearly. Dave is playing drums on this record as well, in the studio.

He and I have this wonderful musical relationship we don't have with other people and it started with Songs for the Deaf. Here it is three records later, and the feeling is the same.

It was more about the search for something classic. If we're going to do this I'd really like to put everything I have into it and make it a record somebody can really fall in love with.

It's a very cool and comfortable position. That kind of energy is everywhere. You almost have to wipe it off at the end of the day."

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Dave Grohl may also be collaborating with Godfather of Grunge Neil Young during his time off from the Foos. During a live Q&A on Twitter, Young was asked "Have you ever thought of recording a song with Dave Grohl? I think you should", to which the "After The Gold Rush" singer responded "Yes, I think we will".

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    "as well as performing with Homme and Led Zeppelin bassist Josh Homme in Them Crooked Vultures." really UG? really?
    I was gonna point out the typo in the second line "latests tour," but THAT just takes the cake.
    UG isn't really good at this kind of stuff, they once wrote Bernard James Keenan instead og Maynard James Keenan... but John Paul Jones is a ****in' legend! don't mess up something when he's involved!
    You would think they would be more conscious of this stuff considering it happens often. UG should audition members for a new person to write articles. Either way though I'm really excited Dave is back with QOTSA. Loved Joey but Dave playing drums just adds that awesome fat sound. There better be a decent tour for this album.
    Really? Really? REALLY?? ReALly? rEALLY? Really? Really? REAly? REEEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYYY? Enough!
    Quit being a douche and stop the pissing and moaning. This is awesome news. Go nit pick some where else
    Sorry man, but it's definitely true that every single Ultimate Guitar article is at least 30% typoes. Including important stuff such as the titles. And they never seem to go back and fix them; it's like the UG staff has a "never ever edit or even briefly skim the articles for basic correctness" policy.
    Way to misspell typos. You also had a pretty poor sentence structure.
    For a little while I was afraid Dave wouldn't be doing anything during his hiatus.
    It's Dave Grohl, what do you expect? Dave does not eat like normal people, he absorbs the energy of the universe! He's basicly a god
    Actually he's Jesus :p But seriously, the man never stops working, I have a lot of respect for him.
    He also absorbs the energy of fresh pots. Never forget fresh pots.
    When I first saw it I choked on my food, but also in awesomeness. Still want a new Them Crooked Vultures though.
    I seen the picture QOTSA posted on their facebook with dave's name written on the mixing board. So exciting
    I'm going to get criticism for this, but... On one hand, Dave Grohl is an extremely hard-working individual who does anything and everything with various genres of music, he's passionate about his music, he has a lot of charisma and is an overall great guy. On the other hand, am I the only one who finds most of the music he's involved with sub-par? I enjoy listening to Foo Fighters here and there, but their songs are of similar style, and nothing about the lyrics or music stand out for me (most of the time). I love the album Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace, but most of the other efforts don't please me as much as everyone else. As much as I love many of Grohls' ideologies and ideas (like recording in analog, cutting up the master record and distributing it, etc), I think he's in some regard overrated.
    Not sure what to think of this... Grohl is awesome drummer but as a TCV fan.. Its a QoTSA cycle now I understand that...looking forward to this nevertheless. Homme is one of the most interesting musicians of last 12 years - he always managed to put out stuff that you thought never could have possibly existed. Joey probably couldnt satisfy Josh's musical needs...
    I think I feel the same way. This is awesome and all, but what does it mean for TCV? Will they still do a TCV cycle together after theyre done with all this? Because if Grohl wont take the time to do both, I'd rather they just do QOTSA without him this time around, and save him for a TCV album where he has more room to stretch out and do his thing.
    Have you ever seen Joey play? The man's got the same beastly kinda style as Grohl, that's why he lasted so long.
    Joey really fit in with the band during the Era Vulgaris sessions and onwards. I'm definitely a Grohl fan but there's no denying how much Joey has improved.
    Hopefully since these two are already together, after the new QOTSA album they'll just grab JPJ and write some Them Crooked Vultures.
    HELL YES! I always liked Grohl more as a drummer than a guitarist or vocalist. And Songs For The Deaf was my favorite QOTSA album. Hopefully they can reproduce that magic.
    Bittersweet news for me i liked Joey's drumming on QOTSA (Little Sister) but Dave's was awesome too (Song for the dead)... however im looking forward for new QOTSA material.
    Now having Nick Oliveri and Mark Lanegan back would be awesome. I'll admit, Oliveri is a piece of shit, but his contributions to the band were always great, such as "Autopilot," one of my favorite QOTSA songs.
    I certainly love having Grohl drumming for QOTSA, but he's obviously not permanent. That makes me nervous for the future of drumming in the band. Castillo was really reliable; does anyone know why he left?
    oh my ****!! AHHH!!! best news ever!!! holy ****!! THE GODS OF ROCK HAVE SPOKEN!!!
    I really liked Joey, but I really like the way Dave being there affects Josh's performing. So, yeah, I think this is pretty cool.
    I was under the impression that this album has been mostly done, with Joey, for quite a while. And what was with Joey dropping hints at this new album's title a few months ago? Ultraviolet Robot? After Grohl recently freed up, did Josh just decide to scrap all Joey's parts and re-record the whole album? How confusing!
    Songs For The Deaf is my favorite, don't know if it has something to do with Grohl's drumming, but if he's back with QOTSA in the studio, it might be another excellent album as well.